Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E46 (09 Dec 2019)

Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E46 (09 Dec 2019)

Hello, everybody. I’m Richard Osman, it is Monday and
welcome to another very special week of House Of Games.
It’s another House Of Champions. We’ve got four former winners back
to join us – one of them will be
walking away with a golden trophy. Our four former winners this
week are June Sarpong… APPLAUSE ..Richard Herring…
APPLAUSE ..Kate Williams…
APPLAUSE ..and Dane Baptiste.
APPLAUSE Welcome back, one and all. This is – June, you’re back, but
you’ve proved yourself already. We know you can win. But this time,
you’ve got to beat these champions. How are you going to go about that? I don’t know, cos I hear
these three are very good. A couple of them are!
LAUGHTER We hear that about you, June! Don’t be fooled by what you’ve
heard! But, Richard. Yeah. DISPARAGINGLY: You’ve got yourself
a silver trophy. HE YAWNS
I bet you’d like a golden one. I really would, now I’ve seen it’s
made of solid gold. It’s almost impossible to lift.
Yeah. THEY LAUGH It really, really is. Kate, now, someone at the end of the
week is going to win our trophy, but at the end of every day,
there’s still daily prizes to win. Shall we take a look at today’s
daily prizes? Oh, yes, please. A little change from normal
in that they are all rubbish but they’re all gold. Ooooh! So, you’ve got the golden dressing
down there, or karate kit, whatever you want to call it. Yes!
The bookends. There is a pocket watch, just in case you were
in Victorian London. I’m always there.
There’s the sparkling wine and the black and gold dartboard. Well, you know, Richard, among my amazing haul last time,
I got a Richard Osman pasta maker. So… How is that working out
for you? It makes perfect pasta with
your face on it. Oooh! Well, that is one of the worst
things I’ve ever heard. THEY LAUGH I wonder what the Italians
would call that. If I won the wine, I could have
pasta and wine, all themed. How lovely. The one thing
I will say is, whatever you do, don’t drink the wine.
SHE GASPS It is… I mean, it’s absolutely
extraordinary. It’s kept in that bottle
for a reason.
THEY LAUGH Dane, what do you think you’d go for
if you were to win? I like the pocket watch. I’ve never
had a pocket watch before. There’s something
nice and nostalgic about that. Have you got a pocket? You need to have a pocket
to put it in. I think Dane would look
nice in the dressing gown. Dane last time won the first
four days, as well. Dane had quite a week,
he’s got quite a haul of prizes. Are you going to add to it this
week? Who is going to take away
our trophy, who’s going to win on Monday? Shall we play
House Of Games Champions? Yes! Let’s do it. Our first round is… You’ve all played it before,
I think. I’ll ask you two questions at a time, the answers rhyme with
each other. Give me both answers. Here is your first question. That is Dane. Halle Berry and Kevin and Perry. Strong start, Dane Baptiste. Nicely done. Very good.
Next question. What are these and what are these? Kate. Grasshoppers and deely boppers. That’s correct, well done. Grasshoppers and deely boppers
is the answer. Next question. Yes, that is Kate. Gareth Gates, WB Yeats. Wow! How about that? Let’s take a look
at your next question. Richard. Catamaran, gingerbread man. Oh! It’s the right answer. Well done. Next question. Who is this? And what’s the title of this song? # You can’t plant me
in your penthouse # I’m going back to my plough # Back to the howling old owl… # Richard. Mark Kermode, Yellow Brick Road. I’ll give you. Mark Kermode,
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Elton John, of course.
Next question. Yes, Dane. Theresa May and Judgment Day. Well played, well done. What is this? And what’s the title of this song? # Gravity keeps my head down # Or is it maybe shame? # Yes, that is Dane. Is it Teletext and If You Tolerate
This Your Children Will Be Next? Well played
Ceefax, I was all on Ceefax! HE LAUGHS Here’s your final
question in this round. Yes… Modus operandi, Ariana Grande. It’s the right answer. Shall we take a look at the scores
at the end of round one? Shall we play round two?
