Review Xiom Omega VII PRO (Michal vs Dan TableTennisDaily) #tabletennis

Review Xiom Omega VII PRO (Michal vs Dan TableTennisDaily) #tabletennis

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi today we are playing the Omega 7 pro on maximum spawns the rubber is playing on butterfly this career what makes this rubber special is the fact that producer size that it’s made specially for traffic balls first thing the rubber is very hot and heavy there is local catapult I think this rubber is nice for players who play a long time table tennis it shows its best in very offensive shots [Music] [Music] [Music] this is my second meeting with this rubber previously one week ago we played it when it wasn’t boosted I couldn’t achieve very much spin and power maybe my technique isn’t good enough but now when it is boosted the spin and speed is on very high level when I play hopefully there is a nice click sound but in my opinion this rubber doesn’t like no spin shots when we play topspin we have to shot the ball very hard this rubber can generate very much spin but only when we get caught in the ball blocking is surprisingly easy this rubber isn’t very sensitive for opponent rotation [Applause] [Music] [Music] it is easy to gonna write backspin but we have to be careful and touch the ball with feeling otherwise ball is far away from the table when we search we have to get used to this rubber because we have to hit a ball harder than you think to generate good spin it is easy to play short balls because the rubber has very little catapult [Music] [Music] counter topspin is the strongest point of this fellow there is no problem to the counter heavy and very powerful of things the weakest point of this rubber is the fact that it isn’t factory tuned I didn’t felt this rubbery competitive when it was non boosted [Music] without play it daily yes I think I will give axiom a chance it is offensive trouble and matches with my style on our YouTube channel there is a lot of high quality content about table tennis matches from the top of Polish league please subscribe and leave a comment [Music] [Music]

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  1. Tylko ja nie wiem kiedy gracie z ttdailY ? 😀

  2. Good review, much detail. Thanks

  3. Is that actually table tennis daily dan? Looks nothing like him

  4. where is the backhand?>

  5. Hi – Are you playing with the rubbers boosted in the video? Thanks!

  6. Instead of that extremely annoying music I´d prefer to hear the sound of the game !

  7. which booster do you use? 🙂

  8. Wg mnie ta guma wcale nie jest ciężka. Jest lżejsza niz gumy innych marek tej klasy, np. Tenergy, czy Evolution. Twarda bardzo tez nie jest, w przybliżeniu cos jak t05, czyli średnio+. Nie powiedziałbym też, ze nie moze rywalizowac z innymi producentami bez tuningu. Ma oczywiście mniejsza szybkość i katapult niz tenergy, ale rotacją wcale nie odstaje. Wydaje mi sie ze w koncu gumom "made in germany" udało sie osiagnac poziom rotacji, ktory butterfly ma juz od 10 lat. Pytanie czy Dignics nie odstawi konkurencji na kolejną dekadę 😉 Wg mnie bardzo udana okładzina dla ludzi, którzy uważają tenergy za zbyt szybką, a chcą mieć rotacje wyśrubowaną do maksimum. Poza tym klik przy odbiciu jest rzeczywiście wspaniały. 🙂 Pytanie jest tylko czy taki interes sie opłaca, bo jednak 180zł za Xioma to dużo i w podobnej cenie mozna mieć np. Rozene. Tutaj juz chyba tylko indywidualnie – czy bardziej komuś odpowiada to ESN'owskie czucie, czy jednak Butterfly'owe. Pozdrawiam.

  9. Hey ✌️
    I am thinking about changing my Rubber from R47 Max to Omega VII pro. Clan u Name me the differences please?
    (I‘m Playing Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC)

  10. thank you very much for the advice to boost that rubber. I played with omega 7 pro for 3 months and I struggled a lot to lift low backspin balls with topspin. now I boosted the rubber and it converted to absolutely different animal. now it is much more dynamic and spinny. I put two layers of falco tempo long on the sponge and now it is a beast! speed, spin and much more ease of playing topspins from both wings. I have never made so devastating forehands. what I like best with this rubber is the low throwing angle. quality topspins fly low and are very difficult to counter

  11. If you are using this rubber on a viscaria, or ALC type. Yes it will feel slow. Put this rubber on a soft carbon blade and watch it light things up.

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