Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother

Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother

Well, hello, Mr. Fingers. There you are! I’ve got a collection of little buggers who’ve been waiting to see you. I thought I told you to get a haircut…
Marjory Stewart-Baxter. When you disobey me… this is what it comes to– I suppose you find this… amusing do you?
Hubert Cumberdale? You’re the best behaved, Jeremy Fisher.
You’ll be first in the bathtub tonight. Oh, don’t give me those tears now! You’ll never be a real boy, Hubert Cumberdale. I think you’re about ready to grow up a little. Don’t you? Wow. Who’s that little dazzling dreamboat? What’s your number? Sugar cheeks… Thunder thighs. Ladies and gentlemen! A new and improved Hubert Cumberdale! (the real boy) I just want to dance on the rooftops for all to see I’m fresh and ready for life I’m a big boy now They grow up so fast Don’t they? And he’s already running about and
playing with all the other little girls and boys I’ve surely been blessed
by the soft hand of our great provider You’re just a glass brother you wouldn’t understand You’re a stupid boy Ye-Yes mother. I am a stupid boy – I’m sorry mother
– Fetch me a bowl of porridge! Yes glass mother Stop it! Hey, He won’t let me pass it – He keeps on–
– What a weak little squirt you are Keeps on — stop it! He’s doing it! Look, it won’t… Come on WEAKLYBONES Pass mother the porridge I think you want her to STARVE I’d rather starve than sit here and
watch this pathetic display You’ll forever just be a lonely reflection It’s not fair I’ve been in here for too long I want to come home now Those cacky spider fingers aren’t going anywhere Andrew hands. Oh, what’s a horrible thing to say Don’t worry, New improved Hubert Cumberdale. (the real boy) I know of another entrance Why is glass brother so mean? Mr. Fingers? He was raised under the Beast’s sun Morning Wetlegs! Thought you’d slip in the back door did you? I must ask that you step aside I absolutely, shan’t Puddle meddling is punishable by a stern rasping Rasp! Rasp, rasp! Rasp Stop- Stop rasping 1. Handful of audax powder 2. Brown pebbles 3. a half cup of spider milk 4. speckled huckleberry leaf but- but- but glass mother You know the speckled Huckleberry leaf
makes my tummy bucks all bilious. – I don’t want another fever
– You’ll eat what I told you to Don’t make me come through that mirror and poke out your eyes Now get it down you Don’t worry, Mr. Fingrés! I’ll clean it up You’re a good lad Who are you talking to? Why, Hubert Cumberdale of course Hello there little boy He’s my real life flesh boy the most beautiful boy in the world Hubert! No! He’ll make a good broom-lad, stick him in the coal shed Hello! What brings you here? I don’t think you ought to have stolen my little flesh-boy. You ungrateful little swine! That’ll be 8 months in the slag-house for you, you rotten little pigeon-prick. You dirty little minge splinter!

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  1. Huge thanks to the Patreon supporters who funded this:
    I think you'd all look lovely in a Salad Fingers tshirt:

  2. This series is about 6 months younger than I am. Thats insane.

  3. I felt bad for him

  4. Your videos are so disturbing but at the same time amazingly good, congratulations.???????????

  5. Блять, какой же это шизофренический пиздец 🙂

  6. Poor salad fingers at 4:51

  7. Holly shit
    Salad finger Is back

  8. The new and improved Hubert comberdale (the real boy) is really nice

  9. I miss the old music

  10. The art change OwO

  11. 日本語和訳お願いします?

  12. Wish me luck

    I’m going into full screen

  13. This looks like STRANGER THINGS.


  15. Oh so long I didnt see Salad Fingers, thank you so much for your videos. I like them so much.

  16. But isn’t glass brother gonna go threw the puddle….

  17. Humbert cumberdale disturbs, and disgusts me…alot by his fleshy appearance of human almost!

  18. If I was there I would punch glass brother in the face and say “you look shattered, you pathetic excuse for a brother”

  19. Mindhunter Season 3: Salad Fingers

  20. Now . Youtube announced that all animations are for kids .
    Salad fingers : allow me to introduce my self

  21. I'm I the only one that wants to rub Hubert cumberdale all over my body.. I must be flesh to flesh with the real boy

  22. Legend has it that his mother is still swearing to this day.

  23. Where does he get food?

  24. Maybe it’s the u settling sounds or the squishy flesh but this makes me really excited for a part 12 just so I can watch film theory decipher this one

