Secrets of Coaching (World Volleyball Show 2019)

Secrets of Coaching (World Volleyball Show 2019)

I walk and after in the last moment I run. Please, I don’t want to look at me because I’m beautiful. But it’s important that you look at me. After you look… When I speak, please look at me, because it’s more important to understand. From the very beginning of World Volleyball Coaches Show 2019 was totally clear that a great event was ahead of us. But
how did everything start? My trip to Ostrava got underway from Sofia Airport with a flight to Bratislava, Slovakia. Then I took a night bus to Ostrava
and arrived there in the early morning of the given day. After a decent walk along the streets of the Czech city I reached the venue where the event should have been held. So gentlemen, once again welcome!
Thank you for the visit and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here, in the Czech Republic. The first speaker was Massimo Barbolini – five times champion of Italy as a coach eight times holder of the Italian Cup
four times winner in the Champions League two times European champion with
the Italian national team (women). During the show Mr. Barbolini explained his views on transition and blocking and presented a handful of exercises which shall improved the players’ ability in those two elements Ok, there are many theories. But I think – the more important what I like to teach to a young player is – if the ball moves close to the net, close to the net – is the right one (leg) in front. If the ball moves far from the net – is the left one. Ok? So, please, make more repetitions about this. Because with the young players it’s very important from the beginning that they know the different situations. If I have for example in position 6, if I have to defend fast ball maybe touched by the block and long ball I must stay in another position. But about the arms I think that you have to think that the ball arrives immediately. If the ball is easier, after you have time to do it like this. So, for me – in my opinion, what I try to teach is this position. This position of the arms, ’cause you have time immediately – the ball is really strong, You’re immediately in this position and the ball goes high. Because this is really important. We need that they touch the ball. You don’t work a lot for individual technic if you make one exercise, they jump and the spiker doesn’t want that they touch the ball. If they have to work block they have to touch the ball. In the beginning of the exercise. This is really important. So for that reason it’s important that if the level of the players is not so high in the beginning must be the coach who attacks against the hands of the player. Because if they jump, jump, jump and one ball goes to the one side. one ball goes in the net, one ball goes out. They are not working to block, they are working to jump. It’s a different thing. So, this concept is very important. If I work for the block the
players must touch the ball more times then it’s possible. Second thing – really important for me and for the young teams is the net. Ok, you can put the net lower. You must I think put the net lower. Mr. Barbolini was also very kind to speak in front of the camera of “Volleyball Explained”. In terms of style of playing do you think that men’s and women’s volleyball are getting close one to each other? In terms of power etc.? Ok, for the power – for sure. The difference is big. But also, now – in women volleyball too the power is increasing for sure. But I think that sometimes in women volleyball we try to copy what happens in men’s volleyball. And I don’t think that it is every time so correct. There are different situations but I think
that at the end is the same sport so we have to work in the same way. Considering the different possibility from the physical point of view, from the
technical point of view of men and women but I don’t see a big difference – okay for
the power for sure about the power we know. but if we look 10 years ago, 10 years later – for sure women’s too is changing. Why do you think that
women’s volleyball is more popular in Italy than in other countries, at least
in my opinion? Yes, for sure but I think that at the
end the secret is the results because from 2007 when we start to win European
championship two times, World Cup two times and now this national team is going, is
going second in world championship –
is normal I think that this is really important the result of national team and the
result of the club are connected and so also for the girls that start to play is
very important, but in all the sport for the in Italy was the same for ski was the
same for tennis when you have some player or some national team that are
leading in world or in Europe is normal that there are more players to the start
to this game and in for women is what happened And last question – what do you
think is the biggest difference between coaching men and respectively women. I don’t think that there is one difference. I don’t want to think that there is difference. I don’t want to think… For me the same when I work I
work with professional players – men or women and that’s all. The second speaker was Javier
