Review Mikasa V200W Volleyball – Official Game Ball für DVV, VBL, ÖVV & FIVB

Review Mikasa V200W Volleyball – Official Game Ball  für DVV, VBL, ÖVV & FIVB

Hello dear volleyball friends! The MVA200 has been Mikasa’s official match ball since 2008. Now, eleven years later, a new model will be launched in June. And that’s the V200W. It will be the official match ball for the German Volleyball Volleyball Association, the Austrian Volleyball Association, as well as the German Volleyball League. Optically it resembles its predecessor very much. But what has actually changed, what is new and what has remained the same, we show you now. The most striking change has been in the design of the new volleyball. The number and arrangement of the panels have been revised. In the MVA200 only 8 of these elongated flame-shaped stripes were present. Now Mikasa has gone back to the original 18-panel construction. The ball now consists of almost square and additionally long panels. On the one hand, this should improve the flight characteristics of the ball. The game ball becomes more aerodynamic, it becomes rounder and the player can hit the ball better. The panels are glued as with its predecessor. So there are no seams and the ball almost reaches a spherical shape. The V200W deviates only approx. 1-2% from the optimal spherical shape. Dimple technology has also remained the same. The dimple technology are these depressions that can be easily seen. More than 32,000 tiny depressions are processed over the entire surface. These ensure that the ball has a better grip on the one hand and on the other, that the speed of the ball is minimally reduced. This allows the player to better assess the trajectory and play the ball better. The double-dimple technology is especially important for this model – the official match ball. In the surface you can see further minimal depressions in the synthetic leather. Here, so to speak, an extra layer is applied to the microfibre surface. The surface is made of a microfibre synthetic leather, which gives the whole ball a particularly soft touch. Another new feature is the sweat-absorbing function of the surface. Even over longer moves, the ball does not become slippery and retains its grip. So this is Mikasa’s new match ball, which will be on the mark from June. He tends to be very similar to his predecessor. What’s changed here is that Mikasa here of the 8 panels to the 18 panels. In addition, the ball now also has a sweat-absorbing surface, so that the ball has a even better grip. How the flight characteristics will change, how the grip and the the feel of the ball and how it feels, all this will be revealed in the future. But after 11 years we find it’s time for a change. Nevertheless, after such a long time, we would have liked for a little more change. The ball will be delivered from June. Starting with the new season, 2019/2020, it will already be the official match ball in the Bundesliga. Whether it will also be the official match ball for the lower leagues remains to be seen. For now, that depends on the state associations. Did you like the review? Then subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Facebook or Instagram! Then you’ll never miss a review. We are pleased about your opinion, about your comments to this new ball. See you next time!

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  1. I have bought myself 2 of these V200W volleyballs here in Belgium. Very curious how they will behave in the air (float serve for example)

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