SAO Alicization Lycoris RELEASE DATE, Bonuses, Multiplayer CONFIRMED! Fatal Bullet Update Preview!

SAO Alicization Lycoris RELEASE DATE, Bonuses, Multiplayer CONFIRMED! Fatal Bullet Update Preview!

We got huge news for Sword Art Online Alicization
Lycoris today and some more minor teases for the minor free update that’s coming to Fatal
Bullet. Since I need to be studying for my exam week
right now, I’ll keep this news dump quick, mention everything we have, answer some of
your burning questions like When is the DLC coming? When is Lycoris releasing? Any info on Collectors Editions etc. Also, Alicization Explained for Episode 9
is delayed until after my exams, so friday. The stream featured 4 guests, Futami the SAO
Gameverse lead, Minami the Fatal Bullet lead, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Kirito’s Voice Actor and
Miho Ookasaki Medina’s VA. The stream started with Fatal Bullet stuff,
focusing on the upcoming free Winter Story Update contents they have been dripfeeding
the past couple of months. No, there still is no release date for this
winter update. Ronye and Tiese outfits are coming, as well
as a Chudelkin outfit, but on top of these, we actually got some proper preview visuals
for the Integrity Knight outfits for Alice Synthesis 30 and Eugeo Synthesis 32! We also had a close-up preview for the Night
Sky Sword and Blue Rose Sword replicas, and a very short demo of the two swords in action
with Eugeo S32. That’s literally all we got from the almost
30 minute segment of Fatal Bullet stuff. Afterwards, we had a relatively higher quality
version of the Gameverse trailer we received back during Beaters Meting 2019 Event, you
can watch the Gameverse trailer by clicking the icon on the top right. In fact, top right icon has all these visuals
I’ve been talking about, since I uploaded too many stuff in the past 24 hours, chances
are, you have not received notifications for most of them despite having clicked Subscribe
and the Bell. If you haven’t, do click them, but yeah, Youtube
works in mysterious ways. Gameverse trailer led to a pretty longwinded
section where Futami just talked about all the past SAO games, obviously completely ignoring
Accel World vs Sword Art Online because Bandai Namco themselves like to act like that non-canon
game, which was a blatant cash grab, never actually happened and certainly, as the SAO
Games Continuity lead, Futami is not a fan of the game that borrowed his establishment
to fuck around with time travel shenanigans that don’t make sense. Anyways, after this very long trip down the
memory lane that had nothing noteworthy, but once we started with the Lycoris segment,
we got a lot of content! First off, a brand new key visual for the
game, drawn by abec, featuring Kirito, Asuna, Alice and Quinella! Keep in mind though that this key visual is
not complete, we have seen a wider version of this key visual in one of the earlier Lycoris
events which featured Sinon, Leafa, Eugeo and Medina off to the sides as well, so look
forward to a bigger version of this in the future. Of course, if you are following me on twitter,
you will be one of the first to know when it’s revealed. Like seriously, when you ask a question, you
should just have a look at my twitter feed, chances are, I already answered your question
hours before you asked it, it’s just that making videos is something that takes time. Then we finally got an updated version of
this slide that finally stopped being vague about things and clarifies that the game will
properly diverge to its own story starting with the defeat of Quinella, instead of covering
War of Underworld. Next, we had some introductory slides again. The one with Eugeo and Kirito says that they
have “Game original outfits” but the outfit is so similar to their canon Alicization Rising+
outfits that I don’t even know why they bothered. We have slides introducing Integrity Knights,
Eldrie Synthesis 31, followed by Deusolbert Synthesis 7, which I have to mention his armor
looks gorgeous in the game renders, and Fanatio Synthesis 2, the vice commander of the Integrity
Knights of course. Then we had an introductory slide for Rapiers
and as Asuna showed up on the screen, Futami once again had the urge to state that Asuna
is not using Stacia account in Lycoris. Whether he is telling the truth or not, if
they really were that desperate to highlight it wasn’t the Stacia account, maybe they should
have simply not based their design 95% on the Stacia account, the Tiara, the overall
motifs used on the armor, the neck piece etc… Either way, we got 4 new location reveals,
which you will see in the trailer soon, the town around Central Cathedral, Zakkaria the
chapter that the anime has skipped, Whizea Valley a previously unknown location, and
Mildia Flatlands, also an unknown location, but it was extensively explored in the 17
minute Gameplay demo this stream provided. But with that, we reach a question a lot of