Yeah. Let’s do it. Round two today is going to be… It’s a pair’s game – the player in last place gets to
choose their partner. That great privilege falls
to you today, June. Who would you like to play with?
Dane. You’re going to play with Dane. So, June and Kate,
if you swap places, please. OK. Hello, Kate. Lovely to have you
down here. Hello! Good to see you. Exciting to be at this end. Kate and Rich are a team,
June and Dane are a team. If you take out your tablets,
please, we’re going to play Distinctly Average.
Now, you know how this works. I’m going to ask you a question,
write down a number in answer and I will take the average of each
pair’s answers. All right. OK, here’s your first question. According to that website. OK… You knew it would come up. I can’t
believe you didn’t revise it. I’m always on that fishing
rod website.
THEY LAUGH When I’m bored I just surf it,
and I get so much information. It is fascinating. Um… Kate, what have you said? Well, every time I go near a river,
there are loads of people fishing. So, maybe I went a bit high,
but I thought 500,000. RICHARD LAUGHS Well, our average might
come out well. I’ve gone a little lower,
I’ve gone for 10,000. 10,000. So, your average is 255,000. June, what have you gone for? I’ve gone for 180,000. 180,000, says June.
Dane, up or down from 180? Significantly less. Because I feel like “successful
application” was a big part of the question,
and I think people tend to fish for cosmetic reasons or for,
like, pastime. I’m not sure if everyone
is that dedicated to the litigation involved. OK. 12, is it? So I’ve gone for the very
conservative 13,000. 13,000… I feel like there was
a lot of political unrest around the time, which may have
affected fishing rights anyway. I mean… Wouldn’t it have been
interesting if you and I had been paired together and you two had been
paired together, how different the results
would’ve been.
HE LAUGHS Can I also commend everyone on their
drawings, which are terrific. So, what do you think at home?
Do you fish at home? Let’s take a look. What’s the answer
and who has scored a point? Whoa! Kate… Wow! I was closer than I thought,
my fish were right! You get a point, even though you
were over a million out! THEY LAUGH
I thought it might be a million, then I thought everyone would laugh
at me, so. Next question. Oooh… You all right? Yes, it’s a long
way, isn’t it? They jump a long way. Yeah, they jump a long way. Hmm… June, what have you said? 2,000cm. 2,000cm. So that’s like 20 odd metres. Yeah. I think it’s around 18m or
something he jumped, wasn’t it? I would’ve said 1,800, then. But
I thought, just in case he went low, that’s why I’ve gone a bit higher.
Oh, OK. Let’s hope he hasn’t gone high.
Dane, what have you said? You should have more faith in me,
Ms Sarpong. Ah! 1,800. So, your average, I work it
out in my head, 1,900. Kate. I think I thought this
was the long jump, so I think I’ve got a bit muddled. 400cm. That might be good for us. HE LAUGHS Where are you going?! What is the triple jump? It’s like a hop, well, they call it
a hop, skip and a jump. It’s essentially three jumps. Oh! You count the whole lot. Yes,
I thought it was the long jump, my fault. Richard, I think you’re
going to drag us up? I’m going to put us up a little.
I thought it was about 30m, cos it’s the hop and skip and jump.
About 100 feet. HE LAUGHS Well, it’s a good job… I sensed that Kate was going to go
low, so I thought I’d go high. But, listen,
your average…your average is going to be, actually,
pretty impressive. Your average is 1,700. Quite close. Wow. What is the answer,
and which team has won the points? It’s going to be very close. June and Dane, very well done. Yeah, thank you. Very nearly bang-on. Final question in this round. This is one where you can do
some maths, right? Yeah… That does not include overtime. Shall we start with Dane? Dane, what was your thinking and
then what number did you come to? Uh, usually to master something,
they say 10,000 hours. OK. I said, like, 10,000 hours
to master something, and then I just said probably double
that cos you’re still at work. OK.
And then add another 4,000 hours. So I said 24,000 hours. 24,000, says Dane. Are you going up or down from that,
June? Up. Yeah? Yeah. What was your working out? Well, I sort of did
the average working week type thing and then I thought, actually,
people working longer now, in terms of pension age. So I thought around 50,000 hours. 50,000, says June.
