S2E1: “Mercy Part II”

S2E1: “Mercy Part II”

[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR BELL JINGLES] Miguel? [DOOR CLOSES] JOHN: Congratulations. You did what I always
thought you could do. You won. Cobra Kai’s back
where it belongs. Back on top. Everyone closed
the book on us. They thought we were done. But now they see… that the real story’s
only just begun. I thought you were dead. You ain’t the only one, kid. I’ve been away
a long, long time. It’s good to see you. [SCOFFS] Still got
that hot temper, huh? But I like that.
I like that. I bet that’s why your student
is now the champion. You trained him well. Just like I trained you. [GRUNTING] [GROANING] You forgot. I taught you everything
you know. [CHUCKLES] Not everything. [GRUNTS] [CHUCKLING] Not bad, Mr. Lawrence. Not bad. [BOTH GRUNTING] [GROANS] Look, I don’t want to fight. I just want to talk. About what? How you taught me
to fight dirty? How you broke
my second-place trophy? How you tried to kill me? I never tried to kill you. [YELLS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [CHOKING] [PANTING] Go to hell,
you son of a… JOHN:How does
second place feel now, huh?
Now who’s the loser?[STRUGGLING] BOY:Hey…Hey, come on!Let him go!Come on, he can’t breathe!You’re gonna kill him!
[ECHOING] Showing mercy to an old man.
That’s very honorable. And stupid. [BOTH GRUNTING] [FIRE ALARM BLARING] Whoa. Mr. Miyagi gave you this? Yep. Best birthday gift ever. Haven’t had much of a chance
to get down here lately to take care of her the way she deserves. Something tells me
there’s a can of wax
in my future. Don’t worry.
We got plenty
to do before that. [GRUNTS] Make bigger circles. Yeah, bigger. And remember, breathe in, breathe out. [GRUNTS] No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
Slide yours back a little more. A little bit… It’s gotta be
perfectly balanced. See that? [VIDEO GAME BEEPING] Hey. [SIGHS] Hey. The workman returns. I gotta tell you,
it feels great
to get my hands dirty again. Hey, where’s Sam? She’s upstairs. Still pretty torn up
over her break-up with Miguel. [SIGHS]
Mr. Cheapshot? I hate to say I told her so,
but I told her so. Daniel. What? I’m supposed to be upset that my daughter
has broken up with
Cobra Kai’s top bully? I’m with Dad on this one. Thank you, Anthony.
Hey, you know what? Why don’t you join
Team Miyagi-Do this summer? You could train with Robby. Is it still chores
or is there any actual karate? Now, chores are part of it. If you start with different… I’ll stick with camp. [CHUCKLES] Hey, babe. I just want to make sure
you’re not biting off
too much, okay? I’m happy that you
found karate again,
but opening your own dojo? Make sure you can balance
that with everything
you got going on? [CHUCKLES]
Balance is my thing. [BOTH CHUCKLING] Listen, I don’t want
Sam and Anthony going to school with a bunch of kids
who think you can cheat
and get away with it. You can’t let
the bullies win. Someone has to do something. Yeah, but why does it
have to be you? Because I know how
to beat Cobra Kai. I did it 30 years ago. And I can do it again. [SIGHS] COMMENTATOR: [ON TV]
Twenty to the ten.
Touchdown, Hogan!What a play by Hogan!He managed to get the ball…[CHANNEL CHANGES] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] [WOMAN SPEAKING
INDISTINCTLY ON TV] [KNOCKING CONTINUES] [TURNS OFF TV] Congratulations, Sensei. [CHUCKLES] Thanks. Wanna come in? Mmm. It’s really good. What’s it called again? Tres Leches. Tres Leches. It means “three milks.” It’s better than the milk
I used to drink. Miguel’s lucky. In more ways than one. You know, when we first
moved here, Miggy was
having a pretty tough time. I never imagined
a few months later, there would be an arena full
of people cheering him on. But, um… To be honest,
there were some moments I wasn’t sure
I liked what I saw. He had this look on his face. [BOTH GRUNTING] But that’s just his, um… What do they call it?
His game face? Right? Don’t worry.