  25. I’m not sure what to think anymore…

  26. Bro what drugs are you taking

  27. Damn, this scary as hell!

  28. why did he gag when he ate the mush when he ate literal dirt in episode 7

  29. that quality tho is amazing

  30. i really like salad fingers, he's cool ;w;

  31. I love videos with happy endings

  32. Why does hubert cumberdale look a little

  33. Salad Fingers 12: statistically, someone got horny while watching this

  34. This shit is sad … :'u

  35. I just found out that salad fingers is Hubert Cumberdale??

  36. 6:12 just barely noticed Mr. Branches in the background

  37. It looks like Invader Zim mixed with angry kid

  38. mini-theory:

    The father is considered a disappointment too.
    Glass Brother calls Salad Fingers "Andrew Hands", so maybe Andrew is the father, and they don't speak of him. Remember, Salad was really offended when Glass Brother said this.

  39. Poor little fresh boy get clean up glass

  40. Let me hold him he’s my fucking son let me hold him goddamnit

  41. *Demonic voice*: Fetch me a bowl of porridge

  42. Glass mother is good

  43. i actually think salad fingers is a precious child

  44. glass mother: you shitty little boogar

  45. Pls make episode 12?

  46. i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, i am going to Hell for laughing at this", and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, i am a really sick/bad person for laughing at this", and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, this is one of those 'guilty pleasure' type laughs that i wouldn't even want my friends to know about", and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, i must be mentally insane for laughing at this", and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, this is disturbing why am i even laughing at this?, and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, i have one helluva dark sense of humor", and i have laughed at things that made me think "oh man, LOL LOL LOL" ….

    but only David Firth makes me laugh at think "oh man, this is really disturbing why am i even laughing at this i am a bad sick mentally insane person headed for Hell and i don't even want my friends to know how dark my sense of humor is LOL LOL LOL…" all at the same time .

  47. 3:19 that is one happy salad fingers

  48. What have you brought upon this cursed land

  49. This is so weird and kinda cute at the same time

  50. At 12:55, you can hear her saying "just wait until your father gets-" until he cuts her off

  51. That was disgusting

  52. CoryxKenshin SSS anyone

  53. Now list n here you fucking confusion maker.

  54. I've spent my time watching this horrific masterpiece and this insane expression of pure insanity and horrors… Salad finger's expression of loneliness and just this, truly tells me David isn't finished with us yet. The horrors, mutants and many tales and memories of salad finger's past, still haunting him all these years later after what extreme catastrophe caused the world that was before to turn into such a subtotal mess of a planet that salad fingers is familiar with. Ever since this world David made came to be…

  55. I was really creeped out and then glass brother just came and started rasping

  56. WTF ????????????????????? Real boy 😉

  57. The new Hubert Cumberdale’s voice is cute but it looks ugly.

  58. This episode moved me.

  59. Where is episode 12


  61. This also explains why he was in distress looking into the toilet in episode 6. As he could see his reflection in the water in there too. So maybe the other half of the arguement in the other episode that lines up with the toilet one is the mirror world?

  62. Didn't any one now that his mom was cursing? At 12:30

  63. what happened to fingers

  64. does Jeremy look like a Jerome or is it just me?

  65. "dazzling dreamboat" "sugar cheeks" "thunder thighs"

  66. I'm just getting confused

  67. OMG he’s back!!! I need more SF now David. Plz don’t stop!

  68. When is episode 12 coming

  69. This has Sigmund Freud written all over it

  70. Love it ???lock up your daughters tonight

  71. Best finally ever!

  72. Wait did glass mother say FATHER!

  73. Pleaseeeee make ep 12 :"000

  74. This is the most fucked thing I’ve ever seen

  75. This show/whatever the hell this is, is eerie and awesome at the same time

  76. Smash like if you cried when they took Hubert Cumberdale

  77. お前はもうお終インザミラー!

  78. This actually swore ???

  79. So my name is Andrew and one of my friends calls me salad fingers this is. Accurate

  80. There was one episode that traumatised me and that’s when Salad Fingers gave birth to some sorta like black thing.

  81. So like is there gonna be a season 2?

  82. I love that little meat chunk and I hope to see more of him.

  83. How many people are waiting for Salad Fingers THE MOVIE?

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