Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy 1 Basics of Modified Martingale

Roulette WIN Every Time Strategy 1 Basics of Modified Martingale

good evening everybody this is the long awaited update to my win roulette nearly every time video series we’re going to condense it clean it up we actually have a real roulette table and a real cheap mini roulette wheel we have my lovely assistant Shao lei shall be our dealer tonight this is her first time being a dealer so her round of applause there and basically it is going to be my take on the martingale system video one here will be a strait original plain martingale system video two will be a little bit more of a complicated version of it that basically lets you win three times as much and a single sitting however version two the more complicated version I only recommend playing if you pretty much have the entire roulette table to yourself so go out a less busy time because you do not want to get distracted during the process now for this you will have to lose seven straight hands in a row so first round here will be doing it based on a thousand-dollar bankroll with a thousand-dollar bankroll you would have to lose one two three four five six seven spins in a row to actually lose all your money as long as you win one time within seven rolls you will walk out ahead or at least at the very least even so shall we begin okay play yeah bad all right now with the martingale system it’s basically doubling up your existing bet now the only basically the only bets you can place that you can double up your bet and get an even payout is red or black even our odd one through twelve Oh scratch that not one through twelve but basically yet just that’s it red or black or even or not sorry the layout of this table is just a little bit different throwing me a little off mentally off tonight so I’m going to plus start with a bed of black and of course I have just in case you forget red is five worth five dollars green is worth twenty five and blue is worth 100 unfortunately I do not have black chips but I do have blue chips so tonight blue will be 100 so go my bets placed let’s proceed whenever you’re ready okay Oh 18 right 18 red so I lost okay which is good because I need to show you right away so I lost my $10 bet I am now going to be placing a $20 bet oh five right five red yeah I lost again okay now my take on the martingale system the martingale system would say double up so instead of me next you would be putting 40 however if you modify the system just a little bit you will only be putting 30 why would I do 30 instead of 40 well we lost ten if we would have won in the twenty we would have not only won back the 10 or the 20 that we just bet we would also win 10 extra for the original profit so we actually get back everything we lost plus 10 by doing 30 from this point on you’re maximizing in getting one extra spin out of the wheel in order to win back your losses basically if you lose the first two now you’re just in recovery mode so while you won’t win an extra ten once all said and done you will at least break even and get them one extra chance if you’re on a bad streak so I’m going to doing 30 okay now if you did the actual martingale system you would only get six pins for out of thousand-dollar bankroll o-18 ride 18 red yeah now I lost again so an excellent is going to be 60 okay okay all 24 black 24 black I win so around 60 yep so now I win 60 can I exchange this please for right all red please okay for the lower denominations it’s easier to keep track of if you do red there’s my sixty winnings so 10 20 30 so you replenish the $30 bet 10 20 you replenish the $20 bet and 10 we replenish our very original bet of $10 so we are now completely even let’s carry on all right and I recommend don’t flip-flop back and forth when you sit down at the table choose red or black or even or odd and stick with it don’t flip flop halfway through that actually throws off the system you want to stick with the same thing throughout the whole game I’m all set okay do it Wow right okay so we lost again put my $20 that up I’m ready yeah okay I’m ready to do my taxes like you know didn’t have my service like this Oh 36 right I lost again Wow Amy we need to be dealing okay let’s go again Oh 24 like 24 black so can you pay you $30 thirty dollars so three there replenish the 20 and the tens still back on black I’m all set Percy okay 26 black okay so now now we’re finally ahead of the game we have the $10 original net so that’s replenished but we’re going to put that in the bank over here just so you guys can see the winnings begin to add up all right I would like to keep my bet on black pen and let’s instead red and black and exact them say make odd and even Oh 20 like 20 black yeah I won again so I still have my original bet $10 bet plus 20 so we’re now up $20 for profiting $20 if we left right now we have a nice steak dinner all right go again yep okay or enough power enough money to buy like to the press for a month Oh eleven lie oh there we go again yeah okay profit again can you push the roulette wheel just in a little bit I’m not cheating I promise just aiming it under the camera again keep my bet on black okay again okay oh my god 24:29 or black we’re still winning here win again oh let her ride keep her going so we’re now up $40 all start a straight lie Oh win again so now we’re up $50 because we will have to keep this dealer letter ride why I was gonna try $30 place that just to put $10 right $10 why you don’t try more money I don’t try more money because you get greedy if we lose so once again the idea behind this is if you lose then you push down your 20 so then you win back what you lost you break even on the BET and you win back what you lost if you lose the 10 and the 20 now you lost 30 then you bet 30 if you lose a 10 the 20 and the 30 then you bet 60 so now if I were to win the 60 like I did earlier you win the 60 foot town so you double that so that means you won back the 60 array lost but say I lost that 60 so now I just lost 120 dollars so what do you do you bet 120 dollars I bet this 120 dollars if I win that one I keep the 20/20 I just put down and then I also get back all this money that I lost if I lose the 120 it’s an ongoing process if I lose the 120 then I buy bet 240 dollars why because there’s 240 dollars that I had just lost so if I win the 240 I keep my 240 plus I get back everything if I lose the 240 this is bet number 7 this is the make-or-break one and while it is very possible and I’ve seen it happen it is extremely unlikely that you’re going to win her looks use me lose the previous six and then also lose number seven that’s the whole idea is you’re banking on within seven rolls you’re going to hit black or whatever whatever black or red odd or even that you’re betting on and the chances of losing all seven well it’s possible it does happen on a daily basis at the casinos the chances are you are not going to lose seven in a row so if you win on the 480 you keep your 480 plus you get back everything that you’ve already lost following me good now here’s where I was talking about earlier okay this is actually a 906 this is $960 right here at the beginning I said we walk in with a thousand-dollar bankroll 960 dollars gets you seven chances to hit your color or honor even and still walk out with what you at least walked in with and or the extra that you that you picked up as you were playing so if I were to call it quits right now I’m after winning that last one in getting back what I lost I get to go home with my original bankroll plus an extra 10 20 30 40 50 dollars so what this video so far has been going for 13 minutes 25 seconds so in 13 minutes I just profited $50 not bad won’t you say shall we yes good yes now at the beginning I said you could do eight rolls here’s the big one right here we’ll have some blue chips in there right this is the part where if you decide to go this extra bit you’re sweating bullets why because instead of just losing nine hundred and sixty dollars you might end up losing one thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars if number eight does not pay out if you do not win number that’s it you just lost almost $2,000 that’s why I usually recommend don’t even bother going for eight the few times that I did lose all this that’s when you just stop for the night go home relax let your nerves calm come back the next day and start all from scratch from fret scratch there because it does not take long to make $1,000 using the martingale system especially ah de fide in my end this manner now if we would have we’re going to reset the board here now if we would have done the actual martingale system instead of going 10 20 30 60 120 240 and 480 for seven spins it would have been instead 10 20 40 80 163 24 sit back Susan six forty now you would need more than a thousand dollar bankroll if you want to come in with a little more than a thousand dollars that’s fine but to do the seven spins you would then need to walk in with 1280 so just by doing a full double up you have the potential of losing an additional two hundred and eighty dollars which is an extra two hundred and eighty dollars I would personally rather go for the 960 and then that $280 can go to the kitty basically for your bankroll for your next visit making sense so far I sure hope so so that is it for round one of when roulette almost every time

