SAO: Alicization Lycoris – Why Should You Care?

SAO: Alicization Lycoris – Why Should You Care?

Hello everyone my name is Havian and
today I’ll be talking to you about sword art online Alicization Lycoris. And I’ll
be trying to figure out why I and possibly all of you watching should even
care about it. Just so you know the direction I’m coming from in this video
I’m someone that mainly plays games for their gameplay and so my videos tend to
focus on that aspects of games. I pay attention to the stories in games if
they’re engaging and if the characters are well-written so as you can probably
expect I don’t really play the sword art online games for the story. But I will
still mention a few story related things that I feel are important and with that in
mind, because of where the story in this game takes place expect to see a few
things that could potentially spoil the first season of the Alicization anime
and it’s worth mentioning that all the information in this video is based on
early pre-release versions of the game so some of the things mentioned could
change over time or in the final version Alicization lycoris is the next sword art
online game that will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC some
release dates have popped up on a few online retailers but these appear to be
placeholders there’s no official release date has been set as far as I know the
reason for that is because the developers say they want more time to
work on the game to make sure it’s the best it can be
so currently it’s a case of when it’s done it’s done. Longtime followers of the
channel are probably noticed by now that I’ve been slowly losing interest in the
sword online games and over time I’ve been making videos for them less and less. I
still play fatal bullet every now and then but I’ve been waiting for that one
game to just pull me back in these days I find the sword art online games fun to
play in short bursts, but my interest in this series isn’t as strong as it was in
the past. I guess I was just burnt out after playing these games for years and
even though I lose interest in one thing and move on to another there’s always a
chance for me to become interested again I will say that I have been enjoying the
current season of the anime a lot so that’s probably what motivated me to
look into Alicization Lycoris again it’s probably not the best sword art online
game, but my favorite one so far has been the Vita version of hollow fragment. When
it first released I had just watched the original sword online anime so I
imported the English version of the that release really early in China
without really knowing too much about it. Yeah, I imported the version that had
THAT translation. I used to be a big fan of mmo’s when I was younger for the
first one being Final Fantasy 11 it was clunky
a lot of it didn’t really make sense to someone I’ve never played an MMO before
and the game was really unforgiving, but I still loved it.
The feeling you got from that game for discovering or learning something new, or
progressing past something you didn’t think you could or meeting new people
that could help you along is why it’s still one of my favorite gaming
experiences I doubt I’ll ever go back to it these days but it did help shape the
type of games I’m into today. The Vita version of hollow fragment really
reminded me of Final Fantasy 11 and because of that feeling of nostalgia the
game just drew me in. At the time I had no idea the developers actually took
influences directly from Final Fantasy 11 when making it but the game had me
hooked. Since then I’ve been following the sword art online series to see if
the games could reach the same level of enjoyment that I found in hollow fragment
people that are big fans of the anime and previous games are probably gonna buy
Alicization Lycoris no matter what but for those of you that are like me
that were interested in the games previously, but for one reason or another
your interest in this series has faded I’m gonna show as much information as I
can about the game to help us decide why we should care about Alicization Lycoris.
