Sehwag 219 runs in 149 Balls against West Indies || Virender Sehwag Double century Highlights

Sehwag 219 runs in 149 Balls against West Indies || Virender Sehwag Double century Highlights

Virendra Sehwag Double Century

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  1. All bcz of politics of dhobi.. veeru paji miss u

  2. no batsman in the world like Viru ji…. miss him so much.


  4. Dislikers are definitely from 'D' gang. I mean disliker gang. I am not talking about any player. ?

  5. East or west sewagh is the best

  6. Je dhoni sehwag nal poltics na khelda ta sehwag carrier enni jaldi khatam nhi hunda c shi k nhi

  7. Shewag jaisa dulai duniya me koi nai Kar sakta

  8. Jab se viru ne khelna chhoda lakho logo ne cricket dekhna chhoda shi k nhi

  9. Miss you viru darling

  10. I liked the video wen u played vande madharam at back ground

  11. The man who made the boring test cricket interesting

  12. I think after retriment of Gilly sehwag Afridi and Sanath Cricket is not more entertaining game …….

  13. 15 Over me 100 par ab kaha dekhne Ko milti hai ?? Miss you Pajji ?

  14. 1st player who score 219 in cricket history in odi match

  15. excellent and good sportsmanship shown by opponent team

  16. अब ऐसा सहवाग दसको तक नही मिलेगा जिसने गेंदबाज को रोने के लिए मजबूर कर दिया हो

  17. Legend ? batsman ?

  18. India cricket team greatest batsman…

  19. Sehwag sar your are get✋✋✋

  20. When Ganguly took retirement I stopped watching cricket. Then oneday my cousin was watching cricket I was just there and saw sehwag smashing the bowlers. I really liked his hits. Guess what,? I started watching cricket again because of sehwag. And, oneday sehwag took retirement. I stopped watching cricket second time. Then again oneday… I saw rohit sharma's batting. I really like his pull shots. I still watching it because of Hitman.

  21. rohit sharma was at the 2nd end

  22. Completes most of his 50s and 100s with a boundary…Never nervous of playing any shot

  23. Wtf is that music… It's unnecessary

  24. Out hote hi match khatam kar diya.. Due to this use hand shake ✋ ?????

  25. True sportsman spirit displayed by the WI players when Viru gets dismissed. Those were the days!!! ☺️

  26. Rohit sharma was at non strikers end..??

  27. 4:22 us din Rohit ne faisla le liya – asli swag to 200 run marne mai hai! ?

  28. सबका बाप

  29. Kis kis ko lagta tha ki sehhwag har ball pe marega six ya four ?????

  30. 4:22 to ye hai Rohit ke teen 200+ runs ki paariyon ka raaz ?

  31. Best batsmen in the world viru miss you…… No one replace u

  32. If bowler have pace, attitude, sewing, he break everything he his a most dangerous batsman India ever produced

  33. He is a devil in cricket

  34. Goosebumps when all players from opposite side came to congratulate Legendary Sehwag…

  35. Stupid background music

  36. Brilliant, fearless, dynamic, out of the world, sheer talent, divine & unmatchable.. Viru is the all time great.. Jai Hind?? Rohit Hitman Sharma watching from the non striker's end truly got inspired by Sehwag & is now marching ahead on making double hundreds record… Already 3 double ton & still counting.. Rohit will easily reach 15000 ODI runs before end of his career..

  37. why would you add that irritating background music on these vids? It's making the vid unwatchable

  38. 19 is unlucky number of sehwag

  39. Miss you dashing batsmen viru


  41. Man who i loved the most in cricket… danger man sehwag

  42. Kise pta tha rohit ko itna feel hoga ki vo 3 double hundred bnayega ?

  43. Shewag and sanath ?

  44. Always miss u viru

  45. He made all records because he was not playing for records….I stopped watching cricket since he retired.

  46. Real fan are those who still loves VIRU.

  47. Sehwag you are really daring and dashing hero of Cricket world.
    I proud of you as a Indian

  48. West Indies players are congratulating veeru, it's the reason why they has 0 haters.

  49. 5:50 – sehwag ::: saala aaj 250 banaiye dete hain????

  50. 4:23 Rohit Ko nai pata ki aage woh usse jyada marega…264

  51. Love You Viru Paji

  52. good batsman but bad attitude

  53. India ko sehwag ke jaise indian team me 11 sehwag chahiye…

  54. Rohit hugs sehwag and hit three 200+
    That's the power of sehwag

  55. Miss your playing

  56. What the fucking background music

  57. Mujhe ye samjh me nhi aa raha ki ye chutiye hai Kon jinhone dislike kiya

  58. Aap jesa pleyar koi nahi hai aapka andaaj hi aalag tha betting करने का

  59. Rohit take over from there .
    Great inspiration

  60. Hit man Rohit is sehwag's fan……

  61. sehwag is the best player in the world and my hero

  62. Rohit Sharma witnessing this great moment from Non-Striker end.

    Rohit:- Viru Paji strike change ab Meri Bari ??????

  63. Most dangerous batsmen in his time

  64. குழந்தை மனம் வேறு எதுவும் சொல்ல வார்த்தையில்லை

  65. Strange thing but rohit sharma was there when sehwag completed his 200 nd rohit broke his record

  66. Sewag is the greatest batsman India has produced after 90s

  67. Cricket king Sehwag ji we miss you present cricket love you brother Ur rock

  68. Miss those days???

  69. Fan ka apaman Kiya I think sahabag is boustfull

  70. Wat a man!!! Hitting 4 when he s fifty . 4 when hundred and even 4 while 200 edge❤️. It's proud . Indians shine all around the world❤️❤️❤️

  71. if sehwag gumbhir yuvraj were playing in 2015,2019 cup we would have won

  72. He was treat to watch in test matches also

  73. 6:26 a budding legend enter'd ? into the ground

  74. sehwag is a great & fast batsman of india … ✋✋✋

  75. Veeru does it with boundaries ,it's pleasure to watch Veeru batting, never mis when Veeru on screen

  76. ऐसा खुला बल्ला चलाने की औकात इस टीम में किसी की नही। ये जाट का जिगरा है दोस्तो

  77. Who Is The Best

  78. West Indian cricketers are really Gentlemen..
    After Sehwag was dismissed they came and congratualeted him for his great innings.

  79. Who is best opener for India Rohit vs Shewag

  80. Kya bat hain paji… Good

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