Review Sword KING | forehand Hou Yingchao | #tabletennisexperts

Review Sword KING | forehand Hou Yingchao | #tabletennisexperts

Today you will learn How it is to play the Sword King What are classic Chinese rubbers for A few exercise to defensors How to play forehand Hou Yingchao like Producer doesn’t say about this rubber much. SWORD-KING is the classic TENSION-X rubber specifically designed for the use of Carbon fiber-blades. Its unique “BUBBLE” layer enlarges the friction area with the ball. It reduces energy loss at the ball rebound and offers great spin. Its tacky top-sheet offers maximum surface grip. The result is SWORD-KING, massive amounts of spin on serves and topspin drives. To the test we have a boosted version. It’s available at Exercise one Forehand is based on Hou Yingchao. This player plays very wisely. Spreads the ball to the place where is no absence of opponent. We play forehand diagonally, then straight. It’s an very effective shot. If we get this habit, it would let us to gain more points in real game. The rubber Sword King proves very good at this element. We tested it on an def blade. However, in my opinion it will be even better on faster blades. Exercise two Hou Yinghao is a legendary Defensor. Every player from the highest level is able to chop forehand. This element requires a good feeling and plenty of training hours. Lot of people learn forehand at the very beginning. However, 90% of amateurs can’t do it properly. So if you want to be a good Defensor focus on this element. Rubber Sword King is just a little sensitive to opponent’s spin. Proves ideally playing this element. Exercise three Certain forehand attack is a main trump of Hou Yinghao. Raising a higher level requires a lot of exercises. Multiball is a good method to start to play much better. Certain of a shot needs to be a trump to win the games. A good footwork is a basics, we need to master as much as we can The rubber Sword King worked good in case of top spin. There is not as much spin like hurricane however to play at semi-advanced level is enough. Exercise four Side spin is not only spectacular, but effective as well. We have a few types of top spin. The highest-level players can play a few kinds of top. It belongs on the situation on the table. The shot of Hou Yinhhao depends on his body build, but everyone is able to copy his shot in some quality. Everything is on spending hours by the table. It’s good to know what we want to play. Sword king works good in this element. As a typical hard Chinese rubber, it’s made for this kind of shot. Comparing to other rubbers I can say it’s not the highest level however for players who want to try a typical Chinese rubber it’s a very good choice at the beginning. Sum – up The rubber Sword King proves best at defensive shots. It is not much sensitive for opponent’s spin. At offensive shots works good but not spectacular. It is a rubber made for passive defensors who are based on control game and the recurrence of shots. Welcome next week. Thanks for watching. Remember to show this video to your friends. You can share it even on facebook. See you

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  1. Hey what kind of blade that you used ?

  2. Kiedyś lepsze były te recenzje, teraz nawet nie chce się tego oglądać. Na siłę chcecie być profesjonalni i wychodzi nuda. Wróć czasem do serii chińskiego sprzętu, bardzo miło się to oglądało. W każdym razie to najlepszy kanał związany z tenisem stołowym.

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