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  1. This strategy will be demonstrated LIVE on my channel VERY soon!

  2. Flip flopping has no impact on the probability that you'll win. Your probability for winning at given odds will never change from roll to roll.

  3. I was betting on red using the double up system…black came up 13 times in a row.

  4. Oke i did some calculations you have 1 change out of 128 times you bet you end up with a 7 streak, look the problem with the Martingale System is that you winnings are small and its true you dont lose allot but if you lose you lose big. Spend some time in the casino and you will see a 10 streak isnt that uncommen happens a few times a day. Lets say you every day play with the system until you dubble you money this case 1000 dollars the math say's you will lose one day and the other you will win and so on. With the way you play you break +- even and thats a fact but the video is popular this video alone made 5 times youre bankroll so nice job.

  5. HORRIBLE IDEA. The martingale system has been PROVEN ineffective because you’re risking $1,000 to win $20!
    And if you think that 8 red or black spins don’t happen ALL THE TIME, you’re just inexperienced. His “system” may work in short term bursts of luck. The fact remains that risking $1,000 to win $20 or $40 is NOT a good idea. Meanwhile a complete bankroll wipeout grows with each hit of the same color closer to total of 8…

  6. Do you have to play with $1000?

  7. How to lose all your money REAL quick

  8. Lost £800 playing roulette, so to cut my losses I quit playing & will never play again

  9. Idiots that is all I can say

  10. I calculated the odds and the possibility of losing 7 spins in a row are once in every 89 plays. Therefore, on average, a player using this strategy will lose $1,000 for every 89 plays. However, winning will only happen about 42 times. That's $420 of winning and $1000 of losing for a net loss of $580 – not a good long term strategy!