Miguel’s a good kid. I won’t let him go astray. [TELEPHONE RINGING] One sec. Hello. JOHN:Hear me out.
Smitty’s Diner, 8:00 a.m.
[LINE BEEPS] They had a wrong number. [SIGHS] [EXHALING] [NOTIFICATION BEEPS] [SIGHS]So you might be wondering
what a team does
after they win
the championship.
The answer?Victory nachos![ALL WHOOPING] [ALL WHOOPING] [ALL CHEERING] It was supposed to be
a round of drinks, but the waitress
was not feeling Hawk’s fake ID. Hey, don’t talk about that.
My parents follow you. Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Moskowitz. Anyways, until next time,
no mercy, bitches. I gotta say,
it’s nice to be
at a victory party. Yeah, except you
had nothing to do
with the victory. Well, then I consider it
a belated party for the coding competition
we won at computer camp. Remember? ♪Demetri and Eli
Binary brothers♪
[LAUGHTER] Cool it with
the nerd shit, huh? Hey, where’s Miguel?
His wings are getting cold. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [SPEAKING IN SPANISH] [IN ENGLISH] There you are. This is how you celebrate
a first-place trophy? She blocked me. So, what happens
when you get blocked?
You counter-punch. Except maybe don’t actually
hit her this time. [LAUGHS] What, too soon? Look, all I’m saying
is don’t give up. It’s no use.
I blew any shot
I had with her. Just give Sam some time.
She’ll come around. Or she won’t. You’re the champ now. You can get any chick
in the Valley you want. You’re like Drake.
[CHUCKLES] Enjoy it. I’m not sure I wanna be Drake. Don’t worry, you’re not. [CHUCKLES] [SONG PLAYING ON JUKEBOX]♪ It’s too late for tears♪ Honey, it’s too late♪ Too late to cry… ♪[SONG CONTINUES
PLAYING INDISTINCTLY] Thanks for coming. Let’s make this fast. WAITRESS: You know
what you want? I’m not hungry. How’s the corned
beef hash? It’s fine. I’ll have it well done. And bring me a cup of Sanka. Red-hot, just like you,
doll-face. Right. JOHN: Mmm!
Reminds of a girl
I knew in Panama. Spent some time
down there in ’89, helping the Delta boys
get that son of a bitch
Noriega. What the hell do you want? Are you familiar
with brumation? In the winter, some animals
bury themselves in a hole and sleep there for months. It’s called hibernation. No. That’s for warm-blooded
creatures. For the cold-blooded
like snakes, it’s brumation. The snake buries
himself in a hole. The only difference is,
the snake doesn’t sleep. He stays awake all winter, waiting for the right moment
to emerge. And that moment is now. Oh, is it? [SCOFFS] Kid, I’ve been
all over the world. After Cobra Kai shut down, I knew I had to keep fighting
to stay alive. So I re-enlisted. I ran strikes in Desert Storm, I trained SEALs
in Afghanistan. All off the books. Buried, waiting. But when I climbed
out of my hole, the world wasn’t the same. Our society has gotten weak. Kids today are coddled. They get trophies
just for showing up. Something’s got to be done. Someone’s got to step in
and stop the ass-kissing and start the ass-kicking. That’s why we’re here. The world needs Cobra Kai. That’s a nice little speech. The only problem is,
there is no “we.” I’m just saying,
I can help you. I don’t need your help. You might not think you do,
but those students… Stay away from my students,
you understand? You ruined my life. Johnny,
we’ve had disagreements. But ruined your life? Come on. You had no life
before you met me. Remember? JOHNNY: Yeah. Yeah, I remember. I remember you doing back then
what you’re doing right now. Trying to find my weakness. But I’m not a kid anymore. And you’re not my sensei. There’s only one sensei
in Cobra Kai. Me. And that’s how
it’s gonna stay. You’re right. The world may need Cobra Kai, but we don’t need you. [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Hey. Hey. Be careful.
