ShuttleWorld – Badminton WordPress Theme

ShuttleWorld – Badminton WordPress Theme

493 km/h
Speed of fastest smash on planet Earth. This is SHUTTLEWORLD WordPress theme intro
video. The theme is perfect for creating an online
badminton association website. Tailor made for Badminton Club, Sports Center,
Summer Olympic or other sports centered businesses and those who want to spread their sports
club services. ShuttleWorld theme has a smooth scrolling
and one-page feature which allows your visitor to see each and every feature on the homepage.
They can easily navigate all services through their smartphone. Perfect for showcasing your
all sports club services and features on one page. The theme slider comes with two transition
effect vertical and horizontal where you can display upcoming event or tournament promo.
You can select your desired transition effect. An apt description concerning the slider image
is recommended. You business logo which is your trademark,
contact info, social icons, all these comes right on top of your home page. This is curious
layered cube, we have it because you want it. The theme offers you to manage various badminton
tournaments, matches, leagues, and other sports activities. And you can do all this, as your
mind flies by. Widgets & customizable options are always their for you. In this four column feature area, you can
demonstrate badminton playing rules and technique like deception, bio-mechanics, spine, and stroke. Badminton. Play, learn & practice. In all
enjoy life, badminton style. This will be your blog page.
A blog is an excellent way to create virtual community among the people. You can promote
and advertise your club through the blog by regularly posting the latest news about your
club and badminton matches. Also, you can share playing tips like central
base position, how to hold badminton racket correctly, and others.
Have a strong discussion with your visitors, engage your customers with this. With landing page you will find this right
side widget area. You have options like a search bar,
recent posts, categories, videos/images and others. Code embeded video section.
Display your recent match highlight. You can also showcase world badminton championship
matches live streaming. This is one advanced portfolio gallery section
where you can showcase your club pictures, staff members, cheerleader, and photos of
your recent activities. It gives an amazing transition effect when
you click on a particular photo. Read club member’s review. Testimonial section. Services with a long textual passage looks
quite boring. So, with this price listing, you can flaunt
your club membership plans with a proper heading, rate and membership validation.
Your customer can select any of this membership plan and take your spellbinding services. Introduce your club members for visitors.
The theme has a separate team member section where you can introduce your club member,
top coaches and players along with their social profile. Join us page.
With this simplest form and location map anyone can join your club. Footer area. So, what say?
I’ll make things easier for you, is the destination. Buy it now, best time
for it. You can also check out this theme by using
the links given below. Thank You for watching.

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