Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E47 (10 Dec 2019)

Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E47 (10 Dec 2019)

APPLAUSE Hello, everybody. Welcome along
to Tuesday’s House Of Games. We’re having a House Of Champions
week this week. Four former winners are joining us.
Had a brilliant day yesterday. Someone at the end of the week is
walking away with this trophy. It’s going to be one of these four,
and they are June Sarpong, Richard Herring, Kate Williams, Dane Baptiste. Welcome, welcome, one and all. What a show we had yesterday,
June, didn’t we? Three people absolutely
so close to the lead. It was exciting for you and I
to sit and watch, wasn’t it? So what can
we do today to reel them in? I don’t know.
Richard. Hello. You had a 4-point lead with two
rounds to go last time and threw it away.
I did. How does that feel? Well, I should have just
kept my mouth shut. I think
you’ve gotta be in it to win it, as I disproved cos
I should have just shut up. You lost a couple of points
in that last round. But bravery wins the day. Exactly. But, Kate Williams,
what a win yesterday. Very impressive. How did that feel?
Well, I was in shock. Especially cos I managed to get some points on the
Where Is Kazakhstan round. You got every point on that. I hadn’t been my strength
in my former round. Weirdly, it wasn’t
your strength in this round but you still managed to
get all the points. I am thrilled with my pocket watch. Delightful that one
of our pre-eminent historians took home a lovely golden Victorian
pocket watch. Yes. Delightful. Dane, shall
we take a look at today’s prizes? Yeah.
See what we’re going to take home. You were very close
yesterday as well. Candle. House Of Games cushion.
Lovely scented candle. Golden driving gloves.
Golden sunglasses. House of Games cut glass decanter. What do you reckon, Dane?
Do we get the whisky? The decanter… Looks like whisky
in there. No, it is not whisky. I don’t want to know what that is
in there. I like the decanter. I like it, but then I’ve always…
Scented candles for me. Yeah. What’s the scent in the candle?
It’s sort of a… It’s kind of… Kind of sandalwood
and disappointment, I would say. June, shall we take a look at the
weekly leaderboard as it stands? Why you asking me that? Because I’ve
been all the way through and I thought, “I’ve got to talk
to somebody,” and you’re closest. Here we go. It was very close yesterday. It’s
going to be very close all week. We’ve got four former winners. Shall
we play Tuesday’s House Of Games? Good luck, one and all.
Our first round is… I’m going to go along the line
and ask you each a question. In that question, a bit
of it will be in capital letters and the answer to the question is
an anagram of those capital letters. OK? June, we’ll start with you. US TV Dramas is the first category. Which US TV drama is this? Don’t forget,
the answer is in the question. Yes. It’s an anagram of WHERE IT. Oh, it’s set in Detroit.
It’s Baltimore. The Wire. Is the answer. Well played.
Nice start. WHERE IT becomes The Wire.
Set in Baltimore. Richard. OK. Here is your drama. That’s clever that tangerines
is in there. Yeah. It’s… I’m pretty sure,
I’m not going to work it out, Orange Is The New Black. Disappointing Kate and June there,
they both knew it. Very clever. Kate. Yes.
Here’s your US TV drama. The Waking Dead. Incorrect, I’m afraid. I’m so sorry.
We got a buzzer race on our hands… BUZZER
..which is won by June. Walking Dead. The Walking Dead
is the answer, I’m afraid. That’s unlucky, Kate.
The Walking Dead. Dane. Here is your US TV drama. Er…is it West Wing? It is The West Wing. I’ll give you
that. West Wing. Well played. We go down the line again. We have a new category,
though, and the category is… Oooh. Oooh. That was a lovely…
I won’t say it in case it turns up. Sounded like one.
June, here is yours. Don’t forget, the answer is
hidden in the capital letters. Oh. Dunno. Got fingers on buzzers
from the others there. Don’t know. Shall we time you out? Yeah.
We got a buzzer race on our hands. As soon as you’re timed out, you can
press your buzzer.
Richard. Piccolo.
Is the answer. Well played. Richard takes the point.
Richard, here is yours. Yes. It’s… Just checking. Double bass. Well played. Double bass.
BLUES SO BAD becomes double bass. Kate.
Here is your question. June’s on the buzzer.
Dane’s on the buzzer. June’s off the buzzer.