That drum saved my life. Sorry, I didn’t mean
to touch it. Nah, it’s just a toy. Then again, not everything
in Miyagi-Do is always
as it seems. That’s the Medal of Honor. The highest honor awarded
by the US Military. I didn’t know Mr. Miyagi
was a war hero. Yes, he was. Guess it wasn’t all
bonsais and kata. What are these? I’m glad you asked. First rule of Miyagi-Do Karate, “Karate is for defense only.” Second rule
of Miyagi-Do Karate… “First, learn
rule number one.” It’s really all about
that first rule. I guess Mr. Miyagi would make an exception
for Cobra Kai. I mean, when my dad
finds out what we’re up to, he is not gonna know
what hit him. All right. So I get my license
next week. Uh-huh. My mom’s going to
give me her Sentra. I’m thinking about putting
a blue racing stripe
down the middle, hood to tail. Subtle, I like it. [LAUGHS] ELI: Looks like we got
some new students. Fresh fish. It’s the champs. Check this out. Don’t. Hey, mouth-breathers,
move it. Sorry about that. I’ll get the door. [DOOR BELL JINGLES] So you guys wanna
be Cobra Kais, huh? [THUMPS FOOT] [LAUGHTER] You got a long road
ahead of you. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Why’d you do that? I didn’t do anything. What? What the hell happened here? Looks like Sensei
threw a party. Must’ve been pretty sick
if fire got involved. Look how much glass there is. I wonder why
he didn’t invite us? [INDISTINCT CHATTERING] JOHNNY: Quiet! The dojo’s closed
to new students today. We just wanted to sign up
after we saw the tournament. JOHNNY:
Do I need to say it again? Get out. BOY: Yes, sir. Sensei.
Come on, let’s go. JOHNNY: Let’s go, move it.
Come back tomorrow. And bring your checkbooks. Everyone, fall in. [DOOR BELL JINGLES] Must’ve been
a rager, Sensei. Yeah, were you
celebrating all weekend? Celebrating what?
My students are a bunch
of pussies. Diaz, Hawk, up front. Hawk. Did you attack your opponent
when his back was turned? Yes, Sensei. JOHNNY: Diaz. Did you purposely attack
your opponent’s injury? Yes, Sensei. You think that
makes you badass? What’s the matter,
too tough a question? Maybe you need some help. Ms. Robinson. AISHA: Yes, Sensei. Two cobras in the jungle. One kills the strongest lion. The other kills
a crippled monkey. Which cobra do you wanna be? The one that kills
the lion, Sensei. And why is that? Because it killed
a stronger animal. Correct. Cobra Kai is about
being badass. And the baddest badass is the one who
beats his opponent when he’s at his strongest. Not when his back is turned, not when he’s injured. Is that understood? ALL: Yes, Sensei. That means no more cheating. No more fighting dirty. From here on out,
those are pussy moves, and you don’t wanna
be pussies, do you? ALL: No, Sensei. Good. It’s why I had you wear white
belts, we’re starting over. Diaz, Hawk, 50 push-ups
on your knuckles. Ms. Robinson,
warm them up. AISHA: Yes, Sensei. Fighting position. Jab punch, ready. [ALL GRUNTING] Sensei, can I talk to you
about something? What do you want? What was that out there? Punishing us for winning
the tournament? I’m teaching you a lesson. Yeah, well, what about
“No mercy”? You taught us to win
at all costs. Yeah… Well, maybe I’m still
learning a bit, too. I just don’t understand. You had no problem with us
attacking anyone else. Why take pity on Robby Keene? Look, I wasn’t taught the difference
between mercy and honor, and I paid the price for it. If I’m extra hard on you, it’s only because you have
the potential to be better
than I ever was. You want that, don’t you? Yes, Sensei. All right. Then stop whining
like a little bitch and
get out and finish your drills. [GRUNTING CONTINUES] Yeah, screw you, too, Bert. [CAR HORN HONKS] Hey, what are you
doing here? You finally change your mind
and decide to join the Cobras? We still need another girl. Yeah, right. [LAUGHS] Um, I was actually coming
to see if you wanted
to hang out. I was thinking we could
go on a hike or we could
go to the beach club? I’d love to, but the guys and I
have to go to Hawk’s house to watch some movie called
Over the Top.