  11. omg her voice 🙂

  12. This is the dumbest thing I have seen. What about 0 and 00

  13. You forget that casinos implement a MAX bet and I know at the casino i have been at the max bet will hit after 4 spins


  15. And then a ZZerge comes along and changes the game in the casino's favor… Moves the ball that pays the casino's the most, and takes the players for their money. … Or bots have a say in the players feelings.. by somehow knowing the personal business of the players, and attacking the better interest and strategic planning that the players would have taken normally… oh yes, then a ZZerge comes along and changes time (leaps forward-learns of the outcome, then jumps back in time), an does what is needed to change history.

  16. Am I really reading these comments? If the last spin is red, you bet red usuing this theory, if it goes black you then double up on black, the chances of it going red black red black red black red black are very very low

  17. bring $10 that you're ready to lose anyway, try your luck with the first two spins, if you win walk-away and use the money to buy free dinner and beer.

  18. In the second round 2nd actually won..and you said you lost..

  19. You havent experince 10,11,12 lossing streaks mate

  20. Most table limits are $5 to $100 so if you miss 5 times you won't get your money back on the sixth.

  21. I decided to show how I play. More continual plays coming every day

  22. You should be using a real roulette wheel rather than that cheap plastic toy substituting as the real device.

  23. You can not win in roulette because its not the 2.7 house advantage is the problem but the magnet that is automatically controlled by the program will ultimately defeat you.

  24. The dealer doesn't even know how to deal

  25. What about table limits?

  26. This was very hard to watch.

  27. Losing 7 in a row is a very common occurrence in a casino.This is not a winning system in fact it is the road to disaster.Ignore.If this worked there would be no casinos because we would have won all the money!!!

  28. This does not work with online gambling. Maybe where there’s actually a dealer. Blew through $1000 in 10 min. Pshhhh

  29. Did he get a brass to be the dealer?? She seems all confused and can't even say black ??

  30. Well I did some math with 7 spins there is a 98.37% chance that you will not lose meaning that statistically u will lose $960(total of bets) 1 in every 89 spins. The winnings expected from winning in the first 2 spins in the 89 tries should come out to roughly $879. Idk about u but making $879 every time I lose $960 is not worth to me but hey up to u

  31. This is Mathematically Impossible….there is no way anyone will win Everytime…I Lived and Worked in Vegas for 30 years and the Most I have ever seen was someone winning 30 times in a Row…and in the end he lost $35,000

  32. The dealer’s voice got me dying?

  33. Statistically every roll is the same. You can't go betting your favorite #s and come out. Got to play the wheel. A good dealer can land the ball very close to the # they want to. Remember that

  34. Watched this had to comment what BS this is Done this at poker stars multiple times with live dealer long time ago before watching this vid never will it work i would start with .25c before you know it escalates do not do this.

  35. If there was a "win everytime system" for ANY casino game, there wouldn't BE casinos to play at….if you're winning everytime why is your roulette wheel from walmart?

  36. This method still favors the casino 53/47.
    If you wanna shift the odds in your favor just cover up 19 numbers with the same bet. The “odds” will be in your favor but with the payout being 1:35 and there being 38 numbers. The casino can still profit at the end of the night.

  37. I earn a living playing this game He is surley off track in his stratagy you do double up but not everytime you loose you ll go broke

  38. Trick is to cover 97% of the board limit your spins per visit and don t get greedy

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  42. But it’s a little bit different than the original, you don’t have a real dealer who can spin the roulette.!

  43. red/black/odd/even/hi/lo on double zero 47.3%/52.7 best bet in the house absolutely your best chance in whole casino for quick double up.

    Try to win the limit quickly. example limit $1000 then i bet $300 on black after a good streak of red. If you win 2 times 1st spin $300/$600 2nd pin $600/$1200. You are forced to pocket $200. then you are making $1000 bet for 100. No one is forcing you to sit and play. I look for streak opportunities long run of red i bet black hit i let it ride hit and walk away. Walk around check the other wheels for steaks i see one i make the $1000 bet if you get a little lucky you can make some quick money and not lose to much.

    where you are losing is staying at that table playing and betting $5/$10/$20 that is for suckers. wasting time not making any money. You came with $300 to lose anyway swing the bat.