Richard’s on the buzzer. More news as I get it. KATE READS THE QUESTION Harpsichord.
Is that right? Literally any time
I see you on telly you’re usually walking in front of a harpsichord. Sorry! Dane, last question in this round.
Which instrument is this, please? Bassoon? Is the answer. Nice end to the
round, Dane, no trouble at all. That’s the thing
I was going to say you sounded like at the start of the
round so I’m glad I didn’t say it. There you go. Well played,
everybody. Let’s take a look at the scores. Round one is finished
on Tuesday’s House Of Games. Our House Of Champions here. Here’s
how we stand. Everyone off the mark. Kate, yesterday’s winner,
is in last place with 1. June and Dane, 2 points each.
Richard, early leader, 3 points. Check you out. Shall we play another round? Let’s do it. Round two today is… It’s a pairs round, so the player in
last place gets to choose their partner. Kate, that is you today. Who would you like to play with?
You played with Richard yesterday. I’ll stick with Richard. OK, Richard
and Dane, why don’t you swap places? June and Dane are a team,
Kate and Richard are a team. Before the show,
they all did a bit of homework. They had to send me
the title of a Best Picture winner at the Oscars but they were
only allowed to use emojis. What they’re going to have to do is
guess the Best Picture winner that their partner sent to me.
OK, June, you’re going to start.
Dane sent me this before the show. Which Best Picture winner
is he hinting at here? Which film is that? OK. Oh, it’s good. Richard’s got it. Uh… Brokeback Mountain? Is it Brokeback Mountain, Dane? No. It is not.
Any clues on the other team? You don’t get a point,
unfortunately. Drugstore Cowboy?
No, Midnight Cowboy. Midnight Cowboy.
Course it is. Very good. You’ve given us cowboy and midnight many times over. It’s almost like Midnight Midnight Cowboy Cowboy. The sequel that went
straight to DVD. Richard, Kate sent me
this before the show. Which best Picture winner
is she hinting at here? Oh, hello. Wow. That’s a…emoji
I’ve not seen before. I think this is going for the plot,
right? OK. I think it’s… Given that it’s an Oscar winner
and it’s based on a ship, there’s a ship that
gets into trouble and I’m guessing there wasn’t
an iceberg emoji. Two people fall in love. He actually sort of floats
on the sort of coffin at the end, piano lid or something. And they get to America at the end
of the film. What could it be? Some of them don’t get to America. I think it might be Titanic. Is it Titanic? Yes.
Very nicely done. JUNE: Very nicely done, Kate. It took James Cameron three hours to tell that story. You’re literally boat,
wave, wave, boat. You’ve literally done it. Yeah, no boat. Love. Coffin. America. It’s all there. James Cameron needed a whole subplot
with a submarine. Yeah. Old lady. A jewel.
I forgot about the jewel. No need. I feel just as emotional looking
at that as I did watching that film. And I saved a lot of time. Love and death. Dane, before the show,
June sent me the following, OK? It’s a Best Picture winner.
But which Best Picture winner is it? Oh. Interesting. Mm. OK. Oh. I think I might…
Yeah. I think, maybe. It’s good. All right. LAUGHTER I mean, it’s brilliant,
if you think about it. Oh. Hm. Oh, yeah, I think I’ve got it. Yeah? Have you got this one at home?
Really, everyone? Yeah. I wonder how new this film is. Not new. Ah. June Sarpong. I don’t think it’s a film I know. Bet it is. Oh, really? Mm. Shall we time you out, Dane? Yeah. I mean,
I can hazard a guess. Go on. Power Of Love?
Is it the Power Of Love? TIME UP BUZZER Richard, I think… Braveheart. Is it Braveheart, June? Braveheart. Hard to think what else you’d do for brave as well. Yeah, strong. Yeah, strong, brave.
I’d have done a Scottish flag. Oh, OK. Maybe. Mm. The two of your are not
going to be partners tomorrow. LAUGHTER Well done at home if you said Braveheart there. I thought it was good. I thought it was effective. Kate, Richard sent me this…
OK. ..before the show. Here goes.
Which film is he hinting at? Ha. So that’s shaking hands, isn’t it? Shaking hands. Pear. Emojis in love and some hearts. Have you got it? Yeah. I haven’t
got it. Have you got it? Yeah. Have you got this one at home? Pear. Hand, pear. Shake pear. Love. KATE EXHALES It’s like… Oscar… Shakespeare In Love. Ah! Beautiful. JUNE: Very good! That’s really good. That’s really good.