Sensei said we have to be
ready to discuss, so… [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Do you wanna come with? Uh, yeah, I was sort of
thinking it would maybe
just be you and me. Well, maybe you
could just come. It would be good
for you guys to talk. Air things out. I’m gonna take a rain check. Okay. I’m sorry. See you. See you later. MAN: [ON PA]Attention,
plumbing department.
There’s a customer
waiting in aisle 12.
Hey, man. Hey. I’m looking to replace
a 4×8 piece of mirror. Metallica. Noice. Rock on, man. Rock on indeed, man. The ’80s were
the best era ever. The best era ever. Right? I mean, I was only like
five years old when
it happened, but still. You rememberCaddyshack?Yeah, sure. Yeah, you remember
the gopher who used to dance? [VOCALIZING] [LAUGHS]
Whatever the noise was. Hey, my question,
is that a real gopher
that they got to do that or is that like something
they did with… I don’t know. I was partying
with babes back then. Do you have the mirror
glass or not? Oh, yeah. God. Definitely. Just, uh…
I’ll be right back. All right. Thank you. ROBBY: Hey, Mr. LaRusso,
uh, it’s over here. DANIEL: Nah,
that’s a deck screw. I mean, we could use that
to hang the shelf, but then the screw
will be doing all the work. Eventually, it would give out
under all this weight. What we really need
is a toggle bolt. Yeah, take two of those. It’s not as big. No, it’s not. But it’s got a little secret.
See this spring? Once it goes
through the wood,
it opens up and uses the whole wall
to support the shelf. Wait, let me get
the lesson here. You’re saying that in life, I can’t do everything by myself
and I have to rely
on other people? No, I was just teaching you
about shelving. But if you can
ring a metaphor
out of that, you’re a better student
than I ever was. [CHUCKLING] Hey, Metallica man. We got that, uh, mirror glass
all set for you. So just, uh, come on
up front and pay for it. Johnny. Whoa! LaRusso Auto? Chopping prices.
[VOCALIZES] [LAUGHS] I love that commercial.
I love karate, too. I mean, I never got to do it.
My mom wouldn’t let me, so… Hey, you look just like him.
Is this your son? What’s going on?
My name’s Raymond. JOHNNY: Hey, man. Put the glass
on the loading dock. Give me a second. Oh, for sure. What are you guys
doing here? Just working on
a little project. That’s all. You? Same. Hey, give me those.
I’ll, uh, go pay. Meet you by the car. [INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT ON PA] How’s your shoulder? Getting better. No thanks to you. Look, I know
you’re pissed at me.
You have a right to be. But I’m trying to change. Sure. I don’t want there
to be bad blood between us. Yeah, well, you kinda ruined
that when you told Diaz
to fight dirty against me. I didn’t tell Miguel
to fight dirty against you. Look… I know I’m supposed to forgive
you or whatever, but right now,
it’s a little tough. So instead you’re gonna torture
me by training with that prick? Hey, you don’t know
Mr. LaRusso. He is a better man
than you will ever be. How’d it go back there? Same way it always goes. Cares more about his rivalry
with you than he does about me. [CAR DOOR OPENS] [GRUNTING] Not bad. Just remember, that drop down
back kick may be powerful, but you’re leaving yourself
vulnerable to attack. Hey, Dad. I didn’t know you ever
came in here anymore. Just working
some stuff out. Listen, I’ve been so busy
building this dojo. I know you and I
haven’t had a chance to really talk
about you and Miguel. I don’t wanna talk
about it, Dad. [SIGHS] Did I ever tell you
about my first girlfriend? I was about your age. She was in another league. Beautiful eyes,
amazing smile. And I thought
it would last forever. I did. What happened? Grandma moved us
out of New Jersey. Came to California,
I met a new girl, Ali. This time,
I was sure she was the one. I mean, Judy was great, but this, this was true love. So what happened with Ali? That’s a story
for another time. And then there’s a story
after that one. And that one. [CHUCKLES] My point is, Sam, you think the world revolves
around one person, but then, you meet someone new. I know it’s hard. It hurts, but everyone
goes through this. Yeah, but not everyone
has an insane karate cult that’s brainwashing
half the school. Well, that’s why
I’m opening up Miyagi-Do. So we can fight back,
take down Cobra Kai. I don’t wanna fight them. They’re not my enemies,
they’re my friends. At least they used to be. Thanks for trying to help, Dad. [DANIEL SIGHS] JOHN: Oh, I bet you think
you did a pretty good job,
Mr. Lawrence. But just because I
gave you that blue belt
doesn’t mean anything. You hear me? YOUNG JOHNNY:
Yes, Sensei. JOHN: Are those tears,
Mr. Lawrence? What’s the matter?
