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  1. You got this guy's.

  2. My fav is this one and it was crazy

  3. i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  4. The favourite video is that you did gummy versus real

  5. This is my favorite video erver????????????

  6. My name is Tyler my birth video of yours is this one

  7. Try not to laugh challenge

  8. ANY VID IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 2:45 imagine just picking up the phone then just

  10. it lookes so panfull

  11. I rlly like ALL ur videos

  12. I like your video because the big challenge

  13. Pls friend me in PlayStation vita and friend me my name is Lavam00nyt hint:the 0 is not zero

  14. Ice cream and real food


  16. A reserVATION ????

  17. Who is watching on 2019/2020

  18. Gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa
    Gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa gwa

  19. Slime challenge videos

  20. goooooooooooooooooooooooood joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

  21. My fav vid is part one of recrateing. Musiclys

  22. I deserve the Mac book because I want to give it to a homeless person and my favourite video is the bungee rope challenge that you made slime with different slime.

  23. Are y'all brothers?????

  24. di floor is lava hallange

  25. Dis is mi favorite vid

  26. Gumy food vs rill foood

  27. This is probably my favorite!

  28. This is the one I like the best!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The way of the end when you drink water you made me rewind it 4 times that's how funny it is it cracked me up when you spited all that water out

  30. Colin said that the end of the bread is the worst he will never be forgiven

  31. Gummy vs real challenge??????????????

  32. You should do it for 30 second

  33. This one is my favourite video

  34. The gummy vs real food challenge

  35. thats how its done son owwww lol ??

  36. I like the real food vs gummy food

  37. My favorite one is this one

  38. Did u see that Moth fly in Devan's face? xD

  39. Pan cack art videos

  40. 0:02 when you see *Collins and Devan but Collins spits out water* while wearing *a shock collar and 5:26

  41. Where did u buy those? Ima bring 1 to school and use it on myself. It’ll be funny during my classes as I get shocked during the lesson.

  42. They regret they are doing this!? G gdfygvvvfvfcdggb

  43. Don’t do that again because you might of killed yourselves.

  44. My favorite video you have made is the try not to laugh challenge

  45. This one is great but I like the I'll buy what you draw pancake one

  46. Can you do another video like that about the shot caller

  47. We want a another vid like this its funny

  48. Dude Devin is a trooper bro like he did good on some rounds

  49. I’m doing this challenge tonight an now I’m scared ?

  50. When Collins get shocked He turn into flash??

  51. sandwich time = crazy

  52. I like all of them except for this one

  53. The try not to laugh one

  54. I love ur pancake art challenges

  55. Marvel pancake art challenge!

  56. U should get hypnotized?

  57. Love Devan Key. Love Collins Key. HghlighlTilgalgnlgipuVhluhwrglughlghluadgognlgvaggwgavljtnluluhluouypyylvnoaqrgf

  58. This is the best year that you ever made

  59. This is My best video

  60. I like the one when you make a a a alian and the mumy

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