Unlike the other mainline sword online games Alicization Lycoris
follows the story of the Alicization anime fairly closely up until the 24th
episode. But instead of the game reaching the same conclusion as episode 24 of the
anime and then going into the war of underworld storyline the game branches
off to tell its own original story so even if you know what what happened in
the anime and the light novels storyline the game will still be a new experience
for you. Even though Alicization lycoris starts off by retelling the
first season of the Alicization anime, it does have a few differences from the
anime. Certain scenes won’t be shown in the same way as they were in the anime
for obvious reasons but since those scenes are integral to the story the
context of it will still be there the main reason for this was because Bandai
Namco wanted to keep the game under a CERO D rating which is for ages 17 and
above since if certain characters and scenes were shown in the game
exactly the same way as they were in the anime that would have bumped up the age
rating a new addition to Alicization Lycoris is the introduction of an
original playable character called Medina Orthinanos and she plays a
major role within the story of the game Medina is the 9th head of the Orthinanos
family and she’s on a mission to grow stronger and clear her family’s name
she’s a stubborn character that doesn’t often show her true feelings to others
and she tends to put up walls around herself. Kirito manages to get past those
walls and he gets to see a side of her that he doesn’t usually show to other
people which is something that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone
that’s familiar with the sword online series. Other characters that have been
shown as playable in the game so far a Kirito, Eugeo, Alice and Asuna. Ronnie and
Tiese also seems to be playable based on some screenshots that have been released
but I haven’t seen any gameplay of them being showcased by the developers yet
and according to some artwork that was shown at a recent event, Sinon and
Leafa may be making a return to the game as well according to an interview the
game series producer mentioned that certain characters wouldn’t be making an
appearance in Alicization Lycoris which makes sense considering how
limited the access to project Alicization is, but personally I will mind if
they left any of the other characters out if the end result was a good story. even though the mainline sword art online
games have had character creation or character customization systems none of
them have been quite as robust or as important to this story as the one in
fatal bullet. When the producer was questioned about character creation in
an interview he mentioned that this is a game that focuses on Kirito and noted
that the absence of character creation still hasn’t been confirmed so even if
they did add character creation my guess is that you would probably be able to
create a student from the swordcraft Academy and your character would add no
actual value to the main story and would only really be there to fill a party
slot, or for use in a multiplayer mode if they decide to add it but with that
being said don’t expect any character creation or multiplayer modes as of
right now. Multiplayer modes were always one of the main things I enjoyed about
the sword art online games and ever since I startedt putting less time into
traditional MMOs I’d fill that gaming void with
multiplayer action games and RPGs. Games like Monster Hunter, God Eater, Toukiden,
Freedom Wars and especially the multiplayer Phantasy Star games. And I
always hoped that the multiplayer modes in the sword art online games will come close to
the same level of enjoyment that can be found in those games but the multiplayer
side of the sword online games is pretty shallow for the most part and it felt
like it was just there to tick a box. The multiplayer modes do seem to be
improving over time though so hopefully if they do decide to add a multiplayer
mode to Alicization Lycoris things will take another step for the better. The worlds
within the Aquria developed sword online games seem to be getting larger more
expansive with each game and based on what they’ve shown so far that trend seems to
be continuing with Alicization Lycoris. The world is said to include areas
that were not shown within the anime and from the looks of things it seems like
they’ll flesh out areas that were shown but didn’t really get too much screen
time like being able to talk to citizens within Rulid village, visit their
shops and take on their quests. Based on the info that’s been released so far, i’vr
noticed that there are three types of quests that you’ll be able to do in the
game. Main quests, side quests and rath quests. From I can tell the main quests
seem to be there to progress the main storyline, Side quests seem to be requests
that you can get to do things like gather certain items or defeat certain
enemies and rath quests appear to be challenges that are located in various
places within the world. These quests appear to unlock or
strengthen abilities once you complete the objective. I’m not sure how many of
these quests will be available in the game or if they’re just mainly there for
tutorials, but I think it would be interesting to have certain abilities
unlock after you’ve completed a quest or a challenge but I have to wait until we
get more information before I understand how all of this is gonna work. When you
complete a quest, you’re rewarded with experience points, money and you’ll
also gain points towards system control and object control.
I assume system control will have an influence on your sacred arts or magic
abilities, and object control will most likely play a role in the weapons and
equipment you can use. As of right now there hasn’t been much talk about how
the character progression systems will work in this game but if the previous
games are anything to go by we can probably expect there to be a fairly
deep character progression and customization system in place that
people that enjoy grinding. Combat in Alicization Lycoris seems similar to
hollow realization at first glance but it does seem to have a few major
differences. When they first revealed gameplay will shown a much closer
camera angle compared to the previous games during combat. I appeared to have much
more of a focus on action and blocking, evading and parrying seemed to play an
important role in the combat system. The earlier gameplay made the battles in
Alicization Lycoris seem much more intimate and with a focus on fighting
solo or in a pair. Having a partner in battle still seems to have the same
purpose as it did in the previous games but eventually more characters were
introduced and we were shown that up to four characters can be in a party at once. The
gameplay in Alicization Lycoris seems to borrow from the gameplay systems that
were introduced in the previous sword art online games, but implemented in a way
that makes sense for the world they’re in. Normal attacks will be used to build
a resource called SP, and SP can then be used to pull off your sword skills on an
enemy. Sword skills are special attacks that seem to have more of a purpose in
Alicization Lycoris compared to the previous games. Certain sword skills can
be used to launch enemies into the air when they’re staggered, others can guard
break shielded enemies or even appear to increase the amount of time you can
juggle them in the air. Along with sword skills, you can use combat skills that
seem to have a cool-down period after use. Combat skills can be used to heal
your character, taunt enemies, recover SP increase attack power or stun the enemy.
