Resident Evil 3 – State of Play Announcement Trailer | PS4

Resident Evil 3 – State of Play Announcement Trailer | PS4

I’ve never seen
anything like it. I haven’t been able
to sleep at night. There’s a big
sinkhole in the city. You gotta stay strong. Don’t give in to fear
out there, right? How did this happen!? Calm down, buddy. Calm down. Send reinforcements! Wait! Hurry up! Help me! [SCREAMING] Jill? Over here! What the hell? How could this many
people be infected? The city is completely
cut off, isolated. Don’t look at me like that.
All right? I’m not an infected. Right now it’s got a hard on for the only two
S.T.A.R.S. left in town. They don’t need a bleeding heart
like you getting in the way. S.T.A.R.S. office has to
be in this direction. It gets worse every night. They don’t want the world
to know what they’ve done. Oh, my head. What’s wrong with Umbrella? Get in! I can’t stop ’em all. You gotta get outta there. You guys are the ones
who caused all of this. Oh, come on. We’ve gotta be dreaming. Commitment,
honesty, integrity… These are the core values
that create the foundation for Umbrella Corp.

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  1. What???!!!! ? Resident Evil 2 Remake came out in January!!! Now Resident Evil 3 coming next year 2020 in April!!! This is like a litte over a year worth of making RE3??? Now that’s extremely impressive!!! ? I can’t believe Capcom is making All RE Fans come true!!! Thank you Capcom!!! We will forever be your number 1 True Fans Ever!!! A job well done Capcom Team!!! Take our money!!!??

  2. 2:56 + 2:59
    RE4 Sounds? Hmmmm…

  3. I was never a fan of RE3 but I would really, REALLY prefer a Dino Crisis remaster.

  4. For a minute I thought we're back on fps lol

  5. Capcom have been on point these last few years and keeps on nailing it, now if we can the street fight alpha series back with pixel art maybe? Also Konami you could have been this glorious but you went and screwed that up.

  6. Still havent play RE2R.

  7. wow..but where is the…. "RE Nemesis" ?

  8. Wow, this feminist version of Jill is incredibly fugly. That face … and that politically correct clothes. Ugh!

  9. Correr de Nemesis el juego

  10. If this remake is like 2 then count me out. Why do you always change the characters face? Who are these people?

  11. So what your saying is that there is hope for a remake of CODE VERONICA X?!?!

  12. when they remake code veronice, claire's face will be different, voice too.

  13. Maybe he just wanted a copy of Star Wars.

  14. Jill look so ugly, Please CAPCOM can you make Jill more beautiful? just copy the face of an Angel, she doesn't have that face of chucky's girlfriend.

  15. Me: Attempts To Only Focus On The Ps5

    PlayStation: Watch This

  16. dayone!!!!unica pecca avrei preferito un volto di jill differente,non che non mi piaccia per carità,ma non rispetta quello dell'originale!!

  17. Wow finaly soon RE4 ?

  18. Там кооператив то будет или нет?

  19. 1:57 ……chris redfield????

  20. Nice, but Jill looks strange, can‘t they use her face from the RE1 Remaster? That was the best imo

  21. can't wait for Jill's dressing Mods ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. 2….3…… maybe in a few years… 4? :OOOOOO Capcom is killing it ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  23. Make it for Xbox one please ?????

  24. Was it so hard to stay true to the original Jill design??? Who's that girl??? :

  25. Mr.X:they scared of me
    Nemesis:awww,that's so cute

  26. Who is waiting for this kind of Legendary childhood game ?

  27. Bruh was that Keanu Reeves?

  28. Outlast, Last of us 2 , and now this? ?

  29. Next Dino crisis…. i love capcom japan…

  30. It’s cool how much every game wishes it was P.T.

  31. Next Dino crisis…. i love capcom japan…

  32. Теперь ждем ремейк RE4, будет бомба))

  33. So this won't be on PC >:(

  34. So, when the eventual trailer for the inevitable re 4 remake comes out. My head will, in fact, explode.

  35. Буду ждать прохождение Куплинова)

  36. Jill lookin like a snacc

  37. Di tunggu
    Bakalan rame ni game ☺️☺️

  38. "September 28 daylight… The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow I'm still alive."

  39. When can we get a Code Veronica

  40. 1.6 million views, 126k upvotes. It’s safe to say people are hyped!

  41. Dino crisis next please !!!!

  42. Stars, Stars, Stars…? Diiios mi sueño se ha cumplido ? gracias capcom!! Mi resident favorito por siempre!!

  43. Was that mfing Keanu Reeves??

  44. Jill looks AMAZING

  45. so Jill got the infection from the water or from nemesis?

  46. Remake RE 2 in 2019
    Remake RE 3 in 2020
    Remake RE 4 in 2021?

  47. ?✌???? PlayStation 5

  48. Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss

  49. They should release a trailer, with this as the theme…
    "The Lovin Spoonful – Summer In The City" (Hot town, summer in the city song).
    Then bust out the best bits of Jill, Carlos, and Nemesis!

  50. I want to play this games..

    Pls like and subscribe to my account. Tnxs

  51. I missed **STAAAAARS** ???

  52. Seems too soon… but then again, shame on me for looking a gift horse in the mouth.???

  53. 1:57

  54. バイオハザード3ってやった事ねーな?

  55. 0:59 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Круто, сделал предзаказ!

  57. I am waiting for this ????

  58. Now we just need one of the original games with Chris redfield remastered

  59. I'll get over it, but I'm definitely not digging Jill's new looks.

  60. Expect mods of Nemesis wearing a little thong

  61. I had a fat heart attack when I thought that FP scene was actual gameplay ??

  62. They Will Make The Game Not Longer Since The RE Engine Is Done

  63. Tank top instead of the original outfit. It's like they change Claire in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Not gonna its bad but remake supposed to be keeping the original and enhancing the graphics and gameplay. Just my opinion though. Anyway im hyped for this game!

  64. now waiting for remakes of RE1 and RE4, maybe adding VR too

  65. At least they kept Nemesis badass behaviour

  66. kinda feels like they rushed with this game but I might be wrong.

  67. I hope they do four again too

  68. Alright, that was fast.

  69. The only thing that bugs me is that Jill doesn't look anything like the original RE3 Jill. I wonder why?

  70. So basically Shingi Makami is the reason why Resident Evil survives on remakes than new stories. Resistance should've been an open world survival RPG…

  71. I just bought resident evil 2 on black friday lol

  72. Jill remake is not beautiful as claire remake, what do you think

  73. Ya No Se Hagan Weyes, Saquen El Playstation 5 Junto Con GTA 6 :v

  74. Why’s her face so ugly this was they’re chance to redeem Jill’s face from revelations

  75. Akfiwofiaoqjeizaoskwjej

  76. They are all doing Right. RE2 Remake was a Milestone. Now RE3 Remeke ?. Please do this with Code Veronica and Dino Crisis

  77. Woooaah ! i can't believe :')
    Resident Evil 3 = Memories

  78. 1:10 what a cheap jumpscare!

  79. Please capcom. after this. make sure you remake dino crisis.

  80. RE2 : Mr. X is the most scariest thing we've ever met
    Nemesis : Hold my S.T.A.R.S.

  81. After this, please do RE 4 remake. ??

  82. 2:06 is that the voice of otacon i heard???

  83. RESIDENT EVIL 4 NEXT !!!!!!!

  84. if I don't get a:
    “September 28th, Daylight.
    The monsters have overtaken the city.
    Im still alive”

    I'm not buying this

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