Sarah experiences tragedy abroad | Maalaala Mo Kaya (With Eng Subs)

Sarah experiences tragedy abroad | Maalaala Mo Kaya (With Eng Subs)

Excuse me!
Please let me go! Please open the door! Please! Someone, help me! Could someone
help me, please?! That Filipina’s tough.
She fights back. She won’t resist me. She’s stubborn. – No, sir. Please.
– Take off your clothes. Now! Take it off! Please, no! – Get up.
– No! – Get up.
– No! Sir, please!
I’m begging you! No! Do it! Now! No! Sir! No! Please! No! No! Please, no! No! No! Sarah couldn’t believe she would
end up in that situation. That she would
experience far worse than she had been through
in the Philippines. But despite this,
she chose to fight. But despite this,
she chose to fight. for the sake of her
beloved children. She’s exquisite. I’m thirsty.
Please give me water. – Water?
– Water, huh? Okay, come. Okay, come. Come. There’s water this way. – No. No. No!
– Come this way. We’ll give you water, okay? No, no. Not that water. Here. Water! – No! No!
– Drink. Come, come. Let’s see if
you’re really sexy. Don’t you have any
conscience?! Your mothers, wives,
and daughters may not see what
you’re doing… …but Allah does! Shut up! No… – No! Don’t!
– Get inside! Why are you here? Ma’am and Baba hit me.
I ran away. Don’t stay here. They’re evil. Stay there. There!
In the corner. Cover yourself. Here. Use this. – Don’t move, okay?
– Okay. I could’ve grabbed the gun and shoot the policeman
back then. But I know if I did that, I will lose the chance to come
back to the Philippines alive. So I restrained myself and took note of every evidence
I could use against them. They may have taken
my dignity but not my will to see
my children again.

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  1. Ya ALLAH,,, ampuni dan lindungi perempuan yg telah diperkosa sama polisi yg TDK tahu perikemanusiaan,,,,

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