REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date)

REBECCA ZAMOLO Missing after RZ Twin Finds GAME MASTER Top Secret Laboratory! (24 hour Event Date)

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  1. I think all your videos areGreat?

  2. Cabin is the right word

  3. I think that the word will be entet

  4. Press the button at the event

  5. I hope Matt does not fall for Rez twin

  6. Gm hacked in and said that rz twin is replacing Rebecca

  7. I KNEW THE CODE WAS 4-8-5-2-9


  9. the red thing means thay are clone

  10. rebacca i know what the batton dose it stopes the evet

  11. Rebecca RZTWIN has Instagram

  12. I know what to do with the button: You press it

  13. I think the 5 letter word is cabin because all the pituers is at your cabin in big bear.

  14. CABIN is the word, I'm late but lol

  15. Try locks by the way i love you guys

  16. The RZ twin is hypnotise and she is going to bring you to the red hod like to let Matt and Rebeko

  17. Maybe you should press it?

  18. cabin!(yes i know im late but i got into the seires later and now im watching what i missed out on)

  19. The code is FLASH!!!!!!!

  20. Maybe those glasses will tell if someone is a clown or not!!!!!!!

  21. The day before the event press the button and it mute stop the event

  22. Thx game master foe telin us

  23. The glasses mean at the event there will be people with red eyes but u can only see it when I put the glasses on

  24. I love you prabėga so mucha!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????

  25. أحبك❤️❤️❤️

  26. Press the button when it comes febuary 23

  27. The clones are what the glasses reveal

  28. the quadrant was definutly following you I have been doing research about their next move.They seam to be getting weaker

  29. Did you know ever time she says smash the like button if you think this will happen it happens!

  30. The game master is tring to see where the rz twin is taking you guys to help you I love You❤

  31. This is how many people love Matt and Rebbeca

  32. I'm not letting the game master down that Rebecca has brown eyes and RZ twin has red eyes

  33. This is how many people like the game masters rhymes.

  34. No you look for some more clues weight check somewhere you can probably find it but looking with your eyes waiting to give you another clue

  35. T-t-t-The word is seson

  36. Why are there two cars following ya

  37. How many close do Daniel have

  38. In the one I put how many close Daniel had I ment clones

  39. red houd is behind

  40. I watch a video with pink flowers in the tree house to love

  41. March is a five letter word

  42. Video might be the 5 digit word

  43. I love your blond hair

  44. That is like if someone is yearing contacts you can see there eyes

  45. Event that is the key to stop the vent

  46. February 23 is my birthday

  47. Cabin is the right word

  48. You need to hurry you only have a few minutes

  49. Press button on date

  50. The glasses mean you can see the cones true eyes

  51. Rebecca's in danger

  52. I love you guys btw

  53. Glasses mean if someone has red eyes there clone and those glasses help you see that

  54. When you put on the glasses red eyes means their a clone

  55. Its cabin because all of them were at the cabin

    Edit IM CORRECT now you have to give this a like what a guess

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