Relive the storied history with “WrestleMania’s Legendary Moments”

Relive the storied history with “WrestleMania’s Legendary Moments”

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  1. Over/Under on how many years until the Saudi government insists that WrestleMania be one of there showcase PPVs?

  2. Wrestlemania X-Seven is the greatest Wrestlemania

  3. You’re right cena we really can’t see you

  4. Roman reigns
    Roman reigns
    Roman reigns
    Roman reigns
    Roman reigns
    Roman reigns

  5. Seth go main event WM

  6. You can play the video in the concert

  7. WWE Brasil e um show ??????

  8. I want to back john cena

  9. miss the undertaker…

  10. I want to see John cena back in the wwe .

  11. Please The Rock vs Roman Reigns

  12. I think wreatlemania 36 create history

  13. woah for me that's sad moment end of the undertaker streak

  14. WrestleMania 2020 main event
    Seth Rollins vs CM punk

  15. You know what the Rock is cookin

  16. Sad part is they haven't used the undertaker moments… This is video is blank without taker ??

  17. Buenas noches excelente genial Saludos

  18. Can't imagine wrestlemania without legends.

  19. Shawn Michael= Mr WrestleMania
    Jhonny gargano=Mr takeover

  20. John Cena is the legend

  21. There is nothing like Wrestlemania, it's the only time of the year when professional wrestling takes place in literally the biggest stadiums, the energy the fans bring, the show the superstars put on, the pyrotechnics, the emotions we feel, the inability to stay in your seat, I could go on and on with this but the point I'm trying to make is there is nothing like Wrestlemania.

  22. Where is Goldberg????

  23. From when these stories starting

  24. Wrestlemania-is all about undertaker!
    Hundreds of superstars dream to walk into wrestlemania whereas taker is rulling over 28 years!
    His feelings must be totally on another level!

  25. Awesome ?✊??✊?

  26. Voice of John Cena

  27. They say WrestleMania is the stage for best superstars of the world knowing WM 36 will not feature LE CHAMPION

  28. John cena wrestlemania lo re entry ivvali

  29. The streak should have never ended

  30. Thanks, John Cena. And I will remember your WrestleMania wins:

    1: You beat the Big Show for the United States Championship at WrestleMania XX.
    2: You beat John "Bradshaw" Layfield for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21.
    3: You beat Triple H by submission to retain your WWE Championship at WrestleMania 22 main event.
    4: You beat Shawn Michaels by submission to retain your WWE Championship at WrestleMania 23 main event.
    5: You beat Edge & The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXV.
    6: You beat Batista by submission for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXVI.
    7: You beat The Rock for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29 main event to avenge your loss to the People's Champion at WrestleMania XXVIII.
    8: You beat Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania XXX.
    9: You beat Rusev for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 31.
    10: You & your then-fiance Nikki Bella beat The Miz & his wife Maryse at WrestleMania 33.

  31. Austin era has begin… That gave me goosebumps ??

  32. Don't show undertaker ending streak it hurts us too much

  33. Wrestlemania means The Undertaker

  34. The Canadian crowd are the biggest bunch of marks.

  35. End of an era, rising of Cena and Batista, Benoit and Eddy were my favourite moments in WrestleMania.

  36. Wrestlemania = Undertaker ?????.

  37. At WWE WRESTLEMANIA my Legendary Moment is Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker

  38. The Streak should’ve never ended ??

  39. The streak ending will always top my wrestlemania moments. I literally fell off my chair wen the referee counted 3. I was like Wtf??

  40. Who doesn't want WWE to spoil WrestleMania 36 as they did with WrestleMania 35

  41. YEStlemania!!!!
    One of the biggest pops of all time

  42. Pls Come Back in The WrestleMania to face the Deadman

  43. Wrestlemania died when the streak was over?

  44. Benoit and Guerrero WM 20 hug best moment ever

  45. They had to blur Becky's nipples ?

  46. Eddie is also there

  47. Shame how many moments Michael Coles commentary has ruined

  48. Just hear that voice. It's john cena

  49. critics say what ever the hell you want in the right hands one day wwe will be unstopable

  50. Is that John Cena speaking?

  51. If Becky Lynch is one part of the legendary history of WM, you are doing the worst work of your entire life

  52. WrestleMania 28 once in a lifetime
    John Cena vs the rock
    WrestleMania 29 for the WWE championship match John Cena vs the rock

  53. Hype video has come early

  54. Without cena wwe is nothing to us

  55. They will never be the next: rock,austin,cena,taker,y2j,orton!

  56. Give me HBK Vs The Rock dammit

  57. WrestleMania is a gretest sports entertainment event on the planet earth

  58. It is cena's voice folks

  59. نرغب أن تستمر هي الأفضل
    وإلا المستوى العام ليس بالمقبول

  60. Eddie hugging Stevie Richards is missing.

  61. The rock vs john cena I love the rock he is the og

  62. Whenever I hears 'wrestlemania',I think about undertaker

  63. Wrestlemania 32 is the most iconic Wrestlemania cause of how bad it was cough Roman v HHH cough

  64. WrestleMania 14
    Kane vs The Undertaker
    What a great memory ;')

  65. JR…is the voice of wrestlemania

  66. ???:is it John cena

    ???? ????:you can’t see me

  67. Hbk should end the Streak

  68. he's watching his baby gu

  69. HBK vs Cena at Wrestlemania 23?

  70. I'm disappointed about WM35 so therefore I don't expect anything about WM36


  72. I hear the narrator but somehow I can't see Him.

  73. So sad that I can't watch wrestle mania live :d

  74. WrestleMania X-8 The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan

  75. Weirdos in the comments wondering why a baby killers match isn’t being highlighted in this video

  76. Cena voice ♥♥♥♥


  78. WrestleMania 17: fatal for way tag team TLC match
    My favorite tlc match of all time

  79. Wrestlemania is Undertaker's yard.When the streak was over I was shocked

  80. Cuanto tiempo a pasabo

  81. Greatest all time " JOHN CENA "?

  82. Thumbnail hulg hoogen

  83. Best Video of my life ❤

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