Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Long Title, Weird Girl

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Long Title, Weird Girl

[Intro music] Burnie: South by Southwest is a big festival that happens here, in Austin… Oh, we’re doing a panel, too!
Gus: Yeah Burnie: But Gus said “Hey, we have a panel, so we’re just gonna call it the ‘Rooster Teeth Panel.'” And I said “Nope. We have to come up with a better title than that.” So Gus and I went back and forth, we came up with the longest, most ridiculous title for our panel. Gus: The title is: Alternative Alternative
Careers Alternative
in Gaming: The Science The Science
of Play The Science
of Play
Redefined as Art via Content
Creation in the Ongoing in the Ongoing
Evolving Paradigm Paradigm
of the Paradigm
of the
Post-Network Media
Environment. What does What does
it Mean to You? What Does
it Mean to You?
(Featuring Rooster Teeth) *Room Laughs* Gus: It’s got a colon, it’s got parentheses, it’s got a dash! Burnie: And they’re gonna have to put it on, like, a– one of those cards that goes up on the stupid tripod outside the room! *static* Geoff: I had a girlfriend one time… who, uh, told me she used to talk to trees… Michael: *laughter* Ray: Jesus Christ… Geoff: I was like, “Ohh, like, you get bored, or somethin’, and you’re hangin’ out?” And she’s like “Nah, I mean, like, I communicate with trees” And I was like “Well, do they talk back?” and she’s like “Well…” She got real embarassed and kinda shy, and she’s like “Uhh… kind of” and I was like “What does that mean?!” Michael: *stifled laughter* And she’s like “Well I can– I mean, I communicate with nature, and trees, and…” I was like “Wait, like a ‘tree-hugger?'” She’s like “I do… I do hug trees…” She got kind of indignant, and I was like Jack: Oh, God…
Geoff: “Alright…” Gavin: So was that girl different to the one who didn’t like you watching her eat? Geoff: Same girl! Gavin: *laughs* Geoff: Actually, would refuse to be seen eating This girl would wait for me to go to the bathroom, and then she would eat. I would look away on purpose, so that she could take bites… Gavin: *laughs*
Ryan: *laughs* *static* [outro music]

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  1. Was this only uploaded a few weeks ago? My perception of time is seriously messed up, I thought this was released a few months ago.

  2. Jordan better animate the Let's Build where Ray said he'll receive anal in front of an audience at Madison Square Garden by a gay pornstar with a 10in wee wee for $250,000.

  3. I'd love to see "Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined as Art via Content Creation in the Ongoing & Evolving Paradigm of the Post-Network Media Environment. What Does it Mean to You? (featuring Rooster Teeth)"

  4. I had a girlfriend once. Dragons.

  5. Michael's laugh at the beginning haha

  6. Micheal looks like the white guy from all 4 one

  7. Youe guys humor is slowly dying down either that or i am use to it.

  8. Michael's laugh… brilliant!

  9. Why the fuck would this be in 4K?

  10. Michael's though.

  11. 4k screws up my comp

  12. Whispers of and ancient tomb Holding horrors in every room and if by chance you should survive Theres plenty of sweet loot inside WHAHAHA

  13. I SUV Gavin's ringtone.

  14. how does this only have 120 down votes?! internet humour, you're weird.


  16. I have a friend who has a spirit animal and he can talk to trees with his spirit animal

  17. I JUST REALIZED THE WHITEBOARD IS A SOUTH PARK JOKE. It's the formula for the gnomes stealing underwear they had 4 steps to it but the first two were redundant so they made it one which was take the undies, then they were sure what the next step was then the final step was profit holy shit I feel like a fucking genius

  18. Is stage 3 on that chalkboard of the first bit a reference to the Underpants Gnomes from South Park?

    "You see. Stage 1, Collect Underpants. Stage 2, …… . Stage 3, PROFIT!"

  19. 0:45 That's gotta be the most unsettling evil laugh Michaels ever done.

  20. or acigtsopraavccitoaepotpnmewdimtyfrt for short

  21. The ironic thing is tree huggers eat veggies and fruits which area type of plant. Can I say hypocrite?

  22. .___. that's girl is an oddball.

  23. This one of my favorite things just because of Geoff's "what does that mean?!" I just love the tone in his voice, it's full of "are you fucking crazy?!"

  24. there is a phobia of long names and titles and the name of the phobia is a huge fucking name

  25. ion talk to them. they talk to me. i just stayed quiet. 

  26. From a girl who talks to trees, to Griffon, who cuts up trees with a chainsaw. I think Geoff traded up. 

  27. whats with the 4k after all the titles 

  28. Michaels laugh is hilarious! XD

  29. Geoff could have killed her simply by looking at her….  >:D

  30. I'm like that as well, i feel extremely uncomfortable when someone watches me eat.
    It was kind of comforting that there actually is someone else who is like this too, but it also it felt horrible when that person appears to be looney.

    Now i'm just sitting here, questioning the living shit out of my sanity.

