Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Walkthrough Part 1 (Gamecube, PS2) Ocean Shores

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Walkthrough Part 1 (Gamecube, PS2) Ocean Shores

you rocket power you school’s out for summer let’s get down
to the shore check for some outrageous dick shakes and some serious grindage oh
I’m so hungry then time for the first SERP of a long
long summer last one to the shore shacks a squid you’re on Sammy Oh No guys look sandé it’s all gone my surfing I can’t
go out on that we’d be totally cut to shreds there’s more at stake than just your
surfing Auto what about the shore Shack they shut down the beach all the
tourists will disappear not to mention the surf contest double bogus the Ocean
Shores Classic is only a week away Raymundo will be majorly bummed you Hey I think they’re gonna say something you ah good afternoon my fellow ocean shores
citizens and visitors to our fair area I’m sure a lot of you have noticed a
slight reduction in the quality of our Beach overnight I would just like to
assure you that there is no reason to be alarmed
I’m sure this is purely a temporary problem and rest assured that we are
working to fix this issue as soon as we can on that note I’d like to welcome
Eric Gollum whose real estate and construction company has recently
decided to make Ocean Shores its home on that note there’s a gesture of goodwill
mr. Gollum has pledged his science division to find the answer to our
anomalous sand deficiency thank you thank you and good afternoon everybody
when I first saw Ocean Shores I said to myself what a marvelous friendly
community just the kind of place you would want to take your family on
vacation or for some of you lucky few to live here all year round that’s why I
decided to come here and do my best to help turn ocean shores into the best
possible place it could be now I know some of you are a little worried about
the sand but rest assured that one of my top hydrogen illogical tissues is
looking into the problem and he’s sure that it’s just a combination of freak
tides and some new underwater currents in the bay we can fix the problem with a
new Harbor wall which I will be only too happy to build free of charge so don’t
be surprised if you see teams of my technicians over the next few weeks I’m
sure things will be back to normal before the end of summer thank you for
your patience Yeah right we better keep our eyes
peeled and go see what Raymundo thinks we need to try and find out what’s going
on around here or there will be no summer for any of us we hear you brother things are not looking good Tito I hear
you brother as the ancient Hawaiian see no tourists means no paychecks one
tourist resort frightful no rentals either especially with the beach being
off-limits and no ocean shores surf classic unless the sand comes back by
next week first one I’ve missed in 20 years even if we have to shovel it back
ourselves we’ll go take a look around and see if we can find anything out okay
guys whatever you want great take me to your leader what is it Lars
let us see no with Maurice Vicki’s our hangout under the pier is for big kids
own eat or make them prove their worthiness oh mighty Lars ad yeah I
could mop up the boat in you okay then rock it bozo I’m calling you out
let’s see if you can beat me on the halfpipe I’ve been practicing Auto
versus PI and the pipe it is but if he wins you’ve got to show us what you got
there deal all right bro but if we win you’re gonna clean my room
out for me I hope it was worth it okay let’s try a 50-50 bracket
come off the edge let’s try breasts done just right there a rocket air the brush light rabbit
Dauntless forward right Hayato to be a rare walk backward everybody
by Allah point boy right just keep spinning
now for some grass no more clap No you okay bye are you gonna show us what you
got under the pier or not or do you need another thrashing to encourage you all
right follow me but deal is a deal come on check it out bleep oh we found
it here this morning you think it has something to do with the mister look
what you did seriously they’re not space aliens look this is the same logo that
tsukai has on all his stuff he must be connected to all this somehow
nuts face aliens I knew that God loved I was have something he must have taken
the sands up come on and better tell Dad he’ll know it’s you II Raymundo we know what happened to the
sand robots of you big metal robots under the beer it’s true dad
we saw one you guys haven’t been playing in the Sun without hats again have you
seriously dad would it make something like this up and it’s somehow connected
to that Gollum guy you saw this logo painted on the robot let’s go flush them
down a peg hold it Otto I suppose the company could be at the Sun either way
there’s not much we can do about it if you’re sure about this
you guys go see officer Shirley to tell her what you saw let’s see how much he
likes getting busted

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