Shakes-PEAR in love. Didn’t get that at all.
There was no spear. There was a trident emoji which
I think would have been confusing. Very well done. Very nice. That is very satisfying. Well played, everyone. That was a
load of fun. That’s the end of that round. Dane and Richard, I wonder if you’ll
swap back round again, please? Thank you, gents.
You got it, Dane. Yeah, I got it. Got it straight away. He’s my man.
You did get it, you did get it. It was… Yeah.
I was like, Oscar with fruit? Beautifully played, everybody. Let’s take a look at the scores.
Two rounds down. Dane and June, you have 2 each. Kate, you have 3. Richard, our leader, 5 points. Well
played, Richard. Been here before. Richard’s coming for that
scented candle. Yeah. Round three today is… Fingers on buzzers on this.
This what we’re going to do. We’ll play you the first
bit of an introduction of a song. We will then fade it out, OK? What I want you to do is keep going
with the introduction in your head and the moment you think the first
word is sung, press your buzzer. OK? So the first… So they do the
instrumental introduction… You will hear a little
bit of the introduction. It will then go silent. Yeah, OK. Buzz in when you think
the first word… Do we need to say the word or just
get the timing right? Just get the timing right. OK. At home, get your phones out
or stopwatch, whatever that is, I’ll tell you when to
start your stopwatch and stop it when you think the first
word is as well. Is everybody ready? Mm. Yeah. Yeah. Very best of luck.
Start your stopwatch now. MUSIC: Seven Nation Army
by The White Stripes MUSIC FADES OUT Richard’s in. Dane is in. I’ll give you another
couple of seconds at home. OK. The song was Seven Nation Army
by The White Stripes. Let’s put your times up on the
board. Alost double. Richard, you went 8. June, 16. The others in the middle. Let’s find out who has won
the point. MUSIC RESTARTS Oh, Richard’s out. It’s going to be June.
Is it going to be June? # I’m gonna fight ’em all… #
Beautiful. Well played, June. APPLAUSE Takes a lot to hold on when everyone
else has already pressed as well. Here is your next introduction.
Start your stopwatches now. MUSIC: Torn
by Natalie Imbruglia MUSIC FADES OUT Oh, all pretty close there. Give you
another couple of seconds at home in case you haven’t buzzed in.
Everybody in? The song was Torn
by Natalie Imbruglia. Let’s take a look at your timings. From 9.8 up to 11.93.
What do you think at home? Did you go early, did you go late? Were you somewhere there? Shall
we find out who’s won the point? Let’s take a listen. MUSIC RESTARTS Soon. Oh. # I thought I saw a man… # June’s done it again. APPLAUSE # He was warm, he came around… #
Well played. Well done at home
if you were close to that. They take longer to sing…
They do, yeah. I get a lot of radio versions… And June has probably actually met
Natalie Imbruglia. I know Natalie Imbruglia. See? So If you didn’t know that song
you wouldn’t be able to be friends with her.
“I know Natalie Imbruglia.” Final question in this round.
Everybody ready? Start your stopwatches now. MUSIC: House Of Fun
by Madness MUSIC FADES OUT Interesting.
What have you gone with at home? Almost impossible to work
out where that… How many times in your life have you
heard that song? Yeah. So many times. It’s about us, the House Of Fun.
Exactly right. Richard Osman’s
House Of Games Of Fun. House Of Fun by Madness.
Let’s take a look at your times. There we go. Kate going first. June not last this time. What have you said at home?
What’s your number? Let’s find out who has got a point. MUSIC RESTARTS Oh. Oh. # Good morning kiss… # 17. Richard. Very nicely done.
Well done if you held on at home. Let’s take a look at the scores. Three rounds
down on Tuesday’s House Of Games. Yesterday, Kate won.
Richard had a big lead. Richard has a lead again, 6 points. June in 2nd place with 4. Kate, you have 3. Dane with 2.
Very close between all of you. APPLAUSE Shall we get straight on
and play another one? Yeah. Yeah. Round four today is… I wonder if you could
take your tablets out, please? I’m going to tell you
a series of events from history. If only we had a historian. Oh, no. I love this cos the nice
thing about historians is the bits they know about,
they know everything about. And the bits they don’t know about,
they know nothing. So let’s find out. I’ll give you
a series of events from history. You have to tell us
the year they happened, please. Person who gets closest gets
themselves a point. OK. Here is your first event.
