Hello guys it’s Remus here bringing you the
Sett champion spotlight. He was just added to the PBE alongside 100
skins and I’m going to explain you everything he can do, after Aphelios, this guy seems
easy peasy lemon squeezy. I’m also going to show you his Mecha Kingdoms
skin at the end alongside the splash arts and lore, but for now let’s check the emotes
real quick and then get to the abilities. Alright so this guy is a top laner bruiser
fighter champion, he’s a Vastaya, kinda looks like a male Xayah too, his passive is that
he uses his left and right punches when hitting enemies and alternated between them, always
opening with the left punch and attack speed increases both of them. The left punch is a normal hit while the right
punch comes faster and deals bonus damage, the attack speed of this punch is 8 times
bigger than the normal one, and Sett will reset to the left punch if he doesn’t hit
with his right hand within 2 seconds of the first hit. You can cycle the hits of this one on multiple
enemies, he’s not set to just hit one guy, so you can do your first hit on one and then
quickly swap to another enemy for the faster punch. His second passive is that he gains additional
health regeneration for each 5% missing health. His Q makes him move faster for a bit if he’s
moving towards enemy champions and while this is active his next two basic attacks deal
bonus damage as well as a percentage of the target’s maximum health. Sett’s W unleashes a big punch in the selected
direction dealing true damage to the enemies in the center line and physical to those outside. Also, his abilities cost no resources to use
but he stores grit when taking damage. 100% of the damage taken is stored as grit,
capped at 50% of his health, and it decays quickly seconds after taking damage. He goes super saiyan if the bar is maxed. He also uses his grit as bonus damage if he
has any for the W, and after using it he gains a decaying shield equal to the grit used that
also decays very quickly. His E really sets an example of his enemies,
grabbing them and smashing their heads together. You can do this in any direction and he will
attempt to grab enemies on each side, if he just grabs enemies on one side they take damage
and are slowed, if he grabs at least one enemy on each side all enemies affected by this
ability are stunned for a bit. It works on minions as well and you can also
combine it minions + champions or jungle monsters and it also works through walls but he doesn’t
pull enemies over them. The Show Stopper is the ultimate, grabbing
an enemy champion and slamming the hell out of them into the ground. All enemies around the impact area take damage
increased by the grabbed enemy’s bonus health and get slowed. The closer they are to the impact zone the
more damage they take. This one does push them over walls and it
works with a lot of them, I will show you more in a minute. Maxing his abilities, the Q reduces the cooldown
and increases the max damage and base damage, W reduces the CD and increases base damage,
E reduces cooldown and increases base damage as well and same for the ultimate. Also his passive becomes pretty insane at
max level, giving him 2 health regen for each 5% health missing, he regenerates super quickly
while he’s low. For the build a basic top laner bruiser build
works, nice to get trinity as well to increase the attack speed since the second punch really
scales well with attack speed for some fast punches. He seems pretty balanced I think, he’s not
really complicated, finally a champion that is easier to play and master without setting
new strange mechanic, so that’s pretty much it, let me know what you think about him,
I didn’t get the True Damage Akali or the Vladimir codes yet, apparently we’re getting
both of them at the same time real soon so stay tuned for that and subscribe if you are
new here since when I have codes I add them in every video randomly. Now I’l going to show you the spots where
you can jump over walls with enemies, then his skin and splash arts and a bit about the
lore, thanks for watching, keep watching to see the skin or I’ll punch you, and I will
see you next time, bye bye and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Punch that subscribe button, let's get to 60k already! =)
    What do you think about this guy? Pretty cool, not that complex as well.
    Also, don't upSETT this guy.

  2. I think he has a bit too much AD at base stats.

  3. I'm going to play this man while listening to JoJo soundtracks.

    He seems kinda like his skillset makes him a good anti-tank. At least that's what I'm hoping, tanks suck.

  4. anyone else think he's hot as heck?