  44. you will loss you whole money in very less time

  45. I take a 7 number slice of the pie and bet that consistently with the same money every time
    0 2 14 23 35 4 16. Anytime the ball lands in that 6” slice you win. I also play 26 17 and 20…those 3 numbers come up fairly often for some reason. 2 weekends ago, I bought in for $200 and left 2 hours later with $3100 using that system.

  46. @KmanAuto I think you can extend the 7 losses to 11 losses by bringing an extra $40 aside from the $1270 bankroll that you already have, means you need to bring $1310 in total. When you just joined a table, you can use the $40 as the first 4 opening $10-bets, when that $40 goes to $0, then you start doing doubled down bets. You can even extend this strategy to 15-20 losses, depends in how much funds you are willing to use before you touch your $1270 bank roll. I would like to call this Layered Martingale, just to make the terms easier.

    I'm not really into gambling but I find the martingale concept interesting, please let me know your thoughts about my idea.
    (ps. pardon my grammar, English isn't my first language.

  47. I lost my life savings with this method my wife took the kids and left because I quit my job I was so sure it would work. And now they tell me there is no money back guarantee.

  48. This dude is a joke maybe we need a new dealer .. I think he actually made more money off these views than he ever did gambling. #WhatAJoke

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    Dosto froud Karne walo se bache

  52. The best way to play this game is just kick back drink a little, play your favorite numbers and see what happens. It's meant to be a fun game that you might win. But dont ever think there's a system

  53. This is fully retarded!

  54. Is it only possible to profit on the 10 because if you already lost the 2 first ones then you would just get back ur money.. so is it only on the 10 you make money?

  55. Have you ever tried this… Play half the board, covering all numbers in the lower (or upper half). So you have 10, $1 bets in play. Additionally, play the same range with an equal bet (so an additional $10 bet). So, if you hit the corners, you would break even but win on the "range bet". A perimeter hit where two chips cover two numbers would pay $10 + $10 from winning the range bet. The value is in the center, where four individual numbers are covered by 4 chips each. If one of those hit, you get $4 back + $36 AND $20 for hitting in the 18-36 range if you place a $10 bet on it.. If you lose, you go with the Martingale method, and double the bet. Any thought on this techinque? It seems reasonable, but so does every other system until lady luck fails to show up. ** THIS WORKS BEST ON ROULETTE where you are at your own seat making bets on a dedicated screen and a LIVE wheel/dealer. You can easily, setup the multipliers and begin with .50 cent bets. I think the true value in this is if you lose a few, and are utilizing the Martingale. So your lost bets were at multipliers of .50, $1, $2, $4, so you're now at $8. You're playing the lower half of the board and the 18-36. $160 total bet….. 23 is drawn. so your $80 bet on the 18-36 range wins, you get back $160… You hit 23 (4 times). So $32 in bets and $72 for each time you hit 23 4×72=288… A total win of $480!!……. and a $320 profit. Of course, proceed with caution and only play with cash that you can afford to lose.

  56. Really? You couldn't even find a person who can pronounce the words "red" and "black?"

  57. It doesn't work that way.

  58. Looks up how to play roulette for GTA 5 ???

  59. my system is not to play, it works way better than anything you could come up with.

  60. This is the worst video i have ever seen

  61. This is not a good strategy. The best is to, for example, bet on black after 4 red numbers because of the odds. I dont know if the chance to win is like 65% but you should walk away with winnings.

  62. You’ll lose 7 times in a row before you make 1000 dollars. The odds are just against you. The house has an edge no matter what you do.

  63. I use Martingale in 1-1 trading Forex and it works because I win 70% of the time and i get a 80% payout so its a job more so then gambling.

    They LOVE people who THINK they can "Beat the house"

  65. He is not cheating and I believe not, but this spinner just loves black 24

  66. You might be the dumbest intelligent person I’ve ever heard. And your Asian friend is a dolt. Did she fly coach or did you have her shipped over in a cargo hold?

  67. Theres a good chance you lose 7 in a row i no

  68. It's funny but true…no matter what bet you do..numbers straight up, splits, columns, red/black, odd/even, etc…it is always 5.26% against the player.