Can’t you handle
the way I speak? No, Sensei,
it’s my stepdad. He’s… Let me tell you something. The moment those tears
leave your eyes, you lose. And I don’t teach losers. Do you understand,
Mr. Lawrence? Yes, Sensei. I can’t hear you. Yes, Sensei! Then what are you? I’m a winner, Sensei. Louder! I’m a winner! [EXHALES AND INHALES] Sorry, I didn’t mean
to interrupt you. Oh, it’s okay. What kind of kata was that? It’s not a kata. It’s a form of meditation
Mr. Miyagi taught me to use whenever I lose focus. You lost focus? [SIGHS] Not anymore. Ever since the tournament, all I’ve been thinking about
are ways to destroy Cobra Kai. And now you have the answer? Yes. The answer is,
we won’t. Cobra Kai isn’t the enemy. There are no enemies. Your dad, his students,
they’re just like you and me. They’ve just been taught
the wrong way. The goal of Miyagi-Do Karate
isn’t to fight them, it’s to show them
a different way. Right? A better way. For them and everyone
in the Valley. SAM: You got room
for one more? Yeah. The place looks great. I mean, the house
has been painted
and the deck’s been sanded. Does that mean
I’m off the hook? Uh, no, we’re gonna find
something for you to do.
Get on over here. [LAUGHING] [GRUNTS] All right. Not even open 24 hours,
and I’ve doubled my roster. I’ve got a good feeling
about this. All right, you guys
should both get some rest, because this summer, you’re gonna be spending
a lot of time back
here together. [SIGHS] [DOOR BELL JINGLES] [DOOR CLOSES] I just wanna say one thing, and then I’ll leave. Yeah, what is it? [SIGHS] I’m sorry. I realized that
I was too hard on you. You were young,
and I went overboard. You were my best student. You had so much potential. I just couldn’t stand
seeing you lose. I know I could be
a tough son of a bitch, but if you’d seen some of
the things that I’ve seen… Well, that doesn’t
change what I did. For years,
I’ve regretted that night. But when I heard
that you brought
back Cobra Kai, I thought maybe
this could be a shot
for me to redeem myself. ‘Cause believe me,
there ain’t nothing
I’d like more in this world than to have another chance. I understand if you never
want to see me again. But just remember, I am the guy who
always rooted for you. Uh… I almost forgot. I fixed it for you. It may say second place, but in my opinion, you were
always the better fighter. See you, kid. Hold up. You think winning
the All Valley gives you
the right to goof off? [CROWD CHEERING] A true champion
never stops training.You all know
I’m no fan of LaRusso.
BOY: Come on. [ALL GRUNTING] JOHNNY:To be a great fighter,
you gotta learn to adapt.
Time to see
what you’re made of. [ALL GRUNTING] DANIEL:Mr. Miyagi
was such a great teacher.
I just wish I was a natural
at teaching karate.
You don’t have
to be Mr. Miyagi. You just have
to be Mr. LaRusso. Class, this is Mr. Kreese. The fight is only over
when you say it is. I’m a little worried
about Mr. Kreese. The guy’s got his issues.But everyone deserves
a second chance.
DANIEL:We need to amp
things up now that
John Kreese is back.
This man sounds
like a real jerk. He’s been a thorn in my side
since high school.I just want to finish this.And I know exactly
what I’m going to do.
Some people have it good.
But the rest of us,
we have to fight for
every inch that’s ours. For everything. ROBBY:
What are you doing here? JOHN:In the real world,
it’s not about scoring points.
[SCREAMS] Where’s Robby? DANIEL:We’ll make you
part of this family.
JOHN:Last team standing wins.What the hell do you
think you’re doing? Like you don’t know. [GRUNTS] You know I’m not gonna
strike first.

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