Shoaib Akhtar in Conversation with Virender Sehwag | Pakistan vs India | World Cup 2019

welcome to Shoaib Akhtar’s YouTube channel. Today we have a very special guest with us. A match winner, terrorising fast bowler, people used to make fun of him, he has won numerous
matches. People think we are rivals, but he is a very good friend or that we fight a lot, but reality is quite different He’s actually very down to earth person. His name
is Virender Sehwag Sahab. How are you sir? Everything’s fine, Shoaib Je how are you? Everything okay? Yes it is Have heard that you casted a rain spell in England. Yes, there is Rainfall predicted throughout this week in England. Even Pakistan’s match got
cancelled yesterday because of the rain. This might effect Pakistan’s score chart Pakistan would have easily won against Sri Lanka. This 1 missed
point might affect Pakistan’s total points on the score board. Because it seems like the team with more points is going in the next round So, i think this point can forecast a shadow on Pakistan there is news of Shikhar Dhawan being ruled out of ICC WC 2019. What are your
views on this ? I’ve also heard that he won’t be able to play for the next 3 weeks. He suffered a hairline fracture. so, another batsman will replace him I want Rishabh Pant to replace him for the time being, he has the same style as Shikhar Dhawan. If he comes, it will be better for India because the third opener is probably KL Rahul. Then KL Rahul will be 3rd and Rishabh will be 4th He is a left hander so he can
play well against leg spinners of the opponent teams. He is only 20, 21 but he bats very well. He has even scored a 100 in test matches. This will be a good strategy for India. But the talk of the town is that KL Rahul might be the opening batsmen. You know why I’m saying this He is liked by Virat Kohli. He copies him as well and considers him his ideal. No but he is a good
player. But I felt that in the last two to three matches he is playing for the spot Rather than utilizing his
talent. He is a great batsman. You know he is a flamboyant as well. No you are right he is a great batsman, but for any batsman; it takes time to become a big player. He needs time as well A player initially plays for his place because everyone want to be a part of the world cup when they
get a chance to play they try to settle themselves Absolutely ! And then play fast eventually. In Australia’s match he made 11 runs on just 3 balls which included sixes and fours. I think he has the
potential to make his own place and rule over international cricket. If he keeps his head
straight and focuses on the game he can certainly rule the international cricket for 10 to 12
years. He has immense talent. Yes you are right. Coming to another point we talk a lot on news channel but as a
cricketer we don’t get to sit down and chit chat like this on a personal level So if I see for example I tried
pushing Wahab Riaz in the team, A team should have x factor pace You can only have reverse swing if
you have pace in the team. Then I tried pushing Amir to bowl at a fast speed How do you find Pakistan’s
pace attack? I think somehow this is my feeling as a Pakistani, I found Pakistan’s pace attack better than
Australia. I think Amir, Wahab, Hassan Ali, theses three fast bowlers can give tough time. Do you think
this combination is looking good? Pakistan’s bowling competition has always been great. Whether you look in the past or presently, it has always been said that the game is between Pakistan’s bowling and India’s batting. There was
never fame about India’s bowling or Pakistan’s batting. Whether it was during Imran khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younus’s captaincy or whether
it was during Shoaib Akhtar’s or Aqib Javed’s or presently its Amir, Wahab
Raiz, Hassan Ali’s time. The scenario is still the same. As the match between India and Pakistan approaches, he hype is only about the fact that whether Muhammad Amir, Wahab Riaz, Hassan Ali can tackle Virat Kohli. Will they be able to bowl out the Indian
batsmen? And in India it’s vice versa. Will Indian batsmen be able to score against Pakistani
bowlers? But it was observed that when Pakistan came to England to play their ODI’s, there was very weak bowling by the Pakistani bowlers. in every match the chase was of; 380, 350, and 340. So it has improved after Wahab
Riaz and Amir being a part of the team. The concern that still persists is that, Hassan Ali used to take
wickets during mid-overs, he is not taking those wickets recently. If this form continues then Pakistan will face difficulty not just against India but other opponents as well. Because if they are able to beat India which I think Pakistan will be able to do The dynamics of the tournament will change. Then this match is between 4 teams India Pakistan Australia England This is my take. I’m saying this on live recording I think Pakistan’s bowling is running through after winning the toss. However If India wins the toss, Sehwag Then You know what will happen. We will try to take 5 wickets in 50 runs. No ifs and buts NO! NO! I’m saying this because in the previous world cups they lost No one knows what happens to Pakistan during world cup when they are playing against India But the history is about to change I’m telling you We will fight in the final There is no point of fighting right now No pint of us fighting or fighting on 16th June Let’s win this match against you and we will fight you in the semifinal or final. If the tournament opens up, India Pakistan enters the semifinals. They fight in the last stage of the world cup That will be a fun game! Pakistan shouldn’t be out of this tournament Because No Indian wants Pakistan out of this tournament. I know this. I’ve spent 5 years there They don’t want Pakistan to be out of the tournament. They want to see Pakistan India in semifinals or finals. Do you think this is the Indian perspective? We want us to be in finals and semifinals. Whether it’s against Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka. We don’t care If you look at the world cup and ICC champions trophy’s history Asian teams, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka have always been in the lead. Always reached finals, semifinals. 2007 world cup Sri Lanka played the final In 2011 both played in the final There was only one world cup that happened in 2015 where Australia and New Zealand played the final In 2003 India played In 2007 Sri Lanka played Before that 1999 Pakistan played In 1996 Sri Lanka won 1992 Pakistan won So since 1992 till 2019 Asian country’s
have reached the final or semifinal The same will happen this time as well I think amongst India Pakistan Sri Lanka will one of them will reach the finals. Okay so with your well wishes let’s end this interview Thank you! You’re saying India will win I’m saying Pakistan will win InshaAllah History needs to change And Thank you very much Viru! Just like Imran khan says this about you, one of the biggest superstars as an opener Someone who he used to admire a lot. Our prime minster remembers all the runs you’ve scored He is a huge admirer of yours! And this is true Pakistan team looks up to you. You were seen as a match winner. You have earned respect all over the globe. Thank you so much! Thank you Shoaib! I had a lot of fun News chat is not direct. This is direct. Straight from the heart. I will take your feedback on 16th June. If you lose we won’t leave you alone. We will schedule another interview. I still remember that day when we lost in the ICC champion’s trophy against you. The effort is to change this history. InshaAlllah it will be changed. Thankyou Veru! Good Bye!

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