Should All Videogames Be Free To Play? | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

Should All Videogames Be Free To Play? | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

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  1. It's okay to be a hipster! lol I'm jk i know it's true, I've seen wearing lenses in glasses really mess up some videos. Especially in front of a green screen lol 

  2. Games don't need to be free to play. The total number of hours people get out of high profile games makes the dollar to hour of entertainment ratio fantastic.

  3. There are places like humble bundle that allows gamers access to a bunch of games cheaply.
    So people without a lot of money can play games you can get from that and the free to play games, that includes LOL which is the most played game on the planet. (27 million players play every day.)

  4. mmm what about single player mmmm?

  5. nonononononono0nonono
    I would rather for over $60 than be pushed to spend MORE on not even an entire game. just no.

  6. Why are you wearing empty frames? And don't tell me it's because of the glare on the lenses, because that still doesn't explain why you are wearing EMPTY FRAMES!

  7. I know this doesn't work on every level or platform but libraries are all about inclusiveness. No money for Internet? We offer it free! Can't buy or rent that dvd? It's free here! More and more libraries are offering video games for free. We work hard on closing digital divides so don't forget: you may have to buy the device but your local library may just offer games free. Wish more of us would get on board but we're battling budget cuts too.

  8. go play proper games like board games card games and yes i used to be hooked to video games but im starting to get off it. life for humans is really wake up grow, eat food, entertain in anyway, go to school, revise,pay money, get jobs after grading and courses then constantly work to get money only to spend constantly life is very pointless and always will be so life is life u cant change it

  9. fuck you 4eyes. 

  10. Steam just gives games away. My friends, through weekly and season sales, gifting, and family sharing, they may buy 10 games, but own over 100. Team Fortress 2 hat market system rewards keys for playing and investing in the game, which can then be sold to buy more games. Investing in a game so one can be rewarded with more games, that's more lucrative than bit coin mining. Making games affordable to 10 people is more profitable than excluding it to 1.

  11. If everything was f2p, then every game would have an ingame shop etc, and you would have the same issue. You wouldnt be able to enjoy as any games as you want to the full extent as things would be locked behind payments. 

  12. Something about this video has been really bothering me and I think I finally figure out what it is. Having all games go Free to Play would pretty much destroy any chance of having a good video game archive for future generations to learn from. Free to Play makes sure that once servers shutdown entire games will either be completely lost or lose very big pieces.

    This solution is very short term and completely sells out the long term.

  13. I wish Free to Play was dominant. But even the most supportive people cannot overlook this word: Multiplayer. Face it; after a while, some servers will be dominated with people that pay hundreds of dollars to be practically gods compared to any lesser-paying player or the environment. And eventually, every server will be filled with Premium lords. And if we make Free Only areas, it can make some of the dukes of that game quite mad. Solutions?

  14. This is part of the benefits of the nigh inevitable decline of consoles. Personally, I like consoles, I own a WiiU (and yes, I'm happy with it) and a 3DS, as well as a cheap laptop with around 30 Steam games, I even still have my old Wii, but even I have to admit that it's probably better for people as a whole for PC to become the dominant format. I just hope we see a rise in USB controllers.

  15. My opinion based on GTA V is something like this:
    I think a Company like Rockstar, (something we all know) is MILLIONAIRE, so they sell 1.000.000 copies (500k for support the company and the other 500k for they benefit) And after that "gift" the game like a "FTP" so we can pay for online per month or year.
    This is my opinion based on a game like GTA V.

    PD: Sorry my english im from Argentina 😛

  16. I don't think that all games should be free, because it don't work with offline games. For Online games it can work.

  17. It's a little weird to me to talk about how the cultural value of games is important and then note that narrative games don't fit the free to play model. 

  18. I just saw the explanation video on why he doesn't have lens in his glasses for over the 10th time.

    The sad thing is, he is doing it to appease people who only judge him by appearance and not by his content. Who gives a damn what he wears and does not wear? He could be naked and it still shouldn't take validity away from his points. 

  19. Free to play mmorpg's like 4story ,dragon prophet , shaiya etc…
    Are free to play and have good quality you just pay if you want to upgrade weapons and armor
    But you can buy the items with game money like from farming too

  20. i wish i would never b bored and i'll b making millions off competition

  21. I simply have no words of how expensive pc gaming is, because, amongst other things, SOMEONE (Steam ™ (c) Valve) decided that exchange rates don't exist and charge €20,- for a game which costs $20,, the latter equals €15,10, so when paying for the average newly released popular game, like CoD, you pay ~€15, more, which doesn't sound much, until you discover that that equals about 33% of the price, if the exchange rates were done properly.