When did this happen, please? In what year did that happen? Oh, man. I mean, I’ve heard of Beethoven. It’s the D minor that’s throwing me
off. Yeah, same. Cos if it was D major I’d be like,
“I know that year.” I mean, halcyon days. Honestly,
I prefer a lot of his early stuff. Yeah? Then he started pandering. But
anyway. Yeah, he went so commercial. Sold out. Yeah, yeah. So, Beethoven,
when was his last finished symphony? June, what have you gone for? I went for 1765. 1765, says June.
Richard, what have you gone with? Didn’t he do the 1812 Overture?
Is that someone else? I thought it had to be after 1812
so I’ve gone for 1841. You’re probably right. 1841.
Kate, professional historian, what have you gone for? 1867. Just because he looks a bit
more Victorian than his fashions
in the pictures I see. OK. Gotcha. Dane? I went with 1864 because I also
believe his fashion was Victorian but kind of retro. Feel like he was ahead of his time. They should give you
a documentary series. You are hilarious. Let’s find out. When did Beethoven
finish his final complete symphony? Point goes to Richard.
Very well done. Very nice. 1812 Overture was Tchaikovsky. It got me… Got you to the right
place, well done. However you get ’em, right? Yeah.
When did this happen, please? When was that? It’s a good read if you’ve not
read it. It’s terrific stuff. We have to take into account
the elasticity of time in this one as well, which makes it harder. What do you reckon at home? Richard, what have you gone for? Have a feeling it was quite
early-ish but I think I would have
gone for this or 1930. Gotcha. 1929, says Richard. Kate, what are you thinking?
’23. ’23. 1923. We’re very close so far.
Dane, what do you think? I don’t think I’d see “foundation
paper” next to Einstein’s name but I went with 1930. 1930, which is
what Richard was thinking. June, you close to these? No. I was wondering if it was
when he’d moved to the States, after the war. Cos he did a big one when he was
in Germany and then another one. I just wasn’t sure.
So you’re saying ’48. We’ve got everywhere from 23 to 48. What do you
think at home on this one? Let’s find out.
When was this published? Kate, you win a point. One of his early ones. One of his early ones. Yeah.
Final question in this round. I wonder if you could tell me
when this happened, please? JUNE: Oooh. Oooh. When was the Bank of England
founded? This must be somewhere
in your historical work, Kate. Yes, I don’t…
It must overlap with something. I’ve got a feeling I’ve actually
written this sentence in a book. Really? When it was founded.
Uh-oh. I know exactly. Exactly. What do you think at home?
You got this one? Dane, what are you thinking? Erm…I feel bad cos I feel like it’s actually on the currency
itself. Oh, do you reckon? I think it is.
Oh, I wonder if it is. Which has no bearing on my answer. 1886. 1886, says Dane.
June, what are you saying? 1864. 1864, says June. Richard. Um, just cos all those buildings
are around about the same place and old and after the Fire
of London I’ve gone for 1701. Now, Kate, you think this is
somewhere in your head. I just forgot, I can’t remember.
1750. 1750, you’re saying. Let’s find out. When was the Bank of
England founded? Who scored a point? Richard, you get yourself a point.
Very well done. Nicely played. That’s the end
of that round. Tablets away, please. Yesterday, Richard went into the
final round with a lead. Mm. And threw that lead away.
What’s going to happen today? Let’s take a look at the scores
going into the final round. No way is he going to throw
away 4-point lead, surely. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Dane, you have got 2.
And our final round is… Fingers on buzzers, please.
Richard, 4 points ahead. Point for a correct answer,
point off for an incorrect answer, which is what you did
a couple of times yesterday. Gotta keep the faith, though.
Mm-hm. Can he be caught? Your first category in today’s
Answer Smash is… Those’ll be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath. Smash them together.
Fingers on buzzers, everyone. Here is your first question. BUZZER
Dane. Is it… Urdu?
Say the whole thing. Temple Urdu? I’m afraid we’re going to buzz you
out, Dane. Lose another point. Richard. Sacre-Bleurdu. Is it Sacre-Bleurdu? It’s not.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to buzz. Kate. I didn’t mean to. Um… No? Not a clue.
