Rensenware | Play game to free data

So, you need an excuse to play games at work? Rensenware might just be the thing you’re looking for. I should probably preface this by saying that I’m kinda late to the scene here and Danoct1 has already made a great video on this but oh well! No harm in going through it again. I think this threat goes to show how much ransomware has become a toy for pretty much anyone with basic coding skills. Now if you haven’t realized by now, Rensenware does not ask you for Bitcoin in exchange for decrypting your files. Instead, it asks you to get a high score at a game in “lunatic mode.” So if you’re a great arcade gamer, this is gonna be the challenge you’re looking for. So let’s see what happens when we run this sample. Pretty simple, our files are immediately encrypted, and, uh, it does have some instructions here. It tells you that if you want to recover your files, that’s easy. Just play TH12 and score over 0.2 billion in lunatic level. Once that is done, you are going to have your files decrypted. Damn. Let’s take a look at our files. Surprisingly it hasn’t encrypted all of our files, but it has encrypted some of them. I guess that’s bad enough? Now when you download this game and load it up, It is going to detect the process and show your score over here, so the application knows what score you got. And accordingly it’s going to decide whether or not it’s going to decrypt your data. Thankfully there’s a cheat around this but I’m not gonna mention it, I’m all for fair play, But, well, Dan has already done that. Let’s load up this game and give it a shot. I wish this was more fun. I don’t like arcade games that much. If this was something from today I’m sure I’d love to take up the challenge. But I have a feeling I’m going to suck at this. Lunatic mode here we come. (groan of dissapointment) Stupid Japanese anime game I’m gonna get a lot of hate for saying that, uh, From those guys who just love it Oh it seems like you have to collect this stuff. I survived the first wave. Oh, crap. I got killed again. Ah. Damn. So my score was 136,830. That’s totally gonna get my data back. I’ll probably have to play this game for forever, Before I can actually manage to .2 billion Well you have to do it in one shot I guess ’cause it resets every time you finish So that’s no good. In some ways, it’s worse than paying Bitcoin. But yeah if you’re a Japanese animie game fan, well, Might be your thing. So there you go. If one of your work machines is infected with this, You will have the time of your life. Just tell your boss that “I’m doing this to recover all our data” and I’m sure he won’t mind. And if you actually manage to get the score and recover your data you’re gonna be a hero at work. For having amazing arcade gaming skills. So (chuckle), uh, that was a fun video. I’m pretty sure this ransomware was not meant for distribution and more as a joke But it seems like a lot of malware enthusiasts are having fun with this so Eh, it all worked out. I hope you had fun watching Don’t forget to subscribe! And as always, Stay informed, Stay secure.

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