Rey Mysterio’s greatest WWE moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 3, 2018

Rey Mysterio’s greatest WWE moments: WWE Top 10, Feb. 3, 2018

[MUSIC] Three, two, one!
>>[SOUND]>>Who’s next? [MUSIC]>>My G-d!
>>Are you kidding me?>>He’s here!>>We’re not kidding you, King.
>>Rey Mysterio!>>That’s my pick, my pick, my pick is here.
>>Your pick?>>Yes, Rey Mysterio, the man who won the 2006 Royal Rumble match.
>>Rey Mysterio, fighting his way to his feet.
>>He ducks it. Reverse Victory Roll toward Michaels. Third time is the charm! 619 dialed up, the call connected the three bar Leg Drop.
>>Two, three!>>He got him! [MUSIC] Can you believe it?
>>I can’t believe it but->>Here’s your winner, Rey Mysterio!
>>And emotional does not even begin to describe
what Rey Mysterio is like right now.>>Matt Hardy is beside himself right now. Game plan, backfired!
>>Going for the twist of fate. Look at Mysterio!
>>Here’s the!
>>No!>>He got him, he got him! Mysterio wins the title,
Mysterio wins the Cruiserweight title!>>Here is your winner, and the new Cruiserweight champion, Rey Mysterio!
>>Deja vu from SmackDown Live! Rey, unloading on the knee!
>>Ash, Ash, Ash! No, Ash, Ash! Ahh!
>>Mysterio, targeting the knee.
>>[SOUND]>>Again.>>[SOUND]>>Again.>>He quit, that’s it, ring the bell.>>Did he quit? He quit.>>Mysterio->>Hey, hey, hey, hey.>>Come on, Miz has got a bad leg.>>Hit it!>>Come on Miz, not this way.>>Go Rey, go! Go!
>>Wait, look at this.>>Come on, Miz.
>>Wait, wait, wait.>>One, two, three!>>We have a new WWE Champion.>>And now a four on two assault. Hey! What’s this?
>>It’s Rey Mysterio scaling the cage.>>Mysterio’s back out here and he’s looking to make a big impact!
>>From the top of the cage.>>Ring the bell!>>There it is. Said he wanted to compete, and here’s Mysterio.
>>Surprising, JBL’s in trouble.
>>Outta nowhere, it’s occurring. My G-d, the 619 connects.
>>Bradshaw’s in trouble. Mysterio, the squish.
>>You’ve gotta be kidding me!>>No way!>>Mysterio’s the champion.>>Here is your winner and the new intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio.
>>Wait a minute.
>>Rey is almost there.>>No, no, no.>>Guerrero’s got the ladder again. Mysterio, near the briefcase.
>>Look at this!>>Vickie pulling her husband away.
>>My G-d.
>>Come on, Rey!
>>Yeah.>>Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
>>Yeah!>>Here’s your winner, Rey Mysterio!>>Rey Mysterio has Dominic back.>>Parading around with Mysterio. And Rey hanging onto the top rope.
>>Rey hanging on for dear life here.>>Mysterio, he did it, he did it!
>>No way!>>He did it!>>No way! Rey Mysterio did it!
>>Rey’s in trouble, Rey’s in trouble no.
>>What an Arm Drag counter. Arm Drag out of the ring,
Drop Kick to the back.>>619 coming, connecting. Mysterio could be moments
away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
>>Spring Board!>>Whoa, whoa!>>One, two, three!>>He got him, he got him! My, Mysterio wins the title! [MUSIC]

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  1. 1:38 Beautiful shot of upcoming pain

  2. Court case? No how bout a wrestling match?

    Well why the hell not

  3. Love you rey mysterio


  5. Got to admit . He is as cool as El Reverso .


  7. Pobres ilusos piensan que el movimiento de 619 es de rey misterio y no esté era de SUPER ASTRO.luchador que rey no le llegaba Alós talones.

  8. Hbk sells that 619 pretty bad

  9. I kinda felt bad for his kids whatch him getting beaten sometimes…..

  10. ???????? how are you doing today EVERYONE

  11. This is my ultimate idol legend hands clap for u♡

  12. Why is this so fake

  13. He was my favourite wrestler when I was a child ❤❤❤

  14. Like my comment who like Lucha dragøns

  15. I love wwe and Rey Mysterio bkus the 619

  16. What about when he beat Kevin Nash and became the Giant Killer on WCW?

  17. Rey…is a Eagle fighter

  18. Extraño a Eddie Guerrero

  19. That some respect there Mysterio vs Shawn ???

  20. 619 the winer lotery number ???

  21. He is One of my favorite wrestling ever?

  22. Hardy was such a punk, wrestling as a cruiserweight

  23. Mysterio definitely the greatest cruiseweight of all time ………

  24. i love rey mysterio he is the best guy ever have seen

  25. 00:41 best 619 I have ever seen

  26. 0:26
    Mysterio is fast as Jessie Owens that poinr

  27. 0:46 619 Just Kicked Stan

  28. Omg omg eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. Rey really fought to get custody of his kid

  30. 9th one was heart touching ?????

  31. Rey is?????????????????

  32. Too bad Mysterio never had his true potential released.

  33. Rey is the best there is think about he had wwe and world heavy weight championships

  34. Where is the moment where he kills the man?

  35. I love Rey Mysterio so much i loved his feud back then vs eddie guerrero and all the great moments he had with his storyline around batista and big show man what an era that was <3

  36. Mysterio always has an upper hand on the viper

  37. Rey misterio gratest moments
    Dur: 1:00 min.

  38. Top 5 greatest wwe Wrestlers of all time

  39. I love Rey Mysterio. My hero in wrestling. The reason why I watch WWE when I was in grade school.

  40. Rey misterio IDOLO soy tu fan de toda la vida! ?

  41. Love rey mysterio

  42. Rey mysterio is small but strong

  43. El mejor luchador de la historia!

  44. now back then i didn’t know much of rey (didn’t watch wcw at the time), but his debut especially moment #5 i felt rey would make a huge impact & that cage climb in his wwe debut was a HUGE lasting impression…

    sucks rey didn’t sign with the wwf in the late 90s…he wasted away in wcw. if he were in wwf, he would’ve been a great light-heavyweight champion & a hardcore champion!

  45. Damn Rey Mysterio is like lightning and a great guy

  46. Who's wacthing at 2019?

  47. shawn micheals is one over dramatic mf in the ring and i love it

  48. I really like Rey Msyterio❤

  49. Es el mejor de todos

  50. jasammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jgkghyyytj srdft

  51. I really hope Rey last match will be with the one wrestler he hadn't face since and that would be The Rock..

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  53. Rey mysterio is best WWE star because of his moves and 619

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  59. The Original Fiend!!!!

  60. Small but terrible

  61. Mr.Rey Mysterio it is the best wrestler in the world and it is the most popular person ????

  62. ░█▀▀░ ▀█ ░ █▀█ ░
    ░█▀█░ █ ░ █▄█ ░
    ░█▄█░ ▄█▄░ █ ░

  63. Rey Mysterio is great wrestler

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