Scotia Bank Close New Kingston Branch, Temporarily – March 12 2020

Scotia Bank Close New Kingston Branch, Temporarily  – March 12 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot scotia
bank closed its new kingstown branch this morning after one of the two
confirmed local coronavirus patients visited the branch and was in contact
with some staff members in a media release this morning the bank says as a
precaution staff members who came in contact with a person have been asked to
self isolate for 14 days Scotiabank a vice president of public
affairs and communications Yanique forbes patrick says the new kingstown
branch will be professionally cleaned and disinfected and will not reopen
until it is safe to do so she says the bank will be working with
the Ministry of Health to get staff members tested and ensure that all of
proper protocols are observed customers who need in branch services are being
asked to visit other branches that are convenient to them or use online
platforms in the meantime the government is warning that restrictions on public
gatherings will be heightened if local transmission of the kovat 19 virus is
detected a ban has already been imposed on public gatherings and permits for
events scheduled for the next two weeks have been canceled
Health Minister dr. Christopher Tufton said if test results do today confirm
that the virus is spreading locally the restrictions announced by the prime
minister will be enhanced and it is for a very simple reason it is not because
we want to restrict anybody’s rights to their choices in life it’s a simple
reason the formula for defeating this virus in the shortest possible time is
to reduce the risk of human to human transmission that’s really what it’s
about so the more you congregate the more you spread the less you congregate
the harder it is for the virus to spread know the government is awaiting five
test results and those results should be ready later today
and faced with the possibility of rapidly increasing cases of Kovan 19 in
Jamaica the Health Ministry has responded to concerns about its ability
to test multiple individuals chief medical officer dr. Jacqueline Bisset
McKenzie expressed confidence that the ministry will have adequate equipment to
handle the demand in addition to the kids that we have received from paho we
have firm commitment of another set of kids that are to arrive shortly and in
addition to that we have sought and have received confirmation of support from
the CDC in an evening testing in Jamaica so right now we do not perceive that
there is a shortage we are following or testing protocols
however those testing protocols will change as a number of cases increase she
was speaking at a press conference yesterday meanwhile Minister with
responsibility for education Cara Samira said increased cases and heightened
restrictions will force the closure of schools but ahead of that decision the
ministry has been insisting that schools remain open until further notice no
unscrupulous persons have been circulating releases purporting to be
from the government advising that schools are closed
apart from debunking that notice the education minister says the protocols
the determine when schools will be closed have been developed he outlined
them to a reporter – and Hendricks cabinet has discussed the needed to
close the schools in light of confirmed cases of Koval 19 Prime Minister Andrew
Holness put parents on notice about the possibility his Education Minister Khar
amudha outlined the event that would trigger
such a decision once there is evidence of the virus being transmitted within
Jamaica Jamaican residents then it would
heighten the need for us to look more carefully at closing our schools and
that is something that is not a decision that is taken lightly
he said preparations I’ve started to ensure students get their lessons if
schools are closed teaching routine plays through electronic media such as
television internet and smartphones and the measures are being put in place to
ensure no student is left out part of the seven billion dollars are set aside
for the Corbett response we’ll go to the education sector to do that
but how long will the gates be closed we would have to look at the period within
which we do that it would be 14 days in the first instance that is the duration
of the virus so we would take it in in phases the first phase would be to do
that but only if it is being transmitted locally mr. Samaras said it may not be
necessary to close all schools at once he said if the Cova the 19 virus start
spreading he will make the determination on which schools to close
– and hendricks TVJ news and speaking of schools the Jamaica Teachers Association
president Owen Speed is expressing disappointment that they have not been
ordered closed mr. speed says following visits to several institutions and
consultations with teachers on Wednesday there’s no high level of anxiety in the
education sector that is not conducive to learning we can safely say that we
have had a spread of persons who came in on that flight and they are spread wide
and far across the island the teachers don’t know with whom those persons come
into contact and you know they they will have to be looking at themselves in a
serious way they will have to think about even their own children hence I
don’t believe that we should continue to have the schools owned at this time in
fact I believe that we should have an immediate closure so as to give space to
the Ministry of Health to conduct investigations and to do it’s quarantine
as well as its testing and I believe that that is the approach that we need
to take as a responsible Society meanwhile turnout at some schools in San
Thomas was low today due to fears of the corona virus at 8 o’clock this morning
only one student was present at Allis primer school the
administrative staff and some teachers were present principal of the nearby
Ellis high school mark maleva told our new center that only 10% of the student
population showed up for classes while about 70% of teaching staff were in
attendance a similar situation existed at V Moran to a high school where the
majority of teaching staff were present with a low student population the
school’s administration is in a meeting to assess the situation and at least one
high school is getting ready to utilize online classes should there be any local
transmission of the cove in nineteen the details in this report know that there
