RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 5 – Girls’ Night Out | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 5 – Girls’ Night Out | Rooster Teeth

Mercury, have I ever told you you’re my favorite henchman? Do you really mean that, Cinder puppet? Why do I even bother to keep the others around? You’re soooo much better than Emerald. I know! She’s all, “Ooh, I don’t know if I’m really evil or just evil-curious, and I don’t have any metal appendages at all!” And don’t get me started on Roman! Torchwick’s a joke. “Ooh la la, I have a fancy hat and I get beat up by little girls.” And Neo? I still can’t decide if she’s really cute or really creepy. Spoiler: I’m leaning towards creepy. Oh Mercury! I’m usually all scary and on fire, but you make me feel so girly! I know how you feel, Cinder puppet. Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, I just want us to run away and start a little family together! Cinder puppet… …I’ve always known. Mercury! Cinder puppet! NOOOOO! If I ever catch you doing something that disturbing again, I will barbecue your creepy butt! The real tragedy is… that’s probably the best girlfriend he’s ever had. Eh, now I almost feel sorry for him… Where’s my twin sister? Ooh, why is everyone so fancy? We’re all going out dancing. We got VIP passes to a hot new nightclub. Even Blake is excited! I’m ecstatic. That sounds fun! I’ve got some new moves I’ve been wanting to try out. Uh, the thing is… You can’t go. Was it my moves? Are they too fresh?! Sorry guys, this is a girls’ night out. No boys allowed. Fine with me. Yeah… it’s cool… Because Ren and I have a super fun night planned anyway! We do? I have no memory of this! Oh! He’s such a kidder. C’mon, Ren, let’s go raise the roof! Why? Is there something wrong with it? Let’s just go. Well, that was just sad. Don’t worry about them, worry about this town. Because we’re about to set it on fire! Girls’ night! And this is me at two years old. I got stung by a bee! That’s why my face looks like that. Is this the “super fun” part of the night or…? Oh! You’re right! Let me get the spinach dip! I’ve got two kinds! Maybe girls’ night would’ve been more fun… Yeah, girls’ night!

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  1. 1:46 is Ruby trying to take her eye out?

  2. This never fails to make me laugh!

  3. Isnt that a pokemon song….?

  4. Rip cinder puppet number 1

  5. Funny how Torchwick and cinder had the same reaction when they saw Mercury with the puppet.

  6. Comparing Mercury to Chibi-Mercury is like comparing Captain America to Chris Evans.

  7. CINDER PUPPET NO!!! – Mercury


  9. Mercury (Another Cinder Puppet Voice): Where is my twin sister
    Me: Oh no I going tell Cinder Fall On You Mercury for getting Another Cinder Puppet and Hide Another Cinder Puppet from Nefarious And that I going to tell them about Another Cinder Puppet

  10. lol oof blake lmao

  11. I still demand an episode on what happened in that bar

  12. First they accidentally rob a bank then they set a house on and broke blake and Weiss, is cinder really the main villain

  13. Remember kids, Mercury has the same voice actor as Sasuke. So just close your eyes and imagine Sasuke saying those lines.

  14. 2:53 Weiss and Blake were NOT ready to be pulled into Yang and Ruby's world…

  15. Why its burnnin!!!

  16. It's Societies Fault, She is young and impressionable, Videos games made her do it!

  17. "I don't know if I'm evil or just evil-curious!"

  18. I ship cinder puppet and cinder puppet

  19. Mercury And Blake were never the same after the puppet and fire incident of March the 3rd of 2018…he's now living in a mental hospital with Blake still crying over his dead cinder puppet….We're also afraid Blake is now afraid of both fire and water….if she ever recovers…she may never be the same again…we can only hope for the best for their poor souls..