  22. have you ever heard…. CRACKED downloads?

  23. There is so much wrong with this video but by far the worst part is he's one of those fucking assholes who wear glasses with no lenses. It makes me want to rip the frames off and shove them down his idiotic throat.

  24. Seriously dude? Why is no one counting Wii U along with xbox one and ps4? I don't care how many people hate it, it's part of the current gen, and it's really not a bad console.

  25. Free to play is a very risky model. For instance let's look at plants vs. zombies 2 It switched to a free to play model and it did not come close to the success as the first game. The reason for this is because they need a reason for people to buy power ups and premium items, and sometimes devs do it in a way that becomes so unfair it is no longer fun to play(not saying pvz2 is not fun just saying it is unfair). Also sometimes it is completely the opposite. Where the game is to easy, and there is no need to for players to buy items. Furthermore sometimes the term "free to play" gets into peoples head, and they think that they won't have to pay for anything so when presented with an item to buy they think "While this may be useful this is a free to play game so I don't need to buy anything and I will still win" and when they are wrong they find the game annoying, and loose interest.   

  26. Don't we already have this? Most games have a free demo with about 90% of the content removed for free with you having to pay money to buy the full games. If all games were FTP, you'd get the same thing if you don't pay.
    Also, it's good we have choice. If you want an addictive FTP game where you have to deal with constant micro-transactions, you can have that. If you want a AAA game with a great story to buy everything at once and own the game in full (minus DLC, which SHOULD be just add-ons for an already-good game), you can do that to.

  27. The only thing I dislike about free 2 play games is the fact that most of them are "unlimited", with normal games you pay once and you enjoy the game until you die or the game malfunctions, with f2p your payment works only a certain amount of time or until you spend those coins, then you have to pay again and in the end you spend even more money for a f2p than for a regular game.
    Also, MMORPGs are way too disbalanced for free users, there are some exceptions, but this is something very common.

  28. I don't think these things need to be that expensive. If you're prepared to wait, or buy second hand, you can get things on a minimal budget. Even if you exclude piracy, there are plenty of things out there that are either free or incredibly cheap. The real problem with F2P is the difficulty in getting back the initial investment in making a game. If that negatively impact the quality of future games, then that's definitely not a good thing.

  29. Video games really don't have it worse than movies, I can spend $25 to watch a two hour movie, or I can spend $60 on a 50 hour game.

  30. Well since free-to-play lowers the quality of a game the answer is pretty clear to me. But I guess casuals are quite okay with free-to-play models.

  31. I like the free to play model despite some blatant abuses with it. Most of the developers that abused the model by making players feel extorted have gone under. Consumers of free to play games have voted with their dollars. They want free to play games where they can enjoy spending money.

    However Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a terrible book on economics. Wealth inequality is not as big an issue as many people believe it to be. Yes the rich get richer, but on aggregate the poor are getting richer too. 90% of the lowest class of Americans have at least one television, cell phone, and automobile. Most of the rest of the world is quickly catching up as well. Developing countries are just a century or so late for the industrial revolution that most of Europe, and North America already went through. Before anyone accuses me of being some upper-middle class person who is detached from the plight of the poor. This is coming from a broke college student from a poor family who is up to his neck in debt.

  32. The reason we can't have Free games is because publishers need that money to create great games and if they do have free to play, they will specifically make the game to squeeze out every dime out of people who want to play. Now I love TF2 but even with the price of a gaming PC you can justify a $2000 price for the idea you will use it for ten years and will also use it for work or other things you might need a PC for.

  33. Dealing with gaming income inequality? so you suggest they should be free to play to let more people play? 
    This is the same leftist nonsense about free college and income redistribution. 
    Why can't you accept that price determined by what people are willing to pay for is a better than a socialist utopia. 

  34. Five Words:
    Resubbing to before an expansion.

  35. I'm so happy you mentioned this is think every game should be free to play

  36. your argument is fair

  37. What If we made game trading more Viable. gamestop can exploit people to sell there games for change then sell for almost retail price. Im Sick of hearing games need to make profits. But I think there should Be a Ceiling of how high there profits are . Once  A game makes the goal of sellls to make a fair profit , drop the retail price. Or Do the same for say sequals

  38. i don't think all games should be free cause they have to make some money and i don't want ads all the time while im playing i do think however that games are overpriced by alot new there like 70 € $ £ witch is absured so i think they should bring the price down by at least half and i think that companys like sony a microsoft should reward the people that buy the consoles and do some very good free to play games witch don't have a PAY TO WIN systeme witch most do 

  39. the issue is that games are over priced. you dont need to make them free, just make them fairly priced. 70 bucks is way more than a game needs to cost

  40. I don't think going to the cinema is that much cheaper than videogames. Here in Portugal, tickets are not even that expensive (less than 10 dolars) but if you wanna watch 5 movies (10 hours of entertainment) you are going to spend at least 40 dolars. That's what I paid for Battlefield 3 and Minecraft and I got hundrends of hours of fun out of them.

