Silence of the Fireflies – Anime Crimes Division S2, Ep. 3

Silence of the Fireflies – Anime Crimes Division S2, Ep. 3

Oh hey, Mr. Joe! You gonna go catch that serial killer? No. Wait! I made this for you. I still love you. Die. Okay. これしかない
“I’m taking my place” 星空を仰ぎ
“Up in the stars” 目を凝らし続ける
“Looking for anything at all” 視界が開けていく
“I’ve been seeing things so clearly.” Whoa-oa-oa, it’s a T I M E T R A P 太陽に目がくらんで
“Stare at the sun until I cannot see” 痛くて空っぽさ
“All of the empty pain” I’M HOPING WE DON’T GET LOST IN TIME ソウルを昇華上界へと
“Taking my soul to a higher place” 惑星を解き放て
“You set the planets free” Taking a big risk by giving you access to him. I know. I appreciate it Mayor Watkins. You remember the rules? Do not touch him Do not give him anything with sharp edges. Do not discuss any anime you’ve watched lately. I’ll be fine. You sure? We gotta find those kids before they starve to death. And if anyone can think like a killer… It’s him. I choose you. Hello detective. Screw it. Time to leave this flawed world. Alright. The six goes on the seven… Agh! Welcome to Solitaire Art Online! This game has a single rule. If you die in