Sensitivity vs. Custom Binds – What Matters More? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Sensitivity vs. Custom Binds – What Matters More? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be tackling a pretty popular question regarding fortnite, how important really are
things like sensitivity, settings, binds, deadzones, or anything else similar to that. It’s kinda become somewhat of a meme in the
Fortnite community how obsessed people are with trying to find the perfect sensitivity
and settings. Sometimes you’ll see a player make a really
nice play on stream, and then a bunch of people in the chat will jokingly spam !sens or !settings. And I specifically remember after bugha won
the world cup, even when he wasn’t live people would spam those commands every few seconds,
but that obviously wasn’t a joke they just actually wanted to know his settings. Now, I don’t think anyone truly believed that
all they had to do was copy bugha’s settings to be as good as him, but it just goes to
show how much people care about stuff like that. So that’s what we’re going to be discussing
in this video today, and without further ado let’s get right into it. Alright so let’s start this video off by first
talking about sensitivity. Out of all the different settings in Fortnite,
I would say that sensitivity is probably the one that gets the most attention. But the question is, does it really deserve
it. Now what some people will tell you about sensitivity
is something along the lines of “oh it really doesn’t matter at all, as long as you find
a value you’re comfortable with that’s all that matters at the end of the day.” And even though there is some truth to that,
I definitely don’t fully agree with that specific statement. First off, there is definitely a quote unquote
“meta” range of sensitivity values in Fortnite. I can’t speak for mouse and keyboard or mobile
players, but on controller that meta sensitivity range for legacy sensitivity is 6-8 X and
Y, and for linear it’s roughly 40-60% for horizontal and vertical look sensitivity. And the way you can tell those values are
so ideal, is because if you take a look at the sensitivity values of all the top controller
players, I’d guess around 90% of them fall into that range that I just described. And the reason why that’s important, is because
I’ll see people ask questions all the time, not even specifically to me just in general
where they go: “I play on 5 X 5 Y sensitivity and I feel pretty comfortable with it, but
it seems like everybody plays on a higher sens than me so should I change it?” Now like I alluded to, what a lot of people
would say is basically “hey bro, you’re comfortable with that, why risk it and switch to something
new.” But I actually disagree, I think on 5-5 sensitivity,
you’ll probably feel really comfortable controlling it because it’s so low, but at the same time,
even though it may not be super noticeable when you’re playing, it’s just really hard
to track players in chaotic fights on a low sensitivity like that. And sure at first if you switch to something
a little higher and preferably in that meta sensitivity range, will you feel less comfortable
at first? Of course, but you’re gonna be much better
in the long run once you get used to it. However as long as you’re inside that ideal
range of sensitivity, I don’t think that 1 players sensitivity can necessarily be quote
unquote better than anybody else’s. So sensitivity definitely is important don’t
get it twisted, but I’d say it’s importance is also a little overrated. Moving on, the next thing I wanna talk about
in this video are custom binds. And maybe this is a bit of an unpopular opinion,
but I personally believe that custom binds are actually more important when it comes
to being a good player than sensitivity is. And here’s basically my reasoning for that. With sensitivity there’s always a trade off
when you raise or lower it. Obviously when you make your sensitivity higher,
you can move around and track players quicker, but you’re likely to be less accurate. And on the flip side, when you move your sensitivity
down it’s the opposite of that. Because of that, it’s impossible to say that
7 sensitivity is definitely better than 6.5 for example. However with custom binds that isn’t really
the case. The entire goal of custom binds in Fortnite
or really any video game for that matter, is to limit the amount of movement you have
to make with your fingers to do certain actions. For example, if your edit button is Y/Triangle
and you hold the controller normally, every time you want to make an edit, you’re gonna
need to move your thumb from the right thumbstick/r3 to y/triangle, and then move it back. That’s a pretty significant amount of movement,
and that’s why I’ve said in the past that it’s a bad edit bind to use. And keep in mind that’s just 1 bind of many
important ones that players typically customize such as: reset edit, confirm edit, switch
mode, pulling out your pickaxe, etc etc. So there really is a noticeable difference
between a very efficient set of custom binds with minimal finger movement, and a very bad
set of binds where your thumbs and pointer fingers are moving around everywhere each
time you need to do something. This may sound a bit odd, but I think a good
comparison for the importance of custom binds is a shooter in basketball having a fundamentally
sound jumpshot. Are there some players out there that are
pretty good shooters with some funky looking jumper that’s just totally fundamentally wrong,
yeah sure. But those guys are exceptions most of the
time, and in 99% of players, a broken jumpshot totally limits their ceiling as a shooter. It’s the same way with bad binds in Fortnite,
but instead of not being able to hit 3s at a high clip, you’re gonna struggle to edit
at a fast speed. The next thing I want to discuss the importance
of in Fortnite are the various gameplay settings. And what I mean by this are all the things
under control options when you open the settings menu in fortnite such as: sprint by default,
confirm edit on release, builder pro builds immediately and the 10+ other things that
you can turn on or off. Now the majority of these settings honestly
either aren’t super impactful or are just no brainers to keep on. I mean what kind of player would ever turn
off aim assist or even builder pro builds immediately and unless you play a lot of creative,
who cares if turbo delete in creative mode is set to of. But there are about 4-6 of these settings
that really can make a difference in your gameplay. And just as an example: Some of the ones that
we’ve gone in-depth about before include: confirm edit on release, auto open doors,
edit mode aim assist, and a few others. Now these settings are definitely more like
sensitivity than custom binds, in the sense that it’s more preference than actually measurable
that 1 option is better than the other. I mean I made an entire video on my channel
a few weeks ago about just confirm edit on release,,, and what you saw in that video
was that a lot of people really enjoy that setting think you should use it, while other
people think it’s worse than just editing regularly. So as long as you’re using all the fairly
obvious and necessary settings, I’d say that custom binds and sensitivity are both more
important. And the final thing we’re going to talk about
in this video is the importance of deadzones. Deadzones for controller players probably
don’t get enough attention for how important they are as it relates to sensitivity to general
accuracy. Recently a lot of players have been switching
between legacy and linear settings for a variety of different reasons. And since the aiming mechanics are very different
between those options, a lot of players struggle when they switch, and go crazy making constant
dramatic changes to their sensitivity values. That usually isn’t a great idea, so one of
the ways you can kinda prevent that is by instead making smaller changes to your sensitivity
while also messing with your deadzones. As I’m sure most of you guys know by now,
when you raise your deadzone values, it leads to your stick being a little less responsive
to super slight movements, which will make all your sensitivities feel a bit slower. And obviously lower deadzones will do the
opposite. So one example of why this is important, is
because I know a lot of linear players that have copied sensitivity values from somebody
else, but then forgot to look at their deadzones. So the player they were copying from would
have like a 0.3 right stick deadzone, and they’d have maybe 0.05 or .10. So while small changes in deadzones aren’t
super impactful or important, you still definitely want to be paying attention to them. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Out of everything that we discussed in this
video so: sensitivity, custom binds, gameplay settings, and deadzones, which do you feel
is the most important when it comes to be being a successful fortnite player? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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