Sesame Street: Twenty Love With Tony Danza

Sesame Street: Twenty Love With Tony Danza

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to
the Battle of the Sesame Street Stars. In the center court, we’re about
to see the long-awaited contest between top-ranking Big
Bird and the challenger, Tony Danza. The match is just
about to begin. [APPLAUSE] BIG BIRD: You all set, Tony? It’s your serve. TONY DANZA: I’m ready. Here we go. One. BIG BIRD: Two. TONY DANZA: Three. BIG BIRD: Four. TONY DANZA: Five. BIG BIRD: Six. TONY DANZA: Seven. BIG BIRD: Eight. TONY DANZA: Nine. BIG BIRD: Ten. TONY DANZA: Eleven. BIG BIRD: Twelve! TONY DANZA: Thirteen. BIG BIRD: Fourteen. TONY DANZA: Whoa, oh, oh– fifteen. BIG BIRD: Sixteen. TONY DANZA: Ooh. Seventeen. BIG BIRD: Eighteen. TONY DANZA: Ooh, that’s
a high one. Nineteen. Ha ha! BIG BIRD: Twenty! TONY DANZA: Oh! [CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: And that’s it,
ladies and gentlemen. That’s the match. Big Bird wins, and the
crowd goes wild! TONY DANZA: Good
game, Big Bird. BIG BIRD: Hey, thanks, Tony. Hey, listen, we’ll have to
play again sometime, OK? TONY DANZA: Yeah, yeah,
that’d be fun. But you think next time maybe
we could use a ball? BIG BIRD: A ball? You can play this game
with a ball, too? What will they think of next? TONY DANZA: Oh, Big Bird.

Comments (28)

  1. there is no ball

  2. tony danza is a jerk

  3. cool sharapova v danza!

  4. They say they have no ball at the end of the sketch…

  5. Tony looks every inch a 1980s tennis star.

  6. I miss "Who's the Boss?".

  7. 21. Tony has a Blackjack.

  8. I found one of those old wooden tennis rackets at my parent's house. Darn near broke my arm playing Tennis with it!

  9. Danza in his prime. What a legend

  10. I so remember this. It was funny.

  11. I remember this so well. 😀 <3 Tony still. 😀

  12. If there was no ball what was with the sound effects?

  13. @its4it It's their imagination.

  14. @rc100692 Silly me. I should have guessed it.

  15. Tennis with no ball using a badminton net in a squash court? Wow… even sesame street makes fun of racquet sports….

  16. I don't remember seeing this as a kid.  I stopped watching Sesame Street in 1983.  This was probably made later on.  With Tony Danza, it was probably done during his "Who's The Boss" days in the 80s.

  17. This very clip is how I came to know who Tony Danza was. Then I found out he starred in "Who's the Boss?" lol…This had to be made during those days too. I can tell by Tony's hair here 🙂

  18. I can't help but laugh out loud hearing the name Tony Danza.

  19. Tony Danza on Sesame Street.

  20. Tony must've taken a day off from his housekeeping duties at Angela Bower's house to play a little one-on-one with Big Bird.

  21. Sesame Street: Twenty Love With Tony Danza season 17 1985 1986

  22. I never knew Big Bird played tennis. I guess the song "What a Bird" was NOT written for nothing!

  23. The two funniest moments are at 1:01 and 1:06 for me!

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