  41. Eve online free. Nothing else to say.

  42. PC gaming isn't expensive. Even if you have a bad computer you can tweak the hell out of it to make it run something. Not to mention, all the free indie games. It's only expensive if you want to  play loads of AAA games. 

  43. Huh this is the 1000th comment. Lol not being one of  those "First kids" but I thought I'd steal the chance

  44. 1:02 Sure. You can experience all of gaming with just those systems. Yup. It's not like you were cough cough Nintendo cough cough missing anything. :I

  45. If there is free to play games then they should be like TF2 in which you don't have to pay in game purchases just to have the full game experience.

  46. Are his glasses real

  47. I don't know. Because of all the free great ones I would not pay to play a MOBA ever. Also if all games were free to play you would never be able to consume all the content. So maybe people would switch between games without paying and revenue would leave the game industry. 

  48. If all developers can pull it off like valve, then i say go for it. Give me a taste of the game for free then let me buy it if i like it. Or give me the full game without some features for free and let me buy some of those features if i really want to.

  49. 1:04 I think you missed a console there pal…. >.>

  50. Many mainstream devs don't care about gamers. I don't expect them to give us what we want like that anytime soon, they'd rather benefit far more than we do. They probably assume an ideal F2P model would make them far less money than paid games with paid dlc.

  51. Making a multiplayer game F2P is equal to killing this game. Imagine the number of hackers ruining the experience for everyone. 

  52. 2 good free-to-play games are combat arms and vindictus you should check them out ^^

  53. Game are not expensive to play, i have a computer for everyday work and bills and life i payed $60 for Skyrim and have sunk 300+ hr in to it and still have 700+ hr left of it to play even if i stopped now 60/300= 20 cents per hr. The moves; you are looking in at $10 per hr, golf 30/hr,swimming at the pool 2hr the only thing that is cheaper is reading a book from the library 0 cents per hr.

  54. It's not free to play it's free to start

  55. 1971 PBS Logo Is Creppy…

  56. it is not free to play it is free to pay

  57. Heeeelllll no!!!

  58. the way i see it, free to play games remove the aspect of actual skill. i like the games that unlock features as you get farther in the game depending on how good you are. i used to play candy crush, until i got to a point where it wouldn't let me get anymore levels until i paid. i deleted it then.

    sorry, but i'm not going to pay actual money for fake money or more lives

  59. I already have a computer and for various reasons I'm not what you'd call a hardcore gamer. Probably the only things I need to shell out on is thirty bucks for a controller and maybe a couple of hundred bucks extra for a better video card. About the only reason to buy a console these days is because the companies behind them are manipulating the market by making certain intellectual properties exclusive to their systems.

  60. For starter it would be nice if they would stop this dollar=euro.
    I nearly have to pay twice as much in my currency for a 60EUR game than for a 60Dollar one.

  61. I really don't think it should be free but for instance if all games were free I would donate or send money to the developers. They worked hard on it. Because once it's free to play some people dont spend they just want to play the game even without the tf2 premium thing.

  62. I don't think making all games free to play is the way to go. I've never had alot of money, and to have the stuff I have now, I am very lucky. However, my entire life I've spent playing games that were always 4-10 years old or more, on computers or consoles or portables that were 4 to 15 years old. I thrive on steam sales and bargain bins. I know that only a portion of the money goes to the developer and really don't give them the amount they deserve for the game, but at least that way I get my hands on the game, which is overall good for the developer because if really like that game I might buy some of their other games, and all that savings that i make from buying games at low cost allows me to splurge every once in awhile on an $40-$60 game.

  63. Free to play need to fix first, there made the hole main game as free and drop the wait down times, then have option to pay for xp boost or items or just do for full on  DLC add on's and expositions packs to main game as end game content  too me!

  64. Demo , u want searched for the therm Demo. and its a thing of the past. unfortunately

  65. There is no way they would make a profit to be able to make more games with if they were all free to play, unless they included micro-transactions in every game.

