Ricky Zoom FULL EPISODE! ? Meet Ricky in ‘Ricky Wobbles’! | Nick Jr.

Ricky Zoom FULL EPISODE! ? Meet Ricky in ‘Ricky Wobbles’! | Nick Jr.

Who will save the day
when no other bike can? Who will defeat the villain
and look cool doing it? [beeping] Steel Awesome, that’s who. Steel Awesome, that’s who. That’s my line. Oh, right. Sorry. But wait. [laughing] What’s this?
Watch out Steel, it’s a ninja bike. [engines revving] Help! Steel Awesome, help me! Can Steel defeat this
mean, bad guy ninja and save the little helpless bike? I’m not helpless, or little! Toot, you’re just
pretending to be helpless. This isn’t for real. It’s a rehearsal. Oh, right. Ah! Steel Awesome, help me! I’m helpless! Wow, I’m good. Steel Awesome to the rescue! Scootio, action lights! Got it. You’ll never get passed me Steel Awesome. I’m the bad guy. We almost always win. You didn’t count on my
wheel whirlwind ninja bike. [beeping] [engine revving] [screaming] Oh, the wheel whirlwind is too strong. I’m defeated. It’s okay, I’m fine. [laughing] Steel to the rescue! Woo-hoo! He did it. Once again,
Steel Awesome saves the day. That was a revving rehearsal. Bike buddies, and Toot, wheel it in. [all beeping] Time’s up. We’ve got to get to school for Motor Bowl. Zoom out! Our play is gonna steal the
show at Steel Fest tonight. Every Steel Awesome fan
in town will be there. – Ricky, you’re the coolest Steel Awesome.
– Thanks. Sometimes I think you
secretly are Steel Awesome. Are you? You can tell me. What’s happening? Why am I wobbling? Wobbly things wobble, but I don’t. And since when am I squeaky? Steel Awesome doesn’t wobble or squeak. You okay, Ricky? Um, yeah, yeah, I’m good. I’ll catch up. Hm, it doesn’t happen when I go this way. But it does when I go this way. What’s going on Ricky? Uh, it’s nothing. Let’s get to school. Huh? Where are you going?
School is that way. Yeah, but this way’s more fun. Why not try something new? Uh, did I forget the way to school again? I’m pretty sure it was that way. Hurry, we’re going to be late. Are you sure you’re okay? Yeah. Zoomtastic. Come on wheel, stop squeaking.
It’s so embarrassing. [both snickering] [beat boxing] Whoo, sometimes you’ve just got to dance. [beat boxing continues] – Choo-choo.
– Aw, sick. Slow down. This isn’t a race. [squeaking] All right DJ, you can start. Everybody get ready to dodge. Missed me. Didn’t get me. Whoa. I hit Ricky. I’ve never hit Ricky before. Ricky I’m sorry,
I didn’t know that was even possible. Oh, it’s okay. Good shot DJ. [squeaking] Does anybody else think
Ricky’s acting a little weird? No I think he’s acting a lot weird. Maybe he’s just nervous
about the Steel Fest tonight. I can’t wobble for Steel Fest.
Steel Awesome doesn’t wobble. [engine revving] Maxwell. Maxwell, you in there? I need a repair, fast. – Ah!
– Ah! – Oh, hi Blip.
– Hi Ricky. Maxwell’s not here.
I think he’s at Steel Fest. Everybody’s at Steel Fest. Really? I was thinking about not going, because I always somehow crash into the
big tree at the adventure park every time. It’s pretty embarrassing. But then
I thought, I can’t miss Steel Fest. I’ll see you there. Signpost. Still going. It’s just a wobble.
What’s so bad about a wobble? Just pretend it’s not there. [engine revving] This is the last call for all
Steel Fest live show performers. Please make your way backstage. [crowd cheering] – Where’s Ricky?
– He should be here. – What if he doesn’t show up?
– He’ll be here. Ricky wouldn’t miss this. And now, ladies and gentlemen,
our next live, Steel Awesome action extravaganza comes from
Ricky Zoom and the Bike Buddies. [crowd cheering] This performance is called Steel Awesome awesomely takes on
the bad guy ninja bike and wins. Hm, bit of a spoiler in the title there. Anyway, here they are. [crowd cheering] Help! I’m helpless. I’m trapped on this ledge!
They made me say that. [crowd chuckling] [laughing] You’ll never get down because of me! The bad guy ninja bike. Steel Awesome, help me, please! Who will save the day? Who will defeat
the villain and look cool doing it? [crowd chattering] Uh, definitely not Steel
Awesome, because he isn’t here. Uh, I’ll shine my light. Uh, what do we do now? Ricky! Aren’t you supposed
to be Steel Awesome? Yeah, but I can’t. My front wheel is
all wobbly. Everybody might laugh at me. Is that really so bad? Your friends need you out there. [squeaking] [gasping] – Ricky!
– Ricky! [squeaking] Squeak Awesome…
Uh, Steel Awesome to the rescue! [crowd laughing] You’ll never get passed me Steel Awesome. I’m the bad guy. Um… You didn’t count on my… Wheel whirlwind, ninja bike. Whoa! Your wheel whirlwind
is too strong I guess. [crowd laughing] Oh, I’m defeated for some reason. [screaming] I’m fine. Whoa! [screaming] [gasping] Oh no, Toot! [all gasping] Whoa! Now I really am helpless. Help me Ricky! Toot! Time to zoom, for real. Speed check. Spoiler up. Visor on, gadgets go! Hang on. [engine revving] Hurry up, Ricky. [crowd gasping] [screaming] I’ve got you Toot, here we go. Hold on. Wahoo! [crowd cheering] You’re the best, Ricky. Awesome! Incredible. Steel Awesome did it. Good old Ricky. [crowd cheering] Ricky, your performance was as brave
as Steel Awesome’s best rescue scenes. And really funny too. Way to go Ricky, that was– How does that keep happening? Thanks everyone. We did it! Next time you’re in trouble,
just call for Squeak Awesome. Good old Ricky. That was so fun. Best Steel Fest ever. Ricky, could you teach
me to wobble like that? How’s this? [both laughing] Sorry Toot, is the wobbling
making it hard to ride? No, it’s fun! Do you really have to get it fixed? [laughing] I can keep it until tomorrow. Good. Wonderful until then. You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day. And find more of your favorite shows on TV
on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel.

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