Weber – four years head coach of the Argentinian national team man, six times
champion of Argentina with Bolivar. Mr. Weber gave detailed explanations on side-out and defense and showed several useful exercises. It’s very, very important. Very important – it’s enjoy the volleyball. Enjoy the volleyball. I worked… I work in Argentina. But I worked many years in Brazil. In Brazil everyone says: You need to be friend to the ball. Every day and every moment. This is your court, this is my court. Back. This – not this. This. More down, more down. Only this – pass. Play, play – one zero for me. One – one. Let’s go. Let’s go. Two – two. Two – two. One more, one more. Three – two. Play, let’s go. Play one on one. Let’s go. Little situations like this. Side-out for the setter distribution… if you want to ask something is no problem, no problem. I divide for my setter the area in three parts. Position 2, position 3, position 4. Perfect reception… When the ball arrives in position 2 is the rule the middle blocker goes near to the setter. Near. No stopping the middle. The reception is this. Not stop here, coming. It’s not possible to attack down, it’s only possible to attack long or to attack in this direction. Not possible. For middle blockers attack down is not possible. Ok? Position 2. What is… for everyone… What is the free zone every time in defense? The free zone? Every time. For the coaches – what is the free zone? You remember what – to some opponent – to the free zone. In defense. Free space. Free zone. 5 and 6. Some time yes, some time – no. But sure in position 1 – this zone. It’s every time free. Because the setter, the opposite every time is this first tempo. Or here to the line. For the first tempo every time position 1 is free zone. After finishing his part he shared his
views on the differences between European, South American and Asian volleyball styles of playing. I think in Europe it’s more physical. Volleyball is more physical. Volleyball is more stronger, attack and service. In South America – Brazil or Argentina it’s more technic, less physical and little more technic. More in attack, more playing the second ball, play with the block many times It’s priority defense, the quality of the ball, too much like here in Europe. It’s not too much different like some place or another place. I think in Argentina it’s little more technic. In Europe it’s little more physical. And what do you think about this switch in Asia – for example China? They are playing more European way of… I think it’s a mix. In China, in Asia the volleyball is not much physical, little more technic. But I think it’s a mix because the foreigners… These tournaments have many, many foreigners and many, many foreigners win. Volleyball changes, changes too much – also in Asia. For me the volleyball is only one, only one. I think in Europe you have more power, more physical… And in other countries you have more technic for recompense. In the little situations. You said that Argentina is playing more technical. Because I’m Bulgarian – do you think this is the reason why we play very hard against you. We play more fast, we play less physical like Bulgaria. I have many, many Bulgarian players in my team – like Aleksiev, like Penchev. It’s not too much different. Because Bulgaria have many good players. Many good players, good technic. And strong players, very strong players. I think in Argentina we play another volleyball in sense – more defense, the ball is more time like in another countries – like Italy, Bulgaria, like I don’t know – Russia. The ball is 20 seconds, 30 seconds… In Argentina maybe in one minute and have more rallies. This is only the difference. The third speaker was Marian Jelinek –
mental coach and a former personal coach of Jaromir Jagr – one of the greatest ice
hockey players of all time. Mr Jelinek explained that from mental point of view
a player should forget about himself and starts playing for every single player of
the team. In this regard a team that works together is worth more than the
players as separate persons. Players should have a mutual target and every
success, every victory enhance this process. After the event I made a short
interview with Mr. Jiri Popelka – founder of and organizator
of the show. It was a great event. Are you happy with the results of your efforts? Yes, we are happy that so many coaches came to the Czech Republic for the
second time because we would like to do this event for the coaches and I am
happy that we get more than 200 coaches here seeing these top three coaches and
they show them what they know the best and I hope that it will help to the
coaches to develop their players and so What are your plans for next year? Yeah, we have big plans, we want to even make it better the event the World Volleyball
Coaches Show. I have already in my mind some coaches which we could invite for
the next year and next year for sure we will continue with this, because we are
satisfied with these results and the people and that the coaches are coming
to this event because this year we had coaches from 14 countries and this is
encouraging us into the future to make even better show.

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