  5. So his q at max attack speed is ORA ORA and his ult is ROADOO ROLLAERR DAA

    happy jojo noises

  6. LAdies and gentlemen 3 champions right next to each other, I guess Riot's rent is due. see you guys in 2 years

  7. So the ultimate is ROAD ROLLAR DA

  8. He is rakan.

  9. Perfect skins for him:
    Knockout sett
    Godfist sett

  10. Riot really loves releasing gimmicky chamions that are irrelevant most of the time later on. So bad at champion designs

  11. Looks like xayah on steroids

  12. This champ is straight out of Jojo's bizarre adventure

  13. Sett is a daddy omfg

  14. If garen and Rakan had a baby this is him

  15. Sett is the guy Xayah told Rakan not to worry about

  16. this champions like ydir basic attacks…. Vi's skill for his w and the only new his R…..worthles

  17. Garen main: wow i like this

  18. vi mains gonna like it!

  19. holy sett this guy is easy

  20. reminds me of goose

  21. Do you know his release date to the official server? Non-PBE

  22. This champion is broken but no gap closer abilities

  23. I think we are starting to get to releasing too many new champs again. Let the meta stabilize. Senna and Aphelios literally just came out.
    Cool champ though. But too many new releases.

  24. Jeff seid is you??

  25. Looks like Riot has writers block

  26. is it just me or is sett giving Johnny Bravo vibes

  27. finnaly looks like a fun champ to play and no need for 100 hours of reaserch before playing

  28. Poor Tank Players ??

  29. This will be fun when zed and sett are in the same team….

  30. Feels like he'd be good in the Jungle…

  31. Getting some jojo vibes with this champ

  32. Kind like Hideyoshi from Basara serie with Grab moveset and design

  33. Sett was like rakan cousin for me??

  34. Finally another simple champion!
    Not everything has to be crazy new mechanics.

  35. It feels like… April 1st joke

  36. Is this xayah's brother?

  37. Hope they make a Jotaro skin

  38. He's half vastaya and half human

  39. Looks like a version of a man Xayah

  40. He buff AND got animal ears. What more can a girl ask for? :3


  42. Is it just me or sett looks like gay garen?

  43. So they just made a better Vi?

  44. That's a lot of Sett puns

  45. Is his R a skillshot or point click?

  46. I want to see a team with vi, udyr, sett, lee sin, and braum just beating the shit out of stuff just for the hell of it.

  47. this is like fairy tail and jojo mixed together lol

  48. He need randy orton skin

  49. What did you use to get a close up of sett?

  50. that shield is so bs, its gonne get nerfed in half later anyways so why even release it that broken

  51. He walked out from WWE

  52. so he's the champion… I thought that skin was Vi

  53. 0:24 Reminds me of the SIMS

  54. I miss the outline on newer champions 🙁

  55. Really? No dunkmaster first skin…

  56. Udyr bruiser jungler ok build red smite warrior enchant trinity steraks blue attack speed dagger cone club or warmogs and infinity edge let’s see what happens

  57. Is he a JoJo reference?

  58. they should add a cape damn it

  59. Feels like certainlyT is the one who responsible for this

  60. I can't see him on PBE, where did you get this?

  61. His Ult reminds me of Raikage Nintaijutsu = Liger Bomb.


  63. This man literally rkos people lol

  64. Actually this is garen with no sword lol

  65. basically we have a Dio in lol , awesome

  66. Is it just me or riot lost their touch of making new champions? I mean gezz, all of them don’t look like league of legends characters at all and are pretty boring to play. Did i became a Boomer? I honestly don’t know

  67. I just want to tell you guys that …

    Sett's japanese v.a is also the v.a of dio

  68. he is a half breed >_>

  69. Thank you Riot for this blyatifull yaoi champion mrawrrr…

  70. Straight outta JOJO.

  71. I really kind of miss when league champions had hype built up around them. It made their release so much more meaningful and made you really feel like the champion added to the world of Runterra. Now that they’re released every month it’s kind of hard to grow attached or fond of a character for their uniqueness.

  72. sett is dante s son from DMC5

  73. Katakuri+Sengoku power

  74. When is riot gonna stop adding new champs , like god damn imagine if you are a beginer and you wanna learn what all champs do , then good fucking luck because even i have problems to understand what apheolis does and i am P4

  75. Yall are all wrong, those muscle proportions, those pants, hes a bastard…. its jojo

  76. I know he's vastian or whatever but why is he a cat…there are other animals riot!

  77. Trinity with cleaver???

  78. sheni dedassheveci


  80. Shut up Laxus, you can't fool us. Haha

  81. Honestly doesn't look that strong… which is nice 😛

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