Shameless (शेमलेस) by Prajakta Koli ft. Raftaar | MostlySane | #iPledgeToBeMe

Shameless (शेमलेस) by Prajakta Koli ft. Raftaar | MostlySane | #iPledgeToBeMe

Have you seen yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Too Fat, Too Thin Your dressing sense is bad OMG she’s a dork, do a little make up Some M.A.C., some Lauder, some Dolce Gabanna How will you get married? You are dark skinned. Nobody will take a daughter in law who has a dark complexion All your degrees and fancy English are of no use Use some gram flour and some bleach along with turmeric and fairness cream How much do you weigh? Did you eat a whole elephant? How are you this thin? You only have bones You should eat less. Start eating a little more So fat! So thin! Girls aren’t like this Love handles on your waist. Aye hay hay hay. 12 pimples on your face Aye hay hay hay. Dark skinned and stout Aye hay hay hay. Don’t care be shameless. Hain I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Uncle, Aunty, Sister, come listen to what I have to say I’ll tell you this with love and without getting physical I am me, you are you Different people different minds. Don’t judge me straight I am one of a kind Why should I hide my face? Why should I put makeup? Who decides how I look? Why should I wax? Why should I reduce my eating or go on a diet I’ll eat you if I have to, but I won’t go hungry Black cat, witch, so dark, so tanned. You judge me on my colour then you call me your friend Think my colour pulls me down? Welcome to my life. Lemme show you how its done. No gun no knife. Work hard do good one life to live Hard to care what they thing with no EFFs to give People will keep talking how does it matter to us You been mean to me but guess what, I forgive Don’t look at me you can’t see me through It’s more than colour and size. It’s me and you. You take me for a lamb I am a tigress You Body Shame Me? HaHa, I am Shameless….! I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless I’m Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay I am Shameless Be Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay Be Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay Be Shameless Aye Hay Hay Hay Be Shameless Shameless UNDERSTOOD ?

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  1. U r so amazing Prajkata

  2. Oh mithila m prajakta!!?

  3. Awesome superb??????❤❤❤❤???

  4. Your voice is amazing ??

  5. Everybody is perfect

  6. 2:30 + 2:50 is it Jaquelin Fernandes ??? she looks like her

  7. Someone after no offense#creatorsforchange ??

  8. Anyone again…After 4 Mil Subs

  9. Loved it wen i watched it first.
    Can relate it today, after returning from school. Thank you @mostlysane for all the positivity. ?❤

  10. Be real, be you ?????

  11. Any one in August 2019???

  12. Love you from ma heart mam…!!!! I wanna see more videos in these type of content… ????????

  13. Even I'm shameless completely SHAMELESS.

  14. Anyone in 2019 ????

  15. That was insanely coooooooooooooool…????????

  16. Who sang the song ?

  17. Cringe dikhane ke liye dhanyawad.!

  18. Good one I liked it a lot …

  19. कळलं बरं का❗?

  20. Ohhhh my god, Prajakta love Ur video. Your just awesome as usual.. #lovefrompune..????

  21. Yhe To BC Bhuvan Bam ban ke hi chodgi..??

  22. Bakwas mujhe to pasand nai aaya..,?

  23. Mala kadlala ? ?
    Aaye hayhay kya ganna tha

  24. we want bantaaaiiii raftaar ko bhagaao

  25. No offense but Who else got attracted to her underarms?

  26. I love you mostly sane mem

  27. Aaye haaye haaye haaye

  28. You nailed it prajakta di….?☺

  29. Oo Godd maar dala
    Mind blowing…..

  30. How much do you weight …PURA HATHI KHA GYI KIYA

  31. I'm shameless #BornThisWay

  32. कळलं का ?

  33. Any one in August 2019?

  34. Ayhayhayhay♥️

  35. Someone who watched it just after 'no offence' hit that like??

  36. Anyone in August 2019. ❤️

  37. i am also smameless didi and your lookinh sooo cute

  38. Am here after my friend posted in TIK TOK

  39. Mast song or dinchak pooja ka tho 1000 % pecent acha hai

  40. Shameless is not appropriate words for the content you put in your video. Some other word define it very well. But nice content ???

  41. U plus Raftar aye hye hye hye

  42. Anyone in august 2019

  43. awesome.. Carry on sweetheart. Lot's of love to bottom of my ❤❤❤❤❤

  44. Shameless i love this

  45. Shameless like no offence comment??

  46. Can you please upload the karoke of this song? This song motivates me when ever I get de motivated?❤

  47. We know it itne baar bolne ki Kia zarurat thi

  48. Superb !!!!! Prajatka fab ???? massage mast dila song mdhun

  49. I want to became like u

  50. You Dance So Fucking Bad … N Ur Ass Looks Dirty while Dancing… Ur Dancing Suckssss… Yaaaaaakkkkk Thuuuùuu

  51. I m shameless aye haye haye aye ?

  52. ??????????☺️☺️?☺️☺️????????????????

  53. Even I am shameless

  54. Ab subtle slleves ko plz follw back kare

  55. Omg raghav ?????????????????????????????

  56. U know what…..AAG LGA DAALA?
    In Short >> TALENTED GIRL.
    Mza bhut aaya….keep going ?

  57. Who else is watching this in august 2019

  58. Everything is good but that "Aye hayee hayee hayeeeee" is on another level ??

  59. Raftaar ko laad chatne k liye bulaya tha

  60. Changla gaana aahe 'KALA KA?'

  61. That word kayla ka..!! Marathi mulgi dhasuu ???pkka rada g..

  62. Yeah that's girl they can live their life as they wish

  63. Maza aaya niceeee

  64. Her voice is so beautiful

  65. #shamelessArmy i am with you prajakta

  66. i just like this line aaye haaye haaye haaye 😀

  67. Mithila is dammmmmmmmmnnnnn Cute!!!!!!

  68. Just in love with this song dude??❤

  69. If you really do wanna spread that body shaming shud stop then why didnt u put some chubby girls in videos too?
    Guess what chubby girls are never meant for stardom or tv because after all everyone promotes slim looking figure everywhere

  70. have u ever thought of doing playback singing

  71. The most beautiful part is when u say "aye hay hay hay" with that haldi-besan wala aunty look??????????????????????????

  72. That's how you become shameless and me too??

  73. Madarchod aaicha gawat yeh kya dinchak pooja ki bhen hai kya

  74. Can you guess how girls react when she see a criminal?.
    Most ask

  75. but raftaar's rap is missing

  76. Aaye Haaye Haaye Haaye?❤

  77. Awesome song ?????

  78. Awesome ……….??????

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