So your average… Richard, what have you said? Well, I thought
I did the calculation, but I did it quite quickly. Uh-oh. I did too few weeks, I think. But I’ve come up to 9,019.
9,019 hours. Kate, are you going up or down
from that? I’m going a bit up… 90,000. 90, OK…! THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER So I said eight hours a day,
times 200 days a year that you’re actually working apart
from weekends and holidays and things. And then times that by 45 – roughly how many years
you might work. And obviously had to do 80,000 + 10, so that’s why I got to 90,000. 90,000. Mine might be 90,000.
I think I might have missed… Oh, OK, yeah, that
would make a lot more… I have to say. That’s an easy life
you’d have there. Your average, Kate and Richard,
is 49,509, and then half an hour
just at the end of Friday because it’s someone’s leaving do
and you have to stick around. What do you think at home? What number have you come up
with your calculations? What’s the real number,
and who has won the point? Kate and Richard win the point.
Kate, you were good. Very nicely done.
It must roughly be that, right? Yes, that’s what I thought.
That’s what I feel like. 90,000 was what I… Hey, listen, mate,
you got the point. Take it. That is the end of that round. Kate and June, if you want to swap
back around again, please. Tablets away. Bye, Richard. Bye, Kate.
It’s been so nice to see you. It’s been great to see you. Don’t be a stranger. Hello again.
Hello, June. I remember you. Yeah. Shall we take a look at the scores
at the end of round two? You’ve got away with a bit, there,
Richard! You’ve somehow managed to get
two points out that round, I think. I think I was the worst
on every single answer. Oh, my God, he’s winning! I know. That’s cos he got
a really helpful, good partner. Should’ve chosen Kate! I know all about fishing rods! APPLAUSE Every time I press this buzzer,
a new round comes up. You don’t know what it’ll be,
I don’t know what it’ll be. The next round is… I am going to show you
three clues at a time and we are going to fill in them
letter by letter from Z up to A. Just buzz in as soon as you know
what connects these three. BUZZER
Richard. They’re…Dandy, Beano characters. Which one? Beano characters. They are Beano characters.
Well played. APPLAUSE Nicely done. Next three.
What connects these, please? BUZZER
Yes, Kate? They’re types of bread.
Are they types of bread? APPLAUSE
Well done. Well done, Kate. I’m always thinking of food. What connects these three, please?
Fingers on buzzers. BUZZER
Richard? European capitals. European capitals is
the correct answer. APPLAUSE Next question. BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Are they Blue Peter pets? Well played. Very nicely done. In the zone. He’s good at this, isn’t he? He is. Next one.
What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Kate. Art galleries. That’s correct. Well done. APPLAUSE Here’s your next one.
What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Richard? British rappers. That’s the right answer.
Well played. APPLAUSE Well played, Richard. Next one.
What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Martial arts. Martial arts. Just got the buzzer
before everyone else. APPLAUSE Final question in
the Richard Herring round. What connects these three? BUZZER
Yes, that is Dane. Awards. Well played.
APPLAUSE Very good round for Richard, there. Shall we take a look at the scores?
Two rounds to go. If we must. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go. Can he hold on? Let’s find out as we play
round four, which is… CONTESTANTS EXCLAIM LAUGHTER Good news for everybody. Tablets out, please.
I’m going to show you a map and… I think… I believe I’m in the
House of Games book about how wrong I got it last time.
Yeah. You are indeed. Which is quite something. Let’s take a look
at what your map is. Because you’re champions,
your map… a map of the entire world. Oh, come on, Richard!
A map of the world. OK? I want you, please,
to find the following. Hmm… So, June, where did you think
they are based? DC. Washington, DC? Yeah. OK, let’s see where you’ve
put that on the map. OK. That is… Is that Canada? I mean, more sort of Texas,
more kind of… There’s lots of money in Texas. Richard, what did you think
the answer was? Well, I knew it was in the world.