you have been asking about, the Limited Edition bonuses! Now do keep in mind, all of these bonuses
are currently only confirmed for Japan. As things stand, we still do not know if there
will be any Collectors Editions for us in the west, but we will probably learn very
soon. Either way, Japan has some Physical Release
Specials, which features Cast Talk, the Gameverse Trailer and some Drama CD. This of course is just the Bluray disc special
that is included in the Collectors Edition, aside from the contents of this Bluray disc,
there’s also steelbooks, soundtrack, NerveGear Special etc. Sadly, this time around, they don’t seem to
be doing any Figurines, which is quite sad.. But moving onto the digital stuff, Digital
Deluxe will feature the outfit contest winners as Early Purchase bonuses, a “Beater’s Player
Right” which I have no clue what it is, but may be like an early access or something for
Japan, I remember something similar for Fatal Bullet, two Large Expansion DLCs so essentially
a Season Pass, and knowing Aquria is the developer behind Lycoris, I do trust them to do well
with the DLC’s as well, so this is probably going to be more than worth the price. And a “Premiere Pass bonus outfit” whatever
that will be. Additionally for PS4, there is the Digital
Soundtrack, so you don’t feel so inferior compared to the Physical Collectors Edition
and to be frank, locking Soundtrack to PS4 bonuses sounds a bit sketchy, that probably
wont be the case in the west as we are more about that platform parity while nobody plays
anything other than a Switch or a PS4 anyways. A Lycoris Avatar set, a PS4 Dynamic theme
and a PS4 Avatar Icon featuring Alice. And then, as expected from Japan, there is
like hundreds of other bonuses depending on which specific store you buy the game from,
which means you will never get even half of the existing bonuses with a single purchase
of the game. Jokes on us, West doesn’t get half the bonuses
Japan gets anyways, so you won’t feel anything at all. They are getting Bed Sheets for fucks sake… Asuna and Alice Bed Sheets! Bandai Namco, we need this here in the west,
this has to be brought over!!! Anyways, the stream ended with the trailer
that was leaked by Bandai Namco Latin America 2 days ago, which I won’t show here extensively
because this news coverage will get claimed if I do, but I
will upload the English subs the moment it is available officially. By the time you are watching this, I may have
already uploaded a Japanese version with no subs though. I’m still thinking about it at the time of
this recording. But yeah, this trailer has the answer to the
last of your burning questions, the release date of Alicization Lycoris, no I did not
purposefully put this to the end, I was just following the timeline of the stream and I
got timestamps available anyways. The game is officially launching on May 21st
in Japan and according to the Western Trailer leaked by Bandai Namco Latin America, the
west will for some reason, get it once again one day late, on May 22nd 2020. One final thing to mention, during the 17
minute gameplay segment, we got to see some Incarnate Attacks by Alice and Medina, so
they were cool. Also, the official website has been updated
and now the player count states that the game is for “1-4 players (online)” so it seems
like we are actually getting Co-Op as I have been expecting since the beginning! Anyways, thank you very much for watching,
please do hit that like button so this video sees some interest for the multiple hours
I sacrificed covering news for you when I have 4 exams coming next week. I have some special Christmas Merch, one with
Padoru Kirito and Asuna, the other with Padoru Alice and Eugeo, so feel free to check them
out! If you get them soon enough, they will be
delivered before the holiday as well! Again, Patrons and Channels Members do get
a special 5$ off discount code on their respective Community Feeds, which can also be found on
our Patron and Member Exclusive room on the Gamerturk Discord, so once again, a huge thanks
to all of them for supporting the channel and all of you for watching! I’ll see you probably friday with Episode
9 Explained and until then, Stay Cool~

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  1. Timestamps: 0:00 Overview | 0:42 Integrity Knight Eugeo S32 and Alice S30 outfits, Night Sky Sword, Blue Rose Sword previews for Fatal Bullet | 1:25 Gameverse Trailer and Recap | 2:28 New Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Key Visual featuring Kirito, Asuna not Stacia, Alice and Quinella! Not Solus Sinon and Not Terraria Leafa will arrive soon along with Eugeo and Medina! | 3:12 Lycoris will not adapt "Alicization: War of Underworld" | 3:25 Game Original Outfits, Integrity Knight Renders, Stacia or Asuna | 4:28 New locations and maps! | 4:55 Collectors Edition Bonuses! | 7:30 Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Release Date for Japan and Worldwide!
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