Red Dead Online: Moonshiners

Red Dead Online: Moonshiners

You must be Cripps’ friend. I’ll try not to hold that against you. We got a quality product. Control of the market. The competition is in pieces. We’re running the show again. You are under arrest… For the manufacture of an illegal substance… Illicit distillation is a very unique pursuit. Escaping state custody… And tax evasion. You can’t trust anybody these days. We will bring the fullest force of the law… Down upon you. Oh I’ve barely even started. What the hell! I missed, didn’t I?

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  1. Why do not bother Rockstar Games but Android

  2. Rockstar keep it doing like always!?

  3. Why did she have to miss Cripps

  4. Let me guess I have to pay another 25 gold for this…

  5. is that old woman is mrs breathwaite ?

  6. Can't sell its not loading…

  7. great! bring in more businesses and sandbox systems please

  8. Please watch this:

  9. Soooooo….. any girl or boah gonna tell me how much I gotta spend?

  10. After the update there's this thing called "other apps" appearing in my graphics settings and its taking up almost 700mb of VRAM. It wasn't there before the patch and now my game runs way worse in singleplayer. Anyone know what that "other apps" thing means and how I can deactivate it? The game feels super laggy now and is virutally unplayable :/.

  11. Would love to play but keep getting disconnected

  12. For me this game is dead.

  13. I can't wait to not be able to do the business, since this probably requires me to stay in one session and sadly the game always disconnects me out

  14. This Is just GTA online business

  15. Update is sick but expencive

  16. Awesome update, can't wait to own a ranch in the future lol

  17. Tax evasion . finally rockstar letting us be real gangsters

  18. Nice. Now everyone insert complaints and proceed on with normal customary bitching.

  19. Nice
    Crips with a machinegun

  20. Well taxation is theft so…

  21. Be nice if you weren't gouging us for 25 gold to even play.. Not to mention you need to have already paid 15 to be a trader to begin with..

  22. No thanks.
    Where is Grand Theft Auto 6?
    I'm not interested in games that fill the empty space.
    I'm only interested in the main games.

  23. The rank 10 moonshiner horses are already in the game…you couldnt have done any other colored horse like a palomino or a bay or something different like im speechless kinda lazy tbh


  25. Hell yea brother yeye

  26. "There's only two things certain in this world; death and taxes. Well, excluding that last part"

  27. Vão arrumar este jogo no Pc vergonha este jogo não devia estar no Pc botem de graça no Pc pq tá uma bosta

  28. I hate this patch!

  29. I don’t know if I am the only one who think that this update is much better than of GTA Online’s update.

  30. Congrats Rockstar Games!
    You missed literally the best opportunity to show us the next gta yesterday…

  31. They always nail trailers, gotta give 'em that

  32. 0:20 AGENT MILTON??!!!

  33. Hold on let me just finish this collecting run.

  34. Can you please add invite only lobbies or cap the free roam player limit at 15 the trader role is useless with 0 animals spawning in

  35. Rockstar just doesn’t stop giving us such good things

  36. update gta san mobile please

  37. You got me at tax evasion

  38. Bar expansion or band

  39. still doesnt work smoothly
    you need to focus on fixing the game more
    the only thing that you fixed is the camp spawn
    the worst part, other bugs and glitches emerged
    i love this game but unfortunately its f***ed with many bugs/glitches

  40. Why does my moonshine keep getting reset to '0'?

  41. 25 Gold bars? 10 more than any other Role and that isn't even acknowledging the fact it is a branch of the Trader role which costs 15 Gold. Good Heavens…

  42. Today (RDO update) + Yesterday (GTAO update) = very busy weekend ???

  43. Can we make our own moonshine and drink it. My character love some moonshine.

  44. Everyone beware your shack can despawn and you'll have to pay $250 to get it BK each time crazy how they fix the camps and break the shacks ?

  45. This is breaking bad))

  46. whats bout the song boys tell me about it

  47. How about actual content not more repetitive ways to make money smh

  48. Music Is Just Amazing.

  49. ???????????????????????????????????????gta5

  50. Taxation is theft. Moonshine should be legal. MAGA Country 2020 for Jussie Smollett.

  51. Here's an idea pay your corporation tax that you seem to have evaded the last 10 years.


  53. I havent played this in 8 months

  54. Won't be getting that anytime soon smh enjoy rich kids

  55. Story: 10/10
    Online: 0/10

  56. Has anyone tasted moonshine before ?

  57. Can we test it without the PS+ ?

  58. another game, kill, shoot, NO THANKS

  59. I don't even play rdr2

  60. This is the kind of stuff you get when you have successful microtransactions and a awesome development team with an amazing acting crew. Can't wait to see how this game continues to evolve.

  61. I want the N word pass

  62. What a beautiful depressing slog this game. Smdh

  63. 진짜 어썸하다고오오오오 줴에에에엔자아아아아앙~~~~~~~

  64. هلو جنسي علني xXx

  65. 8GB download, BRUH ! Trader, Collector and Bounty Hunter had a 9GB update, this role better have strippers, Landon Ricketts and a different poncho design., this 6 hour download better be worth it!

  66. Its sad that am level 13

  67. what happens if when you meet the lady and you don't agree to it cuz you didn't have the money and then you go back and she's not there.

  68. Dukes of Hazard feelings intensify

  69. I hate that its 25 gold bars?… i only have 12

  70. Breaking Bad: The Yee'haw Edition

  71. Where the best shack location

  72. Why does dance floor and bar cost 950

  73. Pls fix the new bugs

  74. Grand theft auto 6 trailel?


  76. This or Casino Heist…

  77. Shame she missed the shot.

  78. 0:48 uhhh is that really how many shells should be ejected? because it looks like a lot

  79. This is how we make the moonshine!

  80. Дед одобряет


  82. AKA the LENNYYYY Update

  83. can anybody answer me if when you meet Maggie in the first part of the moonshiners if you don't buy anything from the map and you go back why she's not there or what you're supposed to do

  84. where is the mustache with stubble facial hair 🙁 dang it

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