Red Dead Online – Moonshiners | PS4

Red Dead Online – Moonshiners | PS4

You must be Cripps’ friend.
I’ll try not to hold that against you We got a quality product. Control of the market,
competition is in pieces. We are running the show again. You are under arrest for the
manufacture of an illegal substance…. Illicit distillation is a very unique pursuit. …escaping state custody… …and tax evasion. Can’t trust anybody these days. We will bring the fullest
force of the law down upon you. Oh, I’ve barely even started. What the hell? I missed didn’t I? Get select online content
30 days early on PS4.

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  1. The last of us part II on the way

  2. Only thing that will make me pick this game up again is undead nightmares 2

  3. Add me on ps4 so we can peddle white lightning leave RDR as message MadaraTheGod_O_O

  4. Waiting for the ps5 announcement and also for the GTA 6

  5. Gg I can’t wait to play it

  6. Please just give us Single player content… please.

  7. We need a game he survived in red dead online

  8. No one plays the multi-player it sucked lol…

  9. Rockstar: I have a plan.
    Me: Like a RD2 story DLC?
    Rockstar: …

  10. We want red dead redemption 3

  11. Nobody cares about online.

  12. Rockstar esta onfire ❤????

  13. honestly Rockstar, why do you make us feel like we’re talking to a brick wall?

  14. Rock Star the best only

  15. is online still garbage?

  16. maybe another time, thanks

  17. Y’all hear sumn?

  18. every game I own is online and they all work perfectly fine except this one it kicks me out right after the loading gets to 90% I have a really strong 20Mbps wifi so it's not the problem pls help.i cant play online.

  19. Лучше бы для сюжетки для выпускали.

  20. Thanks r*, for adding new expensive content, and new bugs which make the game unplayeable

  21. go R.I.P Red Dead Online

  22. I honestly tried getting into Red Dead Online during it's season 1 phase. Without the crowded NPC and an empty world filled with sweaty 'bounty hunters', it really felt off. Just couldn't get the hang of it.

  23. Is there a fee to get started like 15 gold bars?

  24. So does this mean Rockstar is FULLY DONE with ever giving “single-player” DLC or updates?

  25. Trailer- "Tax evasion"
    Yoshi – You said something?

  26. Red Dead Online isn't really fun. After an hour or so it gets boring.

  27. Just imagine if this was story DLC…

  28. Boring… tried it and disliked it fast asf..

  29. Rockstar i fall in love with you

  30. This is how we make the moonshine!

  31. Nobody bought this game for online besides 8 year olds who try hard in gta online

  32. Привет из России

  33. Everyone saying people just want single player dlc. We get it it would be cool however there's a lot of people who enjoy online and have big friwnd groups who play. This update looks to be awesome so stfu and go complain somewh er re else

  34. Pls just keep updating

  35. I've stop playing this game because free roam is so bad, empty and filled with griefers. When they add pve server, or friends only session maybe I'll back…

  36. This and gta online. If you don’t have a crew of friends all the time or are rich in real life to purchase endless shark cards, or pay a hacker on pc. Then playing these games are so hard to enjoy and play casually because to earn anything you’d have to grind endlessly at all times and you still won’t get as far.. and I’m not a fan of the gta and red dead community. Seems like everyone gets into that 12 year old mindset where you kill everything that moves and are never friendly to other players and let them be.

  37. Arthur Morgan happy with new guns

  38. Now add in two careers for organized crime and fight club

  39. Rockstar dropped the ball so hard with this game, single player and online I’m super disappointed. Only game I can see myself trying from them again is the next gta and if that’s bad I’m done with rockstar

  40. Their not appealing to gamers people, their appealing to their wallets.

  41. all this work could have been put into great singleplayer dlc

  42. How about some single player content. Not everyone likes on line repetitiveness.

  43. Can we just get sadie dlc or rdr3 with sadie

  44. Everyone wanted this and got it but is still crying.. What's wrong with you? Hahaha

  45. Where is the story DLC they promised.

  46. Rockstar might eventually end up no different than EA because they’ll just focus on multiplayer because it earns them the most money through transactions.

  47. Bought the game again yesterday because my brother lost mine and I gotta say it's boring online doesn't even feel like online anymore.

  48. No thanks. Undead nightmare please.

  49. Which is the song??? Thanks

  50. I never played the online back when it was barebones, I started playing at the tailend of the last major update and honestly I had a lot of fun, fun I wasn't expecting…which is probably the best kind, so I'll jump back in to see what you got going this time R*.

  51. I thought Prohibition started in 1918, but this game is set in the late 1800's. So confused.

  52. Looks fun I’m going to redownload the game.

  53. I'm at work, an I miss this game

  54. Haven't been online in months

  55. already released several updates it's been a year now and i still keep dropping from the sessions

  56. Just downloaded it today!

  57. Maybe just stick to Singeplayer stuff Rockstar.

  58. No more red DEAD online stuff for now

  59. Where's the singleplayer content?

  60. I want single player dlc not this online multiplayer stuff which is weak and empty and lacking real mission content.

  61. Why do people like this garbage, we could make a difference if we dislike.

  62. Im not re-downloading this game until they give me some SINGLE PLAYER DLC. PERIOD!

  63. Will I have to buy 15 gold ingots from my $20.00 to be able to play this?

  64. Feels weird seeing so much hate in the comments for a game i love

  65. This game doesn’t need story DLC, the only story DLC you’ll probably ever get us undead nightmare which is probably next year

  66. Yall need a passive mode for online i try to let my daughter play cause i didnt wanna do story mode again after beating it on xbox an people kept killing her lol all she wanted to do was ride the horse an go in buildings

  67. RDR 2 a.k.a. Horse Riding Simulator

  68. Oh it’s online only. Aight imma head out.

  69. Yhew got sum moonshine for meh, boah!

  70. I just need a money hack ..

  71. I don’t like her, she miss her shot on crips. She could of ended are pain??

  72. For a second I thought it said monsters implying zombies

  73. Народ как просто делать выстрел вверх?

  74. Give me casino simulator in red dead online

  75. Great they added a female lester

  76. It's fun, I think. But you should pay 25 gold to be moonshiner. What?

  77. It hurts how many people want story DLC. The story is fine as is, games should have an ending.

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