  66. For those not paying attention,  everytime there's an effect / ransition screen in the video you hear a small bleep. 

    Cannot unheear 🙂

  67. What about Pay what you want, like sky rouge in its alpha state?

  68. Strangely,  access to video games isn't mentioned in "The Spirit Level",  but its yet another problem that gets worse with income inequality.

  69. Planetside 2 truly does free to play right. All items in game that are necessary to get or upgrade to can be obtained by simply playing and getting experience. Other items like hats that have no effect on the game have to be purchased though. Planetside 2 is an amazing game for absolutely free that everyone should try. TERRAN REBUPLIC FOREVER!!

  70. If games were to be FTP, the quality of the games would drop and micro-transactions would skyrocket.  Also, for the capitalism argument, some things just need capitalism to survive.  That's just the way it is.

  71. i think that at least 75% of good games should be free, at least to have the game and play the story mode, like the binding of Issac or that other game robocraft(the one were you build vehicles in mars to fight against the red team,sorry if it isnt that game is just that there are so many games with craft on the name example: minecraft autocraft robocraft  ), those are free and awesome

  72. I think they should do like what battlefield did to battlefieldplay4free, yet also keeping alive the battlefield 4 and hardline. If everything wouldbe free to play itd be like csgo with the russians and 12 yearolds times OVER 9000(just had to put it in there XD).  Just one free online game,keeping loads of AAA titles.

  73. No, no thanks. If all games were free 2 play then i wouldn't be able to play the vast majority of AAA games. Yes, it would be that bad.

  74. so i like RTS so if it was free that whould be kinda hard for the devs to get money since it dose not take time to battle or build units in that sence and you wount want to like sell a thing so that they can make more units in a match since it whould favor paying players not free players witch then makes none paying players stop playing

  75. What happened to the days when a simple Playstation and a CRT TV was enough to satisfy gaming needs?

  76. nope!! tbh.. there are two kinds of gamers.. The Royal bloods and the Pirates.. those who can afford the games themselves and those who cant and are resourceful enough to enjoy themselves.

  77. Demanding products to be "free" = SLAVERY for the producers.

  78. I mainly play game boy.

  79. It should be up to the developer there are pros and cons to all methods. and it depends on the type of game, I do not think you could make something like papers please work in free to play. How would that work?

  80. We should focus on eliminating poverty and then this wouldn't be an issue. Games are only financially inaccessible if people have no money, so let's solve that issue and then this issue will take care of itself. In developed countries, we should push for a guaranteed minimum income for all residents, and we should push to address global inequalities so that we're not the only ones who end up benefiting

  81. i noticed you ignored the failure rate of free to play games.

    if you can't afford to pay the price of the game, than how can you afford the microtransactions to play the game "as intended".

    what happens is the prices become extremely bloated (just look at hearthstone for overpriced content).

    so the poor get a bare bones experience, and the rich cover the costs so the poor can have the bare bones experience.

  82. No! Not DLC! This is just more of a pay to win!

  83. The internet itself is a nation at this point. Maybe that's why my iPod keeps autocorrecting internet to being capatalised

  84. Keep in mind, video games are way way way cheaper than movies. Sure it's 4 time the price in certain cases. But you enjoy them for 50 times as long.

  85. I Like Extra Credits model of paying a rent fee instead of paying the full price up front, but the rent fee also being decucted from the purchase price everytime you pay it, until eventually the purchase price is the same as the rent fee.

  86. The price of a "decent" PC = $2,800? Lmao not even true at all

  87. or just charge 5 bucks to buy the game and actually give the user the full game. you make money because sales go up and your customers are happier and will come back for another game

  88. Summoners War, free 2 play absolutely awesomely addicting phone game.  I find myself playing it way way more than my ps4

  89. you only need a 3DS and the Games

  90. if you look back at the are steam sales bad for gaming episode, the idea that all game would be devalued by the consumer and that could only be a bad thing.

  91. Wait. The host doesn't have any lenses in those nerd-frames. A PERFECT METAPHOR FOR THIS CHANNEL.

  92. Games are expensive because they're expensive to make. The industry need money in order to live, so making every game free-to-play would be shooting it in the foot, especially since many people don't pay for microtransactions.

  93. Games that have DLCs should be free and multiplayer games too. If a game dev. can't make a complete game without DLCs, it should be free. Multiplayer games, you are the product, without you the product have no life. The reason why GTA games sells for so long, is that the game was complete and could sell for many years after release. GTA 5, dies when the online dies.

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