S2E10: New Year’s Eve: Pt 2 – Liza on Demand

S2E10: New Year’s Eve: Pt 2 –  Liza on Demand

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  1. Please add Vietnamese subtitles, Liza????

  2. Есть русские?)

  3. I'm the seventh member of BTS.

  4. Y she didn’t get in the car with her friends

  5. I love me some RL Cook

  6. Anybody else a 2000’s baby SCREAMING IT’S TWIST?!

  7. I wonder if she knows how she feels about Beyoncé is how I feel about her

  8. Omg Liza I cannot believe you gave that money to that poor girl that wanted to go to that party! LOL!
    You go girl!”you’re little brown girl is out!

  9. Please make more of this show literally binge watched both seasons in a day!!!! Absolutely love it.

  10. Anna Akana is everywhere. So proud <3

  11. Was this ur last video

  12. Pissed off Patel xD

  13. The way he vomited HAHAHAHAHA

  14. The DJ is twist from the fresh beat band

  15. Who hates the new YouTube update?

  16. Рашн пипл, вы где, мне страшно

  17. we need a third season im officially adicted this can't end

  18. "That – went – un – ex – pectedly – well!" ?

  19. "That – went – un – ex – pectedly – well!" ?

  20. Love youuuuuuuu so much❤❤❤❤❤

  21. This is just Liza teaching us life lessons in every video


  22. Looks like your keyboard is covered in ejaculant.


  24. Is it just me or am I the only who misses her old videos

  25. I love Ace of Base too!

  26. I swear if there is no season 3 imma be pissed

  27. I lost it when Oliver said

  28. So suprised bts being mentioned so suddenly ????

  29. Why does she still think she's funny lol

  30. Wish there was a universal dislike person, disliking certain people would be great. I hereby wish to dislike Liza Koshy and Amy Schumer, more will follow.


  32. worst show ever i'm so glad it ended

  33. Who else wanted Oliver and that dude to actually end up together and be a happy ray of sunshine that will make ur day just by looking at them because they r relationship goals and make u realize you’ll enter 2020 single af

  34. Bruh the puke look so fake

  35. We living in 2019 while Liza living in 2020

  36. Who else wants more POV thoughts?

  37. This was the highlight of my days. I watched it every SINGLE Day.

  38. That poor man did not deserve that puke!

  39. Were is the old lizza

  40. Who is fan of Bts? meeee yes

  41. Who else hates how that thing with Oliver ended? that guy was cute and nice?

  42. Worst show ever. Would have been nice if it was so bad it was funny.

  43. Wasn’t she was behind 6:27

  44. Just me who misses Lizas old videos? 🙁

  45. She mentioned my birthday 1st of September

  46. Is there a season 3?

  47. Liza this is awesome I’m new here just saw your channel thumbnail, pahrapapapahh I’m loving it…

  48. I’ve been to funerals that were funnier than this basic as ho

  49. Ah yes, stale and boring contents by Liza Koshy, Lilly Singh and the likes on Youtube.

  50. hey i have a question when did you became unfunny ?

  51. “I’m the seventh member of BTS”
    Me: oh wait a minute…wait a damn minute

  52. I miss the old liza's video

  53. 14:05 what’s the music please ?

  54. Omg Liza let it out gurl mm mhm let it out gurl

  55. Season 3 get here now!!!!!

  56. okay I just watched all of this in a day, IM OBSSESSED, pls make 10 more seasons ASAP
    love you liza xoxo

  57. I like the series but liza please come back everyone misses the old you ❤️?????

  58. We need more episodes now plz


  59. Plss makee more parts for. Dollar store????????? Aa dollaaaaa

  60. Waittt Liza is saying that she’s a Uber driver but her car has a Lyft sticker on it!?!?!?!?!?!

  61. Do you guys know you can actually get YouTube premium for the first month just enter your Google account

  62. What is ejaculation I'm young so….what dose it mean

  63. 4:28 Whats the Name of the asian girl?

  64. After the end can you please make your old videos I miss them….

  65. Remember little Liza,jet,Carlos,and helga

  66. Anna Akana and Kimiko Glenn with Liza Koshy is a * chef’s kiss * masterpiece

  67. please don't make anymore content

  68. idk why anyone follows Liza she’s just as unfunny as lily singh And cringe

  69. Who knows Liza for sugar rush?

  70. I miss old Liza! ☹️

  71. when I saw Liza kochy for the first time I assumed it was like a 14 or 15 year old girl and was shocked when I found out she's 23

  72. 9:19 #unnexpected #ARMY and im so sad that this series is over 🙁

  73. Will there be a season three

  74. Ok is it just me or at 4:33 they went to the same washroom? ??

  75. Once this mentioned k-pop I was hooked

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