Well done. And so I kind of went in the middle
of the world. Oh, did you? OK. I went for sort of Switzerland,
but I think that’s probably wrong. Oh, OK. So you’ve gone
the middle of Europe. There you go. Kate, did you know the answer?
I thought it was in New York. Let’s see where you’ve gone. Yeah, that’s kind of New York-y. Dane, where did you think it was? I think I had the same thinking
along Richard’s lines. I felt Switzerland sounded like, you
know, very money-focused, neutral. A lot of it goes on
in that sort of place. Yeah. Swiss-ish area. Swiss-ish.
Yeah, Swiss-ish. We’ve got two Swiss-ish, we’ve got two Americans. Only one person here knows where the IMF is based, and that is June. Because it is based
in Washington, DC. You would hope that would mean that
June was going to get the points. I thought it was East Coast. I worry… But that’s where Kate is,
on the East Coast. I know! So let’s find
out who’s won the point. Kate, I mean, pretty much bang-on. Pretty much bang-on. I thought I’d peaked already.
Clearly I haven’t. A moral point for June
for knowing the actual answer, and a point for Kate
for getting nearest. I wonder if you could find
the following for me, please? Where are the Galapagos? What do you think at home
on this one? Richard, what are you thinking?
Well, I think I’ve changed my mind. I think it’s a bit further up. I know it’s somewhere
South America-ish, but I think it’s probably nearer
the top of South America. But I’ve gone a bit too Arctic,
I think, cos it’s giant tortoises, isn’t it? I’ve gone down the bottom
of South America. Ooh, yeah.
That’s, like, Falklands-y. Yeah, it is a bit too wet
and a bit too cold. Yeah. Kate, did you know the answer
to this? I thought it was near Argentina, so I kind of put in a similar place
to Richard. OK. Dane, what did you think? Now, on reflection,
I feel like Galapagos does sound kind of quasi-Spanish. Yeah. So I probably should
have gone for that. But… But then I tried to think of
the wildlife you see in the Galapagos islands,
and I was like…more Pacific Ocean. Oh, gotcha. All the way over there,
off Australasia. Me too. So there’s Dane. Just north of Fiji. June, you were thinking the same?
Same area. Yeah. Let’s take a look at where June is. Philippines. So let’s find out where they are, but let’s find out
who has won a point. They’re just doing
the sums upstairs. Kate, you are the closest again. APPLAUSE
Wow. Slightly off, but…
What a round you’re having. This is like Richard’s round two. You know me and geography, Richard –
I’m just so strong on it. There they are, right at the top
of South America there. They’re on sort of roughly
must be on the Equator, right? Final question in this round. Oh, here we go.
We’ve never done Kazakhstan before! This is literally
“Where is Kazakhstan?” Because you’re champions,
we are bringing out the big guns. Kate, we’ll start with you. Where have you gone?
What was your thinking? Well, uh… Obviously near Russia,
but in Asia. Cos it is in Asia. So I put it… Let’s take a look where Kate is.
..there? Nice. That looks kind
of…reasonable. Right? Thank you. Dane, are you agreeing
or disagreeing on that? Same thinking.
I kind of worked my way back from the Indian subcontinent,
then Pakistan, then Waziristan, Dagestan, Uzbekistan. So, yeah. A very similar place. Very similar place. June, where have you gone? Well, I was aiming for a similar
place, but I’ve gone somewhere else. Let’s see where June has gone. OK, gotcha. And, Richard, where have you gone? Not in the right place,
I don’t think. I was… I don’t know where Kazakhstan is,
I’m going level with you. OK! You know what?
It’s a very brave man… So I went sort of a bit further over to the west. OK. One of you is in Bulgaria. That’s Richard. One of you is on the border of China and Russia. That is June. Now, Kate and Dane,
one of you is in Kyrgyzstan and one of you is in Kazakhstan. Wow! Oh! This is very good.
Let’s find out who’s in Kazakhstan. Who has won the point? Kate wins the point again. Wow! Well done!
You’re in Kazakhstan there. Absolutely bang-on.
Very nicely done. I read the map, but, like, briefly, and was like,
“Yeah, I know where it is.” That was close, though. That’s the end of that round.
