RIT Volleyball 2019 Preview

Overall there’s an excitement. Obviously
last year was great. The group came together well. We know we’re gonna miss our
three seniors who graduated but with that said we knew the nucleus was back. I liked our spring which led to this preseason. I think most of us came in
ready. I think we looked fit. I think we’ve worked hard. We are deep. We’ve got options everywhere which is awesome but also frightening because sometimes it’s nice to just be a little cut and dry like that’s our group and now I’m like man we’ve got people that can play in multiple positions or are fighting with each other for that other spot. It’s gonna be interesting. I like the competitiveness. I like how we have to compete every day because it’s not easy on that other side. Whoever’s on the B side isn’t a slouch right now. It’s fun. It’s very fun. We scheduled a little bit tougher; makes it exciting. I think that, we are, if we’re healthy and we’re in the right mindset like we’ve had so far. It’s, right out of the shoot we’re playing tough matches. We’re gonna be ready come Liberty League playoff time one way or another because we’re either gonna learn
a lot and get better or we’re gonna come hot out and shoot and just keep going and either one is gonna be fun and exciting because it’s an interesting mix. We know coming Liberty League that really top to bottom it’s loaded and to get to the semifinals, whoever’s fifth knows they could have been there and probably thinks they should have been there but it can also say well which one should we have easily replaced and sixth is probably thinking the same thing. We’ve been that fifth place team. We’ve
been that sixth place team. What are we gonna do to make sure we’re ready? We thought with veterans we’d schedule a little bit tougher early. The other thing is if we’re optimistically saying we’d like another shot at NCAA’s we want to also see a little more area region teams that are that caliber that are also going to make sure we’re ready to play the Ithaca, Masters, Clarksons, whomever of our conference or our region to say you’re battle-tested. Our seniors last year were no doubt leaders. So as much as we’ve got talent I still think some of the leadership parts of it are gonna be interesting and then obviously because we have so much talent, how does chemistry work? Because, if we, if our leadership in our team chemistry are great we are physical enough to be real good again. The big thing is I like the
culture shift we’ve had in the last year and a half to two and a half somewhere in there things started definitely changing: a little more commitment to the weight room a little bigger commitment to pushing hard in practice. There’s a different confidence in the room yet the commitment, the work ethic is with it

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