Serving Secrets Revealed Preview – Table Tennis

Serving Secrets Revealed Preview – Table Tennis

Serving is an essential skill in table tennis.
So how good are your serving skills? Do your serves help you win points? Olympian Jeff
Plumb and Olympic coach Alois Rosario present this series of clearly structured lessons
to help you develop your skills when serving. Whether you are a back yard player or a tournament
competitor this video will give you fascinating insight into some top table tennis serving
secrets. So go to our website at and purchase your copy of serving secrets
revealed today.

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  1. Have you got/heard of a net which you can practice with? They are soooo good to practice serves. I did 100 balls on each of my good serves (only 3 hehe) and they're phenomenal, well for a district division 3 player xD.

  2. exelente!! a ver si algún diía me sale el truco jeje..

  3. The key to a good serve, is variation. These types of serves allow you to subtly change the speed, spin and placement of each serve making it difficult for the returner.

  4. the ultra backspin serve looks deadly

  5. the ball is to hit the table once when you serve you guys cant serve and dont sell stuff you cant do right

  6. Congratulations! Keep working hard to improve.

  7. We haven't noticed any problems with the site from Australia. Are you still having problems? Is anyone else having problems accessing the site?

  8. they ARE serving correctly…in fact these pendulum and reverse pendulum serves are deadly and i m trying to work on these myself 🙂

  9. The video does cover the backhand serve. Take a look at our website if you are interested in seeing the contents.

  10. i used to spend ages on my serves but im currently having porblems with bakcspin sidespin serves….

    its annoying…

  11. i have benn working on the serve you showed uss in this vid, and i think im starting to get the hang of it. So plz keap upp the god work and make even more nice vids

  12. It is a teaching aid we use to help describe where to hit the ball to produce different types of spin.

  13. disagree with that, backhand serves are much more effective, and any serve you can do penhold, you can do shakehand.

  14. yes 200 kmph the fastest ball in table tenns was 150 kmh u idiot

  15. i just got my ping pong table today and i was so suprised at how my dad can serve so well. but he dousnt serve slow like this, but he still has an insane amount of curve. why dont you serve fast?

  16. I once served a pingpong ball into a guys mouth…he almost died. Pingpong can be deadly !!! You have been warned.

  17. Thats at dangdelong 😀

  18. because if you serve fast that enemy can smash it easily even it is low …
    when it got enough spin the enemy coulnt smash it

  19. serious?? oasis or something?

  20. yeahhh at oasis .. that place has a swimming pool to yeah? lool i play there somtimes lool

  21. fast serve is bad,cause your oponent can atack from fast ball

  22. yea thats true, but if you place a fast serve well i think only pros can return it. nobody attack a ball that flies to their backhand and that is like a few inches off the table. you would have to have a super fast reaction and be able to topspin like mad off a backhand.

  23. he didnt throw it up atleast 30 centimeters

  24. @SWDFGB Well considering these guys play for the olympics and alois plays for like australia, i think his is better:P

  25. @MrPandapwnage Don't be a douche dude, i think they are sightly better than you are:P

  26. @trttab123 dude i play table-tennis cups and tournaments don't teach me

  27. then get your facts right before you make claims. If anything you just embarrassed yourself.

  28. @trttab123 if everyone saying different how come u must have right ha?? and btw u probably just a douche who just watches table tennis at least i play world cups

  29. i just do not get it , secrets of whAT ?
    what is so special about this serving ..

  30. Does it also cover serves with penhold grip? I can't find any proper videos of it.

    Thanks in advance

  31. how much would a copy cost?

  32. @yobmas722 You can find out all the prices of our DVDs and memberships from our website. You can also ask us any questions there. Let me know if you need any more information.

  33. What is the serve called in this video?

  34. @Compantino What is the serve in this video called?

  35. This serve is called the Ma Lin Serve

  36. Whereabouts in Australia are you guys based?

  37. @Irfan87 Melbourne!

  38. how come tomahawk is so much better then pendelum but pendelum gets a lot more sidespin? does tomahawk put something else on it as well?

  39. @lolirockso The serves in themselves are no better than each other. What makes them better is how hard they are for your opponent to return. Some players will return the pendulum much easier than the Tomahawk and vice versa. You can add backspin or topspin to the Tomahawk by using a different angle when you contact the ball.

  40. @98nfsmw98 pendulumn serve

  41. I only know fast ball and fast screw ball

  42. @lolirockso for any serve it all depends on the server [+rubber]. some players might be comfortable with the pulling in of the wrist and prefer the pendulum serve while others might prefer the extending of the wrist for tomahawk. everyone is different and depending on your style, you will have some serves that produce more spin on the ball than others. also, there are always variations to both pendulum and tomahawk. you can always add a slight backspin 8P

  43. 0:22 how can you throw the ball so high and easily manage to execute the serve?

  44. @Prototype137 It just takes practice. A good idea is to start practicing this away from the table so you don't have the pressure of keeping the ball on the table. Once you are confidently hitting the ball you can move back to the table.

  45. What is the rule in serving with regards to the view of the ball during serving? Must the ball be seen at all times by the receiver or can the server hide the ball with his body to disguise the serve?

  46. @TheJohneezy The rules now state that the ball needs to be seen by the receiver. You are no longer allowed to hide the ball. It is however a difficult rule for the umpires to enforce.

  47. @pingskills Thank you for your help.

  48. @TheJohneezy You're welcome.

  49. When I use to play ping pong I would do this underhand curve and they wouldn't manage to get it off.I was so pro and I was only a kid,boy I haven't played in so long.

  50. Interesting serve you guys do,I use to curve the ball from the bottom and it was almost impossible for my opponent(s) to pick it up.

  51. @thelegendarylord Great!

  52. dont u have to hit the ball on your side then hit the ball on the opponents opposite side. if so then all those serves were illegal

  53. @thehuntinghunties Not in singles. You can serve from anywhere to anywhere!

  54. the first serve OMG:D

  55. do you need a good bat to maximise the effect of side spin pendulum serve?

  56. @azndung You sure do. You need a bat with a good grippy rubber. Once you've got a good rubber, then you need a fast brushing contact to generate lots of spin.

  57. @pingskills how much does the type of ball and table you play on effect the quality of the spin?

  58. @Lacross523 The quality of the rubber on the bat is the most important thing. If you don't have a good grippy rubber you won't be able to generate much spin.

  59. @pingskills could you recomend a good cheap bat that i could possibly buy off ebay. just for at home use nothing to flashy

  60. @Lacross523 We recommend the PingSkills Rook which you can get off our website. Otherwise choose a good Table Tennis brand like Stiga or Butterfly (there are heaps of other good brands too!). If you are buying a second hand bat though you need to make sure the rubber is not too old. Once the rubber loses it's grip you won't be able to generate any spin which is the key to good Table Tennis. As a general rule of thumb you need to change rubber every 80 playing hours.

  61. @huyiy Most blades are pretty similar thickness. Generally the rubbers are what makes the biggest difference. If you post a question on our website under ask the coach and give some more details we could open it up to our audience to see if we have anyone out there who has used your equipment.

  62. Thumbs up if you're a backyard player.

  63. is that a double?

  64. A double bounce? A serve that bounces twice on the table is a really effective serve as it makes it difficult for your opponent to attack.

  65. 0:35 thats how i serve

  66. what is the thing he is holding at 0:19

  67. We call it the spin wheel. It's just a CD with markings on it.

  68. the serve @ 0:27 ?? is that the tomahack top spin serve??? can it be done for the pen-holder grip as well???

  69. It is possible but it's quite awkward. The pendulum serve is much more common for the penhold grip.

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