I assume there’ll be more skills that can be unlocked but these are the ones
that have been shown so far. In hollow fragment and hollow realization you had
the freedom to use a wide range of skills and buffs on your characters.
I assume the intention was to get players more freedom to come up with
interesting builds, but because of the way it was designed it made it very easy
to create incredibly strong characters after unlocking and stacking certain
abilities. Things may be different this time around, since it seems you can only
have four combat skills and four sword skills active at a time. Apparently they
want to cut down on the amount of buff stacking that people had to make use of
in the previous games and this approach might make the combat seem more
restrictive at first glance but there does seem to be flexibility in other
places since sword skills and sacred arts can be using creative ways to form
your own combos. Sacred arts are pretty much what you’d call magic in most other
games and is separated into eight different elements. These sacred arts can
be charged up and then stored for use at a later time, but depending on the level of
the charge the effect of the sacred art will be different. For example a level 1
ice art may fire out an icy thorn directly in front of you, but a level 2
charge will do an area attack around your character instead. Sacred arts can
also be used during sword skills. This will cancel the sword skill into a
sacred art, which you can then follow up with another attack or sword skill to
continue a combo. So it’s possible to do things like launch an enemy into the
air with a sword skill, then fire off a sacred art while they’re in midair and
then continue to juggle them with attacks. So it does feel like you can be a bit
more creative with the combos you make in this game. Along with sword skills and
sacred arts, you can also use super arts and finishing arts while in combat. While
fighting the arts gauge will charge and while I’m not too sure exactly what
actions charge, it I’ve noticed that it seems to charge faster when you do
things like perfectly dodge an enemy’s attack. When it’s charged you can choose
to use super arts which will drain the arts gauge continuously so you can use sword
skills without consuming SP. Which should let you make longer skill connect combos.
Or you can use finish arts which I assume is the big cinematic attack that
consumes the full gauge for one powerful hit. Your party members can also
be used to increase how effective you are while in battle. You can be a bit more
strategic and freeze time so you can give yourself time to think about your
current situation and plan what to do next.
During this time you can prepare your party members sword skills and battle
skills and give them instructions or set up skill chains.
The sword art online games usually have a wide range of weapons you can choose
from. So far it seems like we’ve only been shown three different weapon types,
but only two have been officially announced so far, one-handed swords and
katanas. One-handed sword is a weapon type that is used by most of the characters
that have been revealed so far. It has rapid attacks and is easy to switch
between attacking and defending with it. And the katana is a two-handed weapon
that’s used by Medina. It specializes in dodging and counter attacking along with
chaining sword skills together. I don’t think rapier has been officially
announced yet, but it does seem like that would be Asunas weapon of choice in
this game, which is to be expected. All of the one-handed sword users have the same
normal attack animations, but her attacks focus on rapid thrusting movements and
have their own set of sword skills. So it’s safe to assume that she’s using her
rapier skills. And based on the artwork that was shown of Sinon, we can assume
that she’s going to have a bow in this game, but so we’re gonna have to wait
until they actually reveal her properly before we know for sure.
Currently Alicization Lycoris hasn’t been announced for the Nintendo switch
but they are still interested in supporting it. Since the development team
is focusing on other platforms that have more power than the switch, they’re
having issues with memory shortages. So switch versions not something they can
do at the moment. It’s been said that the reason behind the memory shortage is
because the areas are larger than those in the previous sword art online games, and
the characters have a higher polygon count. So in order to get the game to
fit on the switch they would need to make some adjustments and reductions to
the polygon count and that’s something that would take some time. They mentioned
that they do care about the switch users that would want to play the game, but
nothing has been decided yet. I have to admit I wasn’t really
interested in Alicization Lycoris at first since I’ve been pretty burnt out with
the sword art online games. Which is probably obvious since I haven’t really talked about it much.