Tablets away please. Well done, Kate.
What a round for Kate Williams. It was nice that, in the end,
you did actually deserve one. LAUGHTER That was a nice finish. One round to go,
let’s take a look at the scores. Kate picked up a few points there. It’s close at the top now. He had a four-point lead –
now he’s only got a one-point lead. Final round – come on, Kate. Very nice.
She’s going to get you, Richard! It’s anyone’s game. We’ll share that wine
on the way home. Yeah! I’ll say it’s not anyone’s game. Is what I would say. Definitely not my game! It would be quite a turnaround,
June, if you could do it. It’s not happening! Let’s play our final round today.
It is… OK, fingers on buzzers, everyone. A point for a correct answer,
a point off for an incorrect answer. You’ll see a picture,
there’ll a clue underneath – smash them together, please. There’s one point between
our two leaders at the moment. Here we go. Best of luck. Your first category is… Those will be the pictures.
There’ll be clues underneath. BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Mick Hucknall’s… No, sorry. It’s not.
You lose a point, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Dane? Simply Red Nose Day. Is it Simply Red Nose Day? It is. APPLAUSE Well played, Dane. A point to you. Next picture, next clue. BUZZER
Yes, that is Dane. Whitesnakes on a Plane. Yeah! Is it Whitesnakes on a Plane? Oh, he’s got it. Well played, Dane.
APPLAUSE Surely he’s not going to overcome
a five-point deficit. That would be quite something.
Next picture, next clue. BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Cyndi Laupersia.
Is it Cyndi Laupersia? It is. Well done. Yeah!
APPLAUSE That’s settled the nerves
a little bit. Our next category… BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Dilli Lilliputians. INCORRECT ANSWER TONE Oh, Dilli Lilliputians
is incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Dane beats Kate to the buzzer. Is it Dililliput? It is not Dililliput.
BUZZER You lost a point as well. Kate? Dilliputians? No. It’s incorrect. Oh, yeah,
I’ve read the question properly now. June, any ideas? No. It’s piccalilliput. Piccalilli and Lilliput. Very well done if you
said piccalilliput at home. Next condiment and next clue. BUZZER
Yes, Richard? Oh… Salted, I was going to say.
But… It’s incorrect. Not salted. BUZZER
Yes, Dane? Salter ego. Salter ego is the answer. Salts and alter ego. It is very close at the top
of our leaderboard now. Next condiment and next clue. BUZZER
Yes, Kate? Ketchup the Junction. It is.
APPLAUSE That looks like
a weird kind of ketchup. It really does, doesn’t it?
You would send that back. Next category. KLAXON SOUNDS We’re done with categories. Richard had a four-point lead at one
point. Yeah. Has he thrown it away? You lost a couple of points in that.
I did. But Kate lost a point. But she got one.
The old salter ego did it. The only person not to lose a point
was June. I only had one to lose! Has she done it in the last minute?
Let’s find out. They’re all winners,
all four of them are winners. One of them is going to win Monday’s House of Games:
House of Champions. Who is it? It’s Kate Williams. Nine points. Yay! Well done, Kate. Well done. You’re our winner on Monday. APPLAUSE You get to take home a prize.
What would you like to take home? Oh, my gosh. I… There’s the dressing gown, bookends, the pocket watch,
wine and the dart board. They’re all so amazing.
Yeah, for sure! I think I’d like the pocket watch,
actually. Oh, lovely. It looks beautiful.
Perfect for a historian. I’m always in Victorian London
in my mind. I love it. Take home a lovely
golden pocket watch. Kate Williams takes home a House of
Games golden pocket watch. Let’s take our first look
at the weekly leaderboard, see what points you’re taking
through to tomorrow. Plenty of time to get more points
on the board, though. Great show today. Richard,
I thought you absolutely had that. A very nice finish there from Kate.
Thank you so much. I’ll see the four of you same time,
same place tomorrow. We’ll see you as well, same time,
same place on the House of Games. APPLAUSE It says it is 6:30. No! That’s clever. It’s home time!

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