So *music* oh my [music lyrics Man I’ve been fearless, I let ’em feel this
You know I spit it, no cap when I kill this] yoooooooooooooooooo This kid got DINKED Bro, I am sorry USECODE FE4R (captions by BC_Colby) ( lyric captions by Marvin Brown Jr) [ lyrics yuh
Stack it up and then I double it
No time for mumbling
Show ’em where trouble is
Been on my team, plotting my things
Living my dreams, yeah it’s obscene IN THE ITEM SHOP i love u:( why u, why u bully me 🙁 *scenario* YASS, Yas oh my – Aight, bro it’s been fun, but like I gotta go bruh im lazy :C *sad music* deafult:pleaeee You follow me I’m tik-tok kill me kill kill me Sub to Xd VDog2008 DANIEL YOU NEED TO CREDIT credit to Xd VDog2008 😛 sub to him even he is suck – dont listen to them guys No, I love you too, dude! -i this guy dude, come on, let’s go Shh I See him right there there. I see them. I see em, I see hm. There’s another thief. Oh, I im lazy i dint put anything in the rest of the vid 😛 bye Got it. I got it. Dude. Someone else here though, Oh No So besides- WE’RE STRAIGHT UP TEAMING! This is illegal. I’m gonna get BANNED! We can’t be doing this nice Tux hating me dude. Please. Don’t report me [little thing thing ahh sub plzty] Can’t do it bro. What the freea? I can’t do it. Hey, bro, come here Take those but I gotta go. All right. Goodbye. I gotta go. I gotta go dude. morgan freeman voice *I caN SMell u Noo.. stop stop stop. Don’t follow me, but leave me alone. No, stay back, stay back! Get away from me look at him dude, look at him. He’s so innocent look at em’! I feel so bad oof So sorry, I’mma add him. Friend request sent. Come on accept it right? I have no friends. Come on accept accept my friend request. Y E S Hello whoa My guys that a connect mic in 2019. Oh I’m sorry for killing you Thank you, thank you thank you. I just want to say sorry for killing you it’s okay HUHHHH! Thank You 🙂 (he sounds nice) You’re welcome, you’re welcome. Do you have rare skin? Rare skins? ummmmmmmmmmmmm, no Hey, thank you’re better thannnnn.. Than who? NINJA? LET’S GO BABYYYYY! It’s a default YAaaH Hey rabbit drink the potion *just walks away* Nope Let’s go come on you want a gun? There’s a chest open the chest open the chest *default*:yup Thank you. I’ll take that He’s so mad wait come back here, where do you go I lost him. Oh, he got a gun he got a gun brother Look at him , LOOK AT EM! (I’ve got you in my sights) His sens is so low you can’t turn around fast enahAHAH Oh someone else is here! Someone else. *plays like a god* Default I got it bro. Default? Default? Brotherr, what’s up? My guy! Ohh snap We got this bro. Keep shooting. We’ll find them. I I can’t lose you Come on, bro. We got this. We’ll win together you and I Oh come. Oh, I’m gonna die. I’m actually gonna die. Stop stop Hello? Friendly? Friendly? DEafult DAnces He’s friendly, let’s go you want a sniper? I’m sorry, you don’t that’s all you doc. Thank you so much. Sorry, bro. Well, good luck. Good luck, brother. You got this, bro I believe in you. I don’t believe it. She’s gonna die right away Target neutralized BRO NOOOOOO IM CRYING AND SHAKING Whatsup dude? you got nowhere to go, you’re TRAPPED AHH HELP, HEEELP really more bass OK Yeah, aight bruh, get out get out get OUT OF MY HOUSE Bro stop running away *ded* sup, kid? THIS KID’S BACK? OH, STAY AWAY FROM MEE WHY ARE YOU BACK? LEAVE Rev’ up those fry- Bro.. Bro! (Rev’ up those fryers!) we’re not friends. No, no I’m sorry, bro, I’m sorry, but like no I gotta go, alright? stay away from me. BRO, Stay away from me Alright we lost him Are you kidding me bro this kid still following me? Why does everyone want to team with me dude? They’re spectating me, bro Not this again. Oh OH my God (*crys*) NoooOOO My got DROPPED. Hey, bro, I’ll avenge your death don’t even worry about it. Where’d he get sniped from? Hey, fight me That was my man’s my man’s, man’s, man’s, man’s, SHOW YOURSELF. I see him It was him! He had the sniper I got you. he’s watching me too, I think. Hey, bro. I love you (ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE) What the.. WHAT THE?! Bro, you’re dead you’re in the storm. There’s no way he survives that, there’s no way. he has to be dead, right? Is he dead? He died. This ma- Ahahachaha, This man died. Look at him dude, look at him. He’s so adorable. Sah, bra? Where’s he at? You see em’? Where’d he go? What are you doing? What’s this guy doing bruh? Let’s go baby! He won! Frankie, FRANKIE! Zero kills? it don’t matter though. He’s loaded, he got the win. That’s all that matters. I’m proud of you, dude. FRANKIEEEEE! This guy dude. My guy! I’ve got you in my sights.. Bro, this kid’s nasty! This kid’s insane! LOOK AT HIS ACCURAC-ehehe How are you this good?! My man got the aimbot and everything! Like, AHAHhEHEHE This kid missed every shot. OH MY GO- NOOO, why’d you kil- really? really? nah bruh. Who did that? YOU? Yo. aim assist, where you at bro? where you are when i need you? Finally Whoa, come on with the- aight, three, two, – no, no, bro. Come on, three two one now Okay, one two three not three. Let’s go baby. Yeah chef Hey, you’re ruining it. You’re ruining it. Get out of here get outta here, you bum. get out I already 1 2 3 bro. You’re so late 1 what are you doing? You buy good? Sup, dawg? Edit it, kid, edit it, c’mon, be a man. Well, I got ammo for days, so… myth Bro bro, stop being a nerd Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KI- AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING, TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING, TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING, TACTICAL NU- WHAAAAAAAT? Not the Kobe’s, not the Kobe’s not the grenades please stop stop stop stop stop STOP, HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE? HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE? Stop, chill? THESE GUYS (got) MORE GRENADES? WHAT THE F- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH Not the RPG, not the- STAAAAAHP, I don’t like you Sup, brotherrrr? I just got finessed. I just got absolutely FinNEEE- Oh my god! Want more? 3 a peice! All right, five left I’m ready, I got math (??) I got the best loot in the game NOTHING CAN STOP M- Of course, bro of COUR- Fearless, I let em’ feel this, I spit it, no cap, when I kill this, This with its words for better being field trip, stack it up and then I double it, no time for mumblin’ Show em more trouble, it’s real, my team, fightin’ my days, livin’ my dreams, yeah it’s obcene.. sub to g01denboi,BC Colby we made the subtitles and FEARLESS (code FE4R in item shop :0 )

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