But now that I’ve actually looked over all the info that’s currently available
about the game, I can’t say that I’m completely sold on it yet but I’m
definitely interested enough to keep track of it and at least try when the
opportunity arises. Digging into all the information about a game helps me find
out if it’s worth at least paying attention to, so these videos don’t just
help me share information with you all, they help me decide if
a games worth trying out at some point. So expect more of these videos for other
games in the near future. But in the meantime if you have any recommendations
for other upcoming games you think I should look into, or if you have any
thoughts on Alicization Lycoris, let me know in the comments section below. So if
you enjoyed this video then please leave it a like and if you want to see more
videos from me then subscribe to the channel and click the bell to receive
notifications. If you want to keep track of what I’m doing then follow me on
social media, or join the community discord the links to everywhere you
can find me will be in the description. I’ll be making some new videos very soon,
but until I make those videos I’ll see you all later

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    But NOPE. Good gameplay but I guess I can expect the story to die in a fire again. Should've really gone "okay we know what we did wrong, let's try to do better this time" instead of "Kirito will save us" and cling to the not!haremlord's silk pants. Especially now that they have a bunch of unknown Knights in reserve due to AU ending and a functioning cast separate from the Kirito's usual group.
    The problem was that Kirito took the back seat like a bystander in FB, but FB didn't have many in-game problems… because it literally had no plot other than "let's catch up to mainstream players" (lazy writer and off hands director I bet…) and was worse than lost song, when the OC really should've been targeted by TONS of high end players everywhere when he goes out instead of killing robots and monsters littered in every damn corner in Fallout Online without a care since its a PVP GENRE GAME. (They should've put more buildings to be accessible in open world even if it meant loading like a PS2 or XBOX, and there's only ONE BASE AREA) And Zaskar should've been "sweet, people are playing our shitty game again because of this guy! Let's update this and that!" instead of "oh hey everyone, you MIGHT get this event only non-customizable albino android doll that you may hold hands and give headpats if you kill this player" and players would be waiting for the MC for whenever he leaves town, threatening to PK him until ArFa-Sys drops and you have to protect her or she drops/has an AI problem like miss Type -Z, etc while Kureha and Kirito "Protected" you, which would really explain why so many people are attacking you in every goddamn map (hiding, with vehicles instead of spawning) and dungeon ambushes instead of "not hard enough, let's put in f*kin Gundams to lure those otakus into our game too" where some bipedal lizards laughs at your futuristic weapons and Gatling guns. The infighting would be cool too and they suddenly team up against you.
    In this game, Kirito can go "oh sh*t", everyone else can go "oh sh*t" to the MC and has incentives to get you to do stuff, getting endings like staying in Underworld as emperor, becoming a robot fighting for equal rights, or SMT style.
    Incentive of MC's importance? It should be "you're stronger than everyone", maybe Admin hints at the OC being OP/potential threat at the start or they mistake her/him as ALICE somehow. Or MC was the one that arrests Alice, Eugeo and Kirito in this timeline instead (which would be like WHAAAAT) then again, it's half assed derailment plot where Kirito isn't soloing the big bad at the end of the storyline anymore and nothing is serious anymore.
    And thus… Kirito takes the back seat. Again. (I don't think Kirito was actually the protagonist in any of these games, just the 'avatar' since it would be strange for some Gary Stu OC to suddenly replace Kirito) Reki decides the new girls/people are the protagonist then fails/chickens out because he's a novel writer who takes the editor's advice, not a game writer/director. Too passive and kind of a shame. Kind of like Kirito here, who probably doesn't know what the heck he's doing again and trip on his next girlfriend/plot just because he wanted to play a VR game and have a potential affair on Asuna.
    Guess someone will write a fic on it one day. (Shrug)

  62. Kirito be Like Another one…
    Another girl….


  63. Thank god it won't be like anthem, fall out 76 and yes I will say it Pokemon swordnshield o.-. Take all the time you need devs to make this damn fine game.

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