Renzo Gracie Online Academy Trailer

Renzo Gracie Online Academy Trailer

(cool music) – I actually began going to an academy when I was five. And I said that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna be a champion of that. When you join an academy, you join a family. You make friends that
will last a lifetime. So jiu-jitsu allows you to surprise your opponents a lot. When everybody thinking
that you’re actually losing, that you have no chance, and then they see the submission is on, your opponent has no other option but tapping, quitting, giving you the victory. (rock music) This will force him to start working and open up for the grip that I need. One, two — done. – Okay, so one difficult thing we find a lot in this situation is when I start bridging, escaping to get my knee in– – It’s very common to see people attacking the arm that is extended because apparently this is the arm
that is out there for you. – The most difficult way to attack is when someone is holding your hips here. – On this course you’re gonna learn all the benefits of jiu-jitsu. All the good things jiu-jitsu brings. You’re gonna learn that it’s not just a martial art; it’s actually a lifestyle. – Hi there. Welcome to Gallerr Academy. So this week we chose five topics that are super common and we’re gonna address those and give you tips on how to overcome such struggles. – There’s no way of moving without the risk of getting hurt. And a fight is definitely no different. – It’s the idea of the four steps of learning. First one is the tranquility of ignorance.

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  1. Lol where is John Danaher on this video!?

  2. The online academy has some great lessons.

  3. Recomendo demais, pois é o fino do bjj. Renzo e seus professores transmitem com naturalidade suas técnicas.

  4. great breadth of material

  5. Assino o plano e recomendo..
    Melhorei muito depois das dicas ensinadas nas aulas..

  6. Renzo Gracie is the man.

  7. This is a great resource! I can't recommend it enough.

  8. Love this program. Constantly updating videos

  9. Renzo is such a legend.

  10. I love being part of the academy and receiving my weekly assignments. You will love this.

  11. Gallerr is the best I love it!

  12. RENZO KNOWS! So grateful to have started with two of his black belts academies in the beginning of my journey. Thankful for his influence!

  13. Quer evoluir treine, excelente ferramenta com os melhores professores.

  14. Mastering the fundamentals

  15. Jiu Jitsu se aprende começando pelo exemplo e continua ao repeti-lo. Nunca termina.

  16. If I lived in NY I would train with these guys everyday. Stoked that with online training I can train in a small ski town in Norway! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the next camp or visit.

  17. renzo é inspiração para qualquer esportista.

  18. Thank you for all the teachings … Gallerr Renzo Gracie Online Academy

  19. Emocionante!!! Motivo de profundo orgulho saber que esses Mestres são brasileiros!!

  20. Sou assinante do RGA e o material é incrível.

  21. Just signed up. Amped to learn from the best.

  22. I signed up . It's great . Lots to learn !! Lots of great chokes !!!???

  23. Pessoa sensacional que ama o Jiu-jitsu e faz de tudo para manter o Legado Gracie! Oss

  24. OSSS Master Renzo!

  25. I have the highest respect for the Gracies. I even named my first daughter Olivia Gracie! Gjj changed my life! I am forever grateful!

  26. True statement. Having the foundations of self defense will only make the rest of your jiu jitu game better.

  27. Renzo is the best ! I really like his online academy… Osss !

  28. I like how Professor says Jiujitsu is a life style. Because it is.

  29. Obrigado Professor por este programa!

  30. Nicely done video, intense sport

  31. So glad to see you have an online academy available.

  32. Renzo is an amazing Professor!! Gracie Jiu Jitsu!!

  33. Jiu jitsu is definitely surprising when you first get tapped out

  34. Would love to train here one day!

  35. Awesome video. True legend.

  36. Its great to hear the stories of proffessionals keeps me going everyday 🙂

  37. I Really enjoy his videos they are very instructional!

  38. Videos are done well

  39. Great content. I definitely recommend it.

  40. Can't recommend this enough!

  41. I love the detail. It's the only subscription I have.

  42. Renzo Gracie is hands down the greatest of all times!!! My brother, master and mentor. Oss

  43. Renzo is an absolute legend. Always seems like such a nice and funny guy, too. Really hope that I'll get the chance to go to New York and train at Renzo's one day ?

  44. Best online jiujitsu instruction and definitely the best value. ??

  45. Thanks for putting out good material:) The wisdom you've all gained is a blessing so thanks again for sharing it.

  46. The legend is here and this morning I signed up for his online academy!

  47. Great content, very helpful to my training. Thank you!

  48. I'm excited to gain more knowledge

  49. Excelente conteúdo

  50. This is going to change my game forever.

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