Secrets of Spin Net EXPOSED | BG Badminton

Secrets of Spin Net EXPOSED | BG Badminton

When you see that net shot(spin net), it makes
you go wow. And before you know it, you’re screwed, literally. *Intro music* Hey, everyone, this is Gerald from BG Badminton,
in this video, we’re going to be talking about the spin net, how do you do it? Can anyone do it? In this video, we are going to expose the
secrets of how to do the spin net effectively. So if you haven’t already, you should check
out the tutorial on how to do the net shot, because before you can do the spin net shot. Well… you need to know how to do the net
shot properly first right? So, how do you do the spin net shot, the trick
is actually really simple. All you have to do is to just hit the shuttle
by the sides, so normally when you do a simple net shot, you just touch the shuttle over. But when you want to do a spin net, here’s
where you need to hit the shuttle. By the sides By the sides Alright? So once you hit the shuttle by the sides,
the shuttle will naturally spin, okay let me give you an example, you see ah. Saw how the shuttle spin, I just hit it by
the side Spins Alright? Even if I don’t move my racket, I throw the
shuttle towards the racket, you saw how the shuttle spins? Again You saw that? One more time Oops, that’s a bad one, you saw how the shuttle spins So the magic, in essence, is really hitting
the shuttle by the sides. So let’s put it into practice, how do you
go about doing it, the particular drills you can do learn how to do the spin net shot. Okay, so the first thing you can do is called
the multi-shuttle drill. Get a friend to help you throw the shuttle
and then you just practice the spin net. Most importantly, the spin net is not about
this movement. It’s about the contact point, once you get
the contact point right, the shuttle will spin. Doing this follow through movement only helps
to increase the spin, it doesn’t actually make the shuttle spin. So we need to get that out of the way. And let’s begin. *Upbeat music* Spin Notice how I touch It’s the contact point Notice it’s the contact point I didn’t actually follow through alright? Okay so now I’ve tried to spin it even harder
by adding a little bit of follow through. Here’s another drill you can do So apart from the multi shuttle drill, here’s
another drill you can do at the convenience of your home. So all you have to do is grab a few shuttles
and you can practice spin net by yourself! Here’s how you can do it *Upbeat music continues* So this drill is slightly more advanced (than
the multi shuttle) so what you need to do, is to be able to spin the shuttle in all directions. Sideways, left, right, forward, backward,
okay? Now I’m struggling because I’m restricted
to this area(video frame), I can’t move around. So you need to spend a lot of time to practice
this, move around, try to get the spin in different directions and once you’ve mastered
this Then finally you can move on to the most difficult
part of the spin net training. For those of you who are more advanced, you’ll
realize that the past two drills that I’ve been showing you are not really that practical
in game. Even if you’ve learned the techniques, it’s
very difficult to apply them in court, when you’re actually playing against an opponent. So here is the secret, of the secret. The trick to actually bringing the spin net
skill into the game is doing this particular drill. To really master the spin net, you gotta be
able to drop and spin net exercise very effectively. Once you can do this particular drill, you’re
gonna be able to do the spin net in game when receiving a service and a lot of other situations. You know when I was training, what I liked
to do was… that we had to challenge each other. The goal of the person training is that we
need to kill the other person. So to kill the other person means that we
have to not make mistakes and your shuttle has to really spin very well because my opponent
is a very good player, so if I don’t spin the shuttle nicely, he’s going to clear all
the way to the back. So that was how I practiced in the past. I hope you’ve mastered the secrets, we’ve come to the end of the video and be sure to smash that subscribe button if you haven’t already,
and download our free basic badminton checklist over at our website. And I’ll see you in our next video.

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