are two confirmed cases of the cove in nineteen in the country concerns of
heightened about transmission of the virus Minister with responsibility for
education cars amudha says schools will be closed if the authorities detect
local transmission of the corona virus as a result teachers at the st. Jake
high school in Spanish town st. Catherine are being trained to use the
school’s online portal in the event schools are ordered closed principal of
st. J go high call it Furtado price says the school will go fully online at that
time mrs. Furth ara price told our News Center
that a survey was conducted and gaps identified it to be much because it’s
something here at C Chico and so but we just want
to know where the gaps are we want everybody to be in tune with what’s
happening everyone to be on the same page to avoid the hiccups and of course
we will do the sensitization of our parents so that they can they can be
aware of exactly where to get the information where the students should be
getting the information just in case so we have to stay home web systems
administrator at st. Jo high school Shane Edwards says live teaching will
take place using YouTube and Google they would be able to do all their classes
online our teachers are trained to use live online classrooms or online
teaching methods as well as delayed methods so some of our teachers will
especially when it comes to the exam students behave in a live classes two
means like the YouTube live and Google meet as well as we are able to provide
learning through Moodle we have a Moodle platform that’s known as the San Jacob
really where teachers are able to set up their classes provide notes provide
training material and also able to test the students and provide them with
feedback so far one University has started using online media on Tuesday
the northern Caribbean University and Cu announced that it will now resort to
online lectures to a lake Ovid 19 concerns burns more TVJ news and we take
a break more news after these messages welcome back continuing the news finance
minister dr. Nigel Clark is defending the decision to roll back a general
consumption tax GCT this omits claims that a further increase in the income
tax threshold could have sufficed the minister was responding to journalists
that opposed the budget press briefing Wednesday morning
finance minister dr. Nigel Clark says the GCT rollback announced yesterday was
a strategic decision he says while consideration was given for income tax
give back it wouldn’t have benefited most
Jamaicans when you’re going to you know pay back seventy three billion dollars
having reintegrated public bodies and listed pub other public bodies on the
stock exchange it’s important that you find a channel through it that is as
broad as possible okay only 8,000 people or 90,000 people approximately please
approximately our pain part would benefit from a PID reduction where as
2.7 million people benefit from or what not pootle ransom but because they’re
children in that but everybody benefits from a GCT reduction and there’s a
imperative to be as broad as possible with a reduction that’s financed in this
way the minister admitted that giving up more of the revenue from income tax
could do more harm than good still accounts for multiple billions of
dollars so it’s not that simple to do away with this entirely that will have
to come in time at the same time he stressed that an income tax give back is
not off the table but he knows that it will have to be done in stages we can’t
do everything one time we do things in phases in 2016 and 2017 we would have
reduced dramatically sin a threshold which would have removed a couple of
hundred thousand people out of the scope of income taxes and you know we have one
of the highest thresholds in the in the Caribbean the last time
the government gave an income tax relief was in 2017 when the threshold was
raised to 1.5 million dollars benefiting about four hundred and sixty nine
thousand Jamaicans and relatedly TVJ news meanwhile the government will be
rolling out an 800 million dollar social pension for the elderly in his opening
budget presentation the finance minister also announced the cut in the asset tax
and fees associated with agriculture more from an tourism one such direction
debt payment Jamaica has been able to repay more than planned leading to a few
give backs in addition to a 1.5 percent cut in GCT bringing it to 15 percent the
asset tax on financial institutions has also been cut in half to 0.25 percent
for micro small and medium sized enterprises we introduce for the very
first time in Jamaica mr. speaker the MSME tax credit that will provide a tax
credit of three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars to every micro small
and medium-sized business that files taxes those who do business with the Jamaica
agricultural commodities regulatory authority will also pay less fees that
is persons in the cocoa coconut coffee and spice in the meanwhile where the
some Jamaicans being unable to participate in the National Insurance
Scheme government will be rolling out an 800 million dollar social pension for
the elderly because it would create a gully intervention program we’ll also
common stream to clean up gullies across the island which are difficult if not
impossible for garbage trucks to go we train them as environmental wardens and
tasked them to supervise the solids which side with management that program
will be managed by the national solid waste management authority Andrea
Chisholm TVJ news can offer sports goals from Jourdain Fletcher and kemar
Beckford carried the record voice to a tune in win over Bermuda in their
friendly International on Wednesday night at the Montego Bay Sports Complex
Fletcher gave the Jamaicans the lead in the 41st minute with his first goal for
the country before Beckford scored on debut in the 79th minute
Beckford is the leading scorer in the RS PL with 14 goals so far the results saw
the reggae boys extend their unbeaten run to seven matches while also
remaining unbeaten against the mob units in the international matches the
head-to-head now stands at four wins three draws and no defeats in favor of
the reggae boys and that’s the midday news on Vashon
Brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the new sports
and production teams have a good afternoon

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