  31. there is a nother YouTube or that is uploading these videos

    cheech marin

  32. Isn't the long title podcast is podcast 60. Is it?

  33. Micoo's laugh when Geoff starts talking about one of his past girlfriends… XD

  34. Long story short, that tree hugging hippee psycho makes my sandwiches at my local Subway* (dumbass)… BTW Hippees, trees regrow/repopulate like flowers and weeds and shit!!! Quit your bitching!!!


  36. I used that title for an essay about why I thought my school needed an official Rooster Teeth fan club on campus.

  37. South Park reference at 0:18

  38. Sounds like… eh given on the seriousity… 25% of Austin, Texas females.

  39. South Park reference at 0.15

  40. R.I.P Monty
    you are forever in our hearts

  41. Ha! Geoff dated Fluttershy.

  42. 0:47 how did that turn from a Gavin laugh to a Michael laugh?

  43. question, why does shades of blue need to be in 4k 😉

  44. so when do we get the shirt of the title in the rtaa

  45. Sounds like Geoff dated a shy druidess! And now that one song by Type O Negative is stuck in my head. Dammit.

  46. Gus forgot about the Ampersand. xD

  47. They need to have this outro song and sequence back.

  48. Some spiritual people belive you can talk to plants and animals animals maybe but to talk to plants you would need to be on a whole different frequensie

  49. Burnie"s going to be happy when he realises there's a town in Tasmania called Burnie!

  50. Wonderful sound, strange shape.

  51. Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined as Art via Content Creation in the Ongoing and Evolving Paradigm of the Post-Network Media Environment. What Does It Mean To You? (featuring Rooster Teeth) was great.

  52. So wait, was the panel legit named that?

  53. Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined as Art via Content Creation in the Ongoing & Evolving Paradigm of the Post-Network Media Environment. What Does it Mean to You? (featuring Rooster Teeth)

  54. Haha I read this title as "Wrong Title Little Girl" XD

  55. Man, I loved the ACG:TSPRAVCCOEPPNME WDMY? (Featuring Rooster Teeth)

  56. Title should have "& Knuckles" at the end.

  57. I read the title of the video, and I went, "This has got to be about anime.) It was not.

  58. Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined as Art via Content Creation in the Ongoing and Evolving Paradigm of the Post-Network Media Environment. What Does It Mean To You? (featuring Rooster Teeth)

  59. Alternative Careers in Gaming: The Science of Play Redefined by Art via Content Creating in the Ongoing & Evolving Paradigm of Post-Network Media Environment. What Does it Mean to You? (featuring Rooster Teeth)

    There ya go. Do whatever you want with that

  60. Looks like she was REALLY craving some wood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  61. Shoutout to the RT pocast in the description

  62. A girlfriend that is obsessed with trees, Treesus Christ

  63. michael's laugh was my favorite part of this video omfg

  64. Oh, I loved ACiGTSoPRaAvCCitO&EPotPNMEWDiMtY!

  65. I think that girl was a pagan and a vegetarian.

  66. That title belongs on a thesis! ?

  67. Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out

  68. Wow, never knew Geoff dated a druidess

  69. What's the name of the song used at the end?

  70. Just finished my weekly routine of watching 12 of these in a row. RTAA never gets old


  72. That girl is weird, but for some reason, she's also kinda cute 🙂

  73. keep doing your animations because they always put a smile on my face and keep up the good work and God bless you

  74. The reason she didn't eat when you were looking is because she was secretly a tree under advanced Illusion magic, and had to lower the illusion to eat through osmosis.

  75. Kind of an oxymoron that a some one who loves plants is a vegetarian

  76. It even has a question Mark! DON'T FORGET THE QUESTION MARK

  77. Tree-sus Christ, that girl was weird.

  78. crazy to think that today, the tree girl would be classed as being non binary

  79. I used to not be able to eat when someone was looking at me, i seriously think its some form of mild autism

  80. She was a Dwarf Fortress elf.


  81. I think she was born in nature

  82. I think that's the sweetest thing that Geoff would look away so she could eat comfortably…

  83. Geoff's tiny hands sticking out of the minecraft skin…

  84. Long Title segment – RT Podcast #260 at 46:12
    Weird Girl segment – Let's Play Minecraft – Episode 94 – UnMonuments Men at 9:27

  85. I think your old girlfriend is crazy

  86. As a Spiritualistic, I want to punch Geoff in the nuts. This is very insulting (though the not eating when your looked at I can't defend, that's weird)

  87. You know I had that,same problem where I didn't want people to see me eat

  88. Geoff the girlfriend u described has an eating disorder just saying…

  89. I have a mate who shagged a tree at beatherder a few years back

  90. So, Geoff apparently dated Kyleth from Critical Role.

  91. She must’ve been fantastic in bed for him to stick around that much crazy

  92. You know the tree girl must’ve been dropdead gorgeous for him to put up with that.

  93. What episode of Minecraft is this from omg ?

  94. Michaels enjoyment of this gives me life

  95. Geoff’s old girlfriend sounds like she came straight out of a DnD campaign…

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