She’s Back (Season 5 Intro) – Gay Of Thrones

She’s Back (Season 5 Intro) – Gay Of Thrones

– I actually like my hair right now. I just would like a bang trim, please. – Yes, hon, you need these cut. Did you see Bones last night? – No. When’s Jonathan coming back? – Bitch, please, that bitch gone. So on Bones last night, Angel 2.0, he be draggin’
his butt all over town lookin’ for Eau De Chanel, and he find her, you know what they found? Bones! – Come back, Jonathan. Come back, Jonathan. Come back, Jonathan. We need you. We can’t remember all the
characters’ names without you. Jonathan, we need you. Come back, Jonathan. – I got you, girl. (dreamy music) (techno music) – Stumbleumbagas. No, no. Banister. No. Cat’s ass hand. So tore up I can’t even, what happened to this coco-fucking-nut? Ass cat hand. Cat’s asshole. No, what is it, Jonathan? You got this. Brother D, God. I’m never gonna get this back. I don’t have it. (sobbing) (deep growling) Thanks, dragon! Christina Aguilera. Baby Kristen Stewart. Blonde Cher! Munch-munch. Your name is Munch-munch! Your name is Munch-munch! (techno music) Girl, you’ve got a hot date
with Wilson later tonight so I’ve got to get you looking better! What do you mean you don’t
watch Game of Thrones? Then you had Munch-munch straight up kill his dad because he’s a total asshole. Wait! You couldn’t possibly
watch Game of Thrones. You’re just a coconut, girl. (techno music) Winter is coming, and so am I. – And the circus master is
like, “You look at the bones?” And they’re like, “Mm-hmm.” And then, you’ll never
guess what they find. It was– (groans) – Jonathan! (orchestral music) Girl, can you trim my fringe? Where are my brothers?

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  1. Wait.. two million subs and only 800 views in 9 hours? What?

  2. Lets be real the lasts season having this is the best of GOT:D!!

  3. Munch Munch!!! YOURE MUNCH MUNCH!!! Peter Dinklage saves the day again!!!

  4. Shirtless Jonathan? Yes gawd

  5. JVN healing from that wound like Jesus

  6. Who gave you permission to make my night?!?! Yaaassssss!!

  7. I’ve been waiting for these and I don’t even watch GOT

  8. YES starfish that bitch and reclaim your throne gurl!

  9. I'm literally crying tears of joy

  10. If Gay of Thrones doesn't come back like is there really a point of Game of Thrones coming back?!!? JUST KIDDING-THERE IS. But I love Jonathan and he makes life 10,000 times better. After a new episode I can't get through the next week without his explanations of the story plot.

  11. Jonathan shirtless on the beach looks like Jesus, but with better hair ?

    YAAAASSSS!! Glad Jonathan is back!?

  12. He looks like Jesus lol

  13. Yaaaaaasssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. What. did. I. Just. Watch?

  15. Erin and Jonathan you are incredible! I’ve never seen an episode of GOT but I have not missed an episode of Gay of T

  16. I can't. I just…. ugh, I can't! Love me some jvn!


  18. That was Everything.

  19. Yaaaasssss I miss you gurl

  20. I love Wilson in drag!

  21. We all love Jonathan!

  22. I love Jonathan so much ?

  23. I love Jonathan sooo much <3

  24. I’m not sure what’s going on here but I enjoyed every second of it.

  25. My lana del gay is bacck biTCHES

    He was amazing in queer eyes

  26. Sexy mermaid Jesus JVN

  27. Daenerys and Jon become the new Night King and Queen and their son gets the throne and rebuilds House Targaryen as mom and dad go back to the land of always winter with their zombie unsullied and dothrakis and ice dragons. You heard it here first!

  28. YAY for Gay of Thrones… I would love to have seen Jonathan's take on Westworld… ?

  29. did u ask for a hairgraphy?
    Yes i did HONEY
    werk, slay and serve face mama <3

  30. Omg. Classic case of skinny fat and no booty.

  31. Tassel! My bb is back!

  32. This isn’t funny at all

  33. Jonathan? Will you marry me?

  34. You know what they found? BONES!

  35. My gay prayers have been answered. Thank you gay Jesus!

  36. Jonathan is so sexy I can't!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  37. I love how much he loves his hair

  38. Yes yes yes! How I missed you sooooo!

  39. hell yaaass!! queen J is back bitches!!!

  40. did he just say snuffleupagus?! lmfao dead

  41. 2:19 i can see Jonathan’s been taking lessons from Antoni

  42. I'm more sad that this show will be ending than Game of Thrones ending.

  43. I like that all of his references are just on the periphery of pop culture and up…I get, completely, all the nick names

  44. Omg. I just can't rn. Need to binge watch the entire 'gay of thrones' this shit is ? ?

  45. How does Johnathan look better every f’n year?! Gorgeousness!!!??????

  46. JVN is a freaking icon

  47. i've never even seen game of thrones but im about to watch this entire series in one sitting

  48. Jonathan van yasss shirtless on the beach!…gurl!! come throughhh beauty shots!

  49. What type of humor is this? is a fuckin shit post of a video im shook wtf ?


  51. Yaaaaasss qwuuuueeeeeeennnnn

  52. Gay Jesus On A Random Beach!!!

  53. Can I ask what’s the point of that chick speaking in broken English

  54. His picture between Legends, is LEGEND!!!!

  55. Jackieeee!!!! Natch beaut!!

  56. Okay I didn’t even realize this was him but now I love him even more. This man is too good for us.

  57. Jonathan totally has that jesus the savior vibes

  58. Yes Jesus, we need you

  59. "Girl ….you've got a hot date with 'Wilson' ?? later tonight. So, I've got to get you looking better!" ??

  60. What is the name of that track!

  61. ? Keep it coming, munch munch! ?

  62. “Thanks dragon!” I can’t ???

  63. Jesus is fabulous

  64. I love watching this now. been a full year of this trailler

  65. I love Jonathan but what did I just watch.

  66. This is addicted then the original we need you JONATHAN!!

  67. Just……why?!!!!

  68. Honestly, first time watching Jonathan on Queer Eye I thought he'd get annoying quite quickly, but I'm glad I realised the truth. He's a freaking comedy genius, honeeeey!

  69. Baby Kristen Stewart lmao

  70. jvn be too pretty for my eyes

  71. Change the channel name to Lame or Boring

  72. Someone needs to slide some of these clips into a Christian music video and not say anything.

  73. Loving the description… “After being stabbed in the abs by his front desk bitch…”

  74. Damn Jonathan you’re looking so hot on the beach

  75. I fucking love jvn so much!!!

  76. “I can’t even ! What happened to this coco fucking nut “ I’m in tears ?

  77. you know what they found ? …… BONES!

  78. Love the channel Did Jonathan have a recap for Game of Thrones season 1 and 2. Thank you for making me laugh through a sudden loss

  79. Angel 2.0…. ohh.. I just could never bring myself to watch Bones… bring back my Angel… and Buffy… And Willow… AND Illyria

  80. Oh, boy, I've enjoyed this soooo much!!! Such a good job this of yours, Jonathan. Greetings from Spain!

  81. All hail gay Jesus!

  82. I’m pretty sure this is Jesus

  83. Juicing on the rocks… LMAO! Yes, hunty!

  84. Why do you look like Jesus? More please

  85. So he IS Gay Jesus! :O

  86. Why does he have to be gay ? ? damn sexy man!

  87. How did he manage to predict
    Arya’s training and disguising abilities
    Jon’s death and return
    Dany’s death while kissing

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