  21. Merc girlfriend is his right hand.
    I can relate to that.

  22. Mercury is realy messed up tbh

  23. Blake: traumatized
    Weiss: shocked
    Ruby: fine with it
    Yang: satisfied

  24. Wait – does cinder actually have a twin sister?

  25. Mercury has a crush on cinder v:

  26. I'm leaning towards cute Neo.

  27. I wish if the team RWBY turn into soldiers from Call of Duty Black Ops….

  28. Starkid fans: YOUR WAGON IS OF FIREEEE

  29. Good for you, neo

  30. Romans reaction when he started talking about neo XD

  31. 0:33 the way now comforts Roman😁

  32. Emerald moving from irritated to glee as Mercury digs himself deeper around the bad guys is some great chibi acting

  33. 1:35 wait are they foreshadowing a new plot twist from that. If so I'll be waiting

  34. Watching this show makes me wish I had friends.


  36. chibi Mercury has lost touch with reality

  37. Oh Mercury you dissing neo

    Marge get my composor on get my binary rifle

  38. 0:40. I'm leaning towards REALLY CUTE.

  39. Is mercury sasuke like actually sasuke by the voice actor kinda way?

  40. I showed cinder puppet to my buddy… all his beer came out his knose.
    "Omg they went there"

  41. Mercury’s cinder puppet voice sounds an awful lot like Neil from camp camp.

  42. The fact that he had a twin puppet…

  43. Is it weird thst I wanna see Mercury do this again with new villain members

  44. 0:23 Mercury dissecting Emerald’s character so quickly and casually where as there are hundreds of YouTube videos that take ten minutes or so to do the same thing

  45. In Mercury voice i can hear Yousuke voice in him saying NOOOO

  46. The chibi villains are the best chibi characters, Mercury in this one was amazing.

  47. Is it bad that Cinder puppet is the best villian

  48. .o. what they brun the frack house

  49. Am I the only one who thinks Mercury sounds like Neil from Camp Camp or are they same actor?😅

  50. RWBY chibi wasted my hours…
    meh, not like I had anything batter to do. :3

  51. Now we know the reason why Mercury has never had a girlfriend

  52. Neo thwacking Mercury with the sign had me cracking up.

  53. Cinder puppet sounds like Neil

  54. Mercury has lost some marbles

  55. Cinder puppet will forever be remembered in our hearts

  56. How come Mercury has silver eyes

  57. Mercury you creepy pervert

  58. Jaja poor roman…. Ulala

  59. So does Mercury have the hots for Cinder or is there a joke I'm not getting here 🤔

  60. poor blake xD
    she just wanted a normal girls night
    and now she's getting a bad case of PTSD xD

  61. Ruby: Yeah! Girl's night!
    Me: dies laughing


  63. 1:10 top ten saddest anime deaths

  64. 1:28 Neo is officially my favorite character

  65. I love how Ren takes everything literally.

  66. You don’t insult torchwick in front of neo then insult neo in front of her that’s a death wish

  67. Girls' night out = arson
    I thought everyone knew this? Maybe it's just me

  68. I guess Cinder Puppet is now a literal cinder puppet?

  69. So can we accept this as canon?

  70. Jaune: Was it my moves?

    Ren nods his head

    Jaune: Were they too fresh!?

    Ren shakes his head.

  71. Hmm looking at the road layout and building structure I’m pretty sure it was the old mans dust shop they burned down, seriously Ruby? You shop there and you just it down for fun?

  72. 1:11 looks like she really turned to CINDERS 😛


  74. And that's how team ARSN was formed.

  75. “I get beat up by little girls”

  76. 2:41 Jaune is me trying to be "fun"

  77. I feel bad for my mate Mercury. His only relationship was with Cinder Puppet, not even a real chick.

  78. i just realise something I think Mercury is the voice actore for sasuke from naruto am I right or am I rong

  79. who knew Mercury had emotional issues

  80. Both Roman and emerald looked scared when mercury started making fun of Neo

  81. I does love Neo and her sign language

  82. Boy! She’s NOT creepy. She’s cute, silent and deadly.

  83. Blake: you cant go with us
    Jaune: was it my moves?
    Ren: oh yeah
    Juane: were they to fresh?
    Ren: haha no…

  84. Neo HE’S DEAD

    You better one mercury 0:46

  85. If girls night was actually like that I want in 2:49

  86. Please, help the cause. Only one like per a person can help Mercury regain Cinder Puppet. Please, do it for him. 1:39

  87. WEISS everyone so fancy?????? 😉

  88. 1:23
    Emerald burned mercury worse than cinder did the puppet😂😂😂

  89. 1:51
    I miss old Blake 🙁

  90. That moment when Jayne does a fortnite dance:

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