  69. How do you decide when to go into "recovery mode"?

  70. He keeps saying that if he loses 7 times in a row he’s now lost his bankroll of $960. But $960 is only the value of the 7th spin. He actually would’ve lost a total of $1,920 when you add all the piles together.

  71. I watched your video and went to the casino and watched them on the tables for a couple of hours tonight. I seen heaps of numbers that were 7 straight so you'd loose your 1000… And I even seen one with ten straight black at crown casino Melbourne Australia… Either your lying or the tables are rigged. I even had an Asian prostitute to finish off with.

  72. Win 10 lost everything hemmmm

  73. Changing your bet does absolutely nothing to the system. There is always a 50% chance whatever you choose.

  74. This pretty good. Too much haters in this video. Simple direction but nobody wants use it. It works

  75. The less you bet when you play the more you win when you lose.

  76. You'll need to win more than 100 times after a losing streak to make 1000$, but you only need to lose 7 times in a row to lose everything or almost. Not worth it, i lost 3 times doing that strategy. Losing 15 times in a row happen often too.

  77. I saw once 26 times black, I am dealing for 6 years now. This system eventually fails, always.

  78. This is a great way to lose a large amount of money… inevitably and usually within just a few hours; seven or more losses will happen before very long, in a row, and there goes all of the money you brought to play with, hoping to win, but only to learn; through costly experience, that this strategy is a good way to lose money, not make money.

    On the other hand…playing blackjack using card counting; which is frowned upon by casino's because players can turn the odds of winning that favor the casino, to odds of winning that favor the player. See film called 21…a team from MIT used card counting to reverse the odds in blackjack to favor the player and their team won millions at various casino's, proving that their card counting system worked. I have found out about training on how to do card counting, bankroll management, and standard deviation strategies that reverse the slight house advantage the casino has and turns it into a slight player advantage and depending on your bankroll and size of your bets, you can make upwards of $400/ hour or more and the two people teaching this system have made $600,000 and close to 1 million using the card counting system they teach plus a few extra strategies that increase your odds of winning even more than just card counting, alone. I am willing to share the link, so you can find and gain access to this valuable training that teaches you how to raise the odds of winning at blackjack in your favor from what was previously the odds favoring the casino. Imagine playing a game & having fun and making big money, if you learn and perfect doing what they teach step by step and have a large bankroll & and even if one has a small bankroll, but learns and follows the system this training teaches; then you can build up your bankroll and the amount you bet on each hand, so you can build up to making big money $400/ hour or more from playing blackjack, using a winning system. In order to get a link to this training, you will need to pay me a referral fee of $100. If you are interested in this training and are able & willing to pay my referral fee, contact me @ [email protected]

  79. However sometime your bet volume wouldn't be enough cause if 13 times come red you will be not able to get your money back

  80. This is funniest video on YouTube. “I’m up $20 if I left now I’d have a nice steak dinner”

  81. ya.. It kinda works. I bought 200 in chips for online, got it up 700 then I was betting on black and the table came up with 9 reds in a row and i lost it all. UG

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  84. Hate the dealer…….Your video and your system sucks.

  85. “Risking $1000 to make $50”

  86. Stop gambling. Keep your money for you and your family In the end of gambling you will loss everything. May be your social life too

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  88. Roulett has the worst odds.

  89. You all need to read what Einstein said about roulette!!


    So true

  90. I think you are making an assumption that the event of red and black are a dependent probability. But there is a 50% chance you could lose all your money since each spin is an independent event.

  91. Ok everyone….I've been in the casino business over 20years now and there is one guaranteed way to leave the casino with a 1 MILLION dollars……come with 2 MILLION!! LMAO

  92. This guy has a decent strTegy which on its own does not win but in combination does. Will say no more!
    ~Phantom 'was here'

  93. And what happens if it is more than 7 rolls?? I just had 10 losses in a row….. Martingale DOES NOT WORK!!!

  94. I just hoped on a live dealer sesh and saw that the previous 11 spins were all red, this "system" is bullshit.

  95. Each spin is a separate spin why just black? One spin can be black, next odd, next red, even ECT. The fact that you think one spin influences the next tells me you're clueless.

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  97. the wheel is NOTHING like the real thing so the whole dynamic is COMPLETELY whack!

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