Saint Seiya: Awakening – New Update: Open / Repair Cloth Releeased! Cloth Gacha & Train Hall Guide!

Saint Seiya: Awakening – New Update: Open / Repair Cloth Releeased! Cloth Gacha & Train Hall Guide!

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  1. wtf he hit 3 times 3 persons with cyclon.

  2. Milo cant do HIT KILL now ?

  3. Milo dont still strong anymore, i prefer before update!! now he cant do hit kill! his power is worth

  4. Di pembelian ke 10 kalo gak salah butuh 1k+ kupon bang, lihat td di MrSilver

  5. Duidd terus nih tecent.. Wkwkwkwkw

  6. Arewzo gacha,what is the best ss?

  7. Kira kira milo bakal jadi top PVP ya bang ?

  8. camus got more power than milo now!!! what is this fuck ??? Sux update

  9. hehehe video top mano

  10. Lebih rela habisin SH daripada habisin DM

  11. Hi bro! you can make a video for Shion. With different teams or we can integrate it in PVP. Thank you!!!!!

  12. At least they add bleeding efect in they atacks

  13. Subtitle Indonesia sudah tersedia !! Bisa diaktifkan di Captions yaa manteman ∧ω∧)9

  14. Need to do gacha for repair cloth isn't to much for free players?

  15. I am surprised you did not mention the new entry in the codex… 🙂 this game is getting us crazy ! Love it

  16. Dari sini kita tau bahwa tencent emang udah nandain orang yg sering top up itu biar apes(banyak gacha) beda dg yg jarang gacha (f2p) kyk saya sekali udah dpt part aquarius 1 sama kedua beli pake diamond gk seberapa bnyk ya itu yg pertama beli pake diamond dapet part milo 1

  17. Elo yang beli kenapa gw yg ngilu yah liatnya….

  18. Hello, I need some advice, the question is should I summon for dohko even if have ayarashiki shaka(I play global) ? Or should I wait for something else? (I'm f2p) (for something else I mean like kanon)

  19. Aseli mahal.. sekali beli 288 trs lgsng naek 488 alhasil ane auto berhenti up cloth ?

  20. Let's see how they butcher this in global.

  21. So there is no way free to play can do this?

  22. So expensive damn it! Hahahaha

  23. Damn its expensive to make them stronger im scared how it will be in the global

  24. Shura must have bleed

  25. With luck i get 2000 diamond in one week how the hell we will get this diamon amount

  26. ver esto me da deprecion :S tanto dinero desperdiciado :,v

  27. saludos desde Perú podrías hacer lo de mu

  28. hey men, can u upload an video about Shion? With teams, tips, cosmos etc? I get him in global version now, but idk any team for him and idk how to use him.

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