Ronaldo vs. Messi: Who is the best in the world?

Ronaldo vs. Messi: Who is the best in the world?

Messi vs. Ronaldo who is the best in the world
right now? Let’s start with who is the better goal scorer? Both with over 600 goals. Ronaldo holds the
record for most goals in Champions League history, Messi second. Messi tops in La Liga history, Ronaldo second. Ronaldo better in the box, Messi better everywhere
else. Messi five Golden Boots, Ronaldo four. We’ll give the edge to Messi. Let’s go rapid fire. Decision making: Messi. Off the ball movement: Ronaldo. Dribbling: Messi. Heading: Ronaldo. Free kicks: I’d say even. Player of the Year awards: Messi, five Ballon
d’Or’s, Ronaldo five all in the last 10 years. Edge? Both, amazing. This year, well Messi has more goals and assists
but in more minutes played. We’ll still give the edge slightly to Messi. World Cup head-to-head, they’ve never faced
off against each other. Everyone can agree it would be amazing if
they did. Hopefully, this year. The verdict: Ronaldo an incredible goal scorer,
and moves without the ball maybe better than anyone in the history of the game. But Messi can beat you more ways. Scoring, passing, a dribbling wizard, and
has accomplished more and is younger. If you gotta pick, the answer is Messi.

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  1. No it's not Ronaldo is better at freekiks

  2. Agree, Messi is unreal!!!

  3. Ronaldo is way better

  4. FREE KICKS EVEN ????!!!!??????? the most retarded shit I’ve heard ever. Messi is the master at free kicks always has been always will be, no one has taken better free kicks than Messi.

  5. My favorite player is Ronaldo, but I still respect Messi and respect him highly.Ronaldo is the worlds first machine,hard working and everything,but Messi was the one who was born with it

    He never needed muscles of thighs to beat defenders, it was his fair play and his enormous talent that makes him the best football player in the world.

  6. No one except messi
    His the boss

  7. Messi better than Ronaldo Messi is better than Ronaldo Ronaldo is a loser

  8. Messi need to be injected balls by Cristiano Ronaldo, the way my dad injected to my mom.??????

  9. i always knew that messi is better

  10. Agreed with everything except for the free kicks messi is better

  11. How many love messi

  12. Ronaldo is way better than messi ?

  13. No o hate messi and Ronaldo is the best

  14. I swear if Messi is better than Ronaldo the earth is flat p.s no offense flat earthers

  15. ronaldo is the king

  16. 0:57 you also mad bro one day Fc barca faced real madrid and barcalona won

  17. Ronaldo is better at evrything

  18. Better than Ronaldo

  19. I am a Messi fan but I think Ronaldo is better because Messi was beating Ronaldo by to ballondoors but now they are even

  20. Ronoldo is way better then Messi.messi is trash. But ronoldo is way better

  21. And Ronaldo is better in free kicks then messi

  22. Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️???????????????

  23. Like Ronaldo comenta messi

  24. Messi ain't shit without Barcelona. Get that through your thick skulls RONALDO HATERS…

  25. messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi is best no other one

  26. Massif is obviously the best because Ronald is just rubbish

  27. This is so gay Ronaldo is better

  28. This is outrageous Ronaldo is way better than Messi

  29. Free kicks 'even' SERIOUSLY? Are you mad? Ronaldo is the second-worst free kick taker in Serie A history! Messi is the best at free kicks, and anyone can see that!


  31. Messi best in the world

  32. This video says it all. PERIOD

  33. Ronaldo is better it’s just his opinion he just says that to make you think Messi is better

  34. Messi has four baldorns

  35. They both have 5 ball ondors

  36. Ronaldo for life Messi ??

  37. Definitivamente Lío se lo lleva de encuentro al huevón creído ese.

  38. Messi is better than cristino

  39. Coming from you lol ? i wish you know better ?

  40. Ronaldo is so much better

  41. Leo Messi is the best one in the world

  42. Are you kidding!? Ronaldo is way better than Messi!

  43. I also think he is a fan of Messi

  44. Who is watching after Messi won the ballon d'or

  45. I think Messi is the dest soccer player . Messi is the best football player

  46. Say boo if you vote for cr7 leave a like if you vote for messy

  47. you forgot how much more humble messi is than ronaldo also, but overall i love them both

  48. I love Messi ao all time

  49. It’s Messi 10 Yes

  50. Messi accomplishes more pfft

  51. Messi is definitely the best in the world he’s better than Ronaldo

  52. this makes no sense Ronaldo is the top scorers of all time he scored 700th goals so how is Messi the top scorer “free kick i day even” you mad man?

    Note: I don’t hate both of these players they are the best nobody can stop CR7 and Messi

  53. It’s six ballond’rs boy

  54. No Ronaldo is better

  55. This video was SPOT ON! However, recently I would say Messi is better at free kicks.

  56. Bro no one mess with Messi or I'll mess with you FFFFFFCCCCCCCCBBBBBB

  57. I agree I think Messi is better

  58. U wrong man ronaldo is better

  59. Messi has scored more free kicks than any club in the word in the last 7 years

  60. Nahh Ronaldo is better

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