I didn’t mean to buzz. June, everyone’s lost a point.
Fancy losing a point? Are you going to stick
where you are? No. Let’s find out the answer to this. Oh! You said Sacre-Bleurdu. I know. Of course. I was thinking, “Why is that wrong?”
Yeah, yeah. Sacre bleu’s what you say
when you’re swearing. Sacre-Coeur, Urdu, Sacre-Coeurdu.
Richard, you lose a point there. Next picture and next clue. BUZZER Yes, Kate. Pantheon The Buses? Yes. Is it Pantheon The Buses? It is. It is. The Pantheon and
On The Buses. Pantheon The Buses. Well played, Kate.
Your next religious building is… No. Oh. I’m going to have a go. He’s going for it. Just cos I… BUZZER
Richard. Tintern Abbey Clancy. Oh. Incorrect, I’m afraid. I’m so sorry.
Which abbey is it? Is it Waltham? I love that everyone’s just
got their fingers on the buzzers throughout this round
apart from you, June. “Yeah, I’ll just watch.” Not taking
any chances. No-one brave enough? Let’s take a look at the actual
answer. Richard, super bravery. Close. Abbey Clancy.
Here is your next category. OK. Those’ll be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath. I know the song.
Don’t know who he is. No-one?
Shall I tell you? That is… Neil Young… I was going to
go for Young At Heart. Why didn’t you use a younger
picture of Neil Young? Here’s your next Glastonbury
headliner. BUZZER
Yes, that is Richard. Who Killed Roger Rabbit.
The Who Killed Roger Rabbit. INCORRECT BUZZER
It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Dane. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Yeah. Close. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
At least I’m having a go, eh? You are having a go. LAUGHTER These are so hard. You had
a 4-point lead at the start of this. I don’t know if he’s still got it.
Here is your next question. BUZZER
Blurch! Blurch. Is that the answer? It is. Blur and Lurch. Blurch. There’s
so little to get wrong in that one. Next category. Those’ll be the pictures.
There’ll be clues underneath. Why can’t I think of that western?
That’s crazy. Do you know the monkey? No,
but I think if I can get the western I can get the monkey.
I think I know the western. And I can think of a monkey
that ends with the same sound. But I could be wrong. It’s gone. BUZZER
Oh, Dane. Bonobonanza? Is it Bonobonanza?
JUNE: Yeah! It’s not. That’s what I could have
gone for. Oh, no! That’s exactly what I would have
gone for. Bonanz… Bono… Everyone’s getting… It’s something like that but he’s
just said it wrong, isn’t it? No, I don’t think it is.
Oh. Oh. Oh, I think I might… Oh, is he going to go for it?
BUZZER He’s going for it. Richard.
Gibbonanza. Is it Gibbonanza? It is Gibbonanza. Well done. A million percent what I would have
buzzed in and said. Bonobonanza. And Bonobonanza’s much
more fun to say. Bonobonanza… Yeah, Bonobonanza.
Next one. BUZZER
Yes, Richard. Gorillama? Is it Gorillama? Certainly is. Gorilla and llama.
Well played. That’s nicer, isn’t it? Next ape. There’s a lot in this last round. TIME UP KLAXON
Thank you. LAUGHTER We are done. Let’s take a look at the winner
of Tuesday’s House Of Games. I wonder who that might be. He has kept that 4-point lead.
Richard is our winner on Tuesday’s House Of Games. June
and Kate, you have 4 points each. Dane, 1 point in the end. You’ve gotta keep buzzing in,
though. Go for broke. Richard, you won yourself a prize.
Great. What would you like to take home?
Let me have another look. Mm. I think I’ll go for the decanter
full of dubious liquid. Lovely. People like the decanted. Richard takes home a House Of Games
Champions cut glass decanter. Lovely. Well done, Richard. Here’s how we stand after two
days of this week’s House Of Games House Of Champions. Look at that. Kate and Richard,
7 points each. June, you have 4. Dane, you have 3. Three days to go. We had two separate
winners in the first two days. Are we going to have all four of you
winning a day as well? Been lovely having you here. We’ll
do the same thing tomorrow? Yeah. On the House Of Games House Of
Champions. Lovely. We’ll see you here as well, same time, same place
tomorrow. APPLAUSE Yeah, it’s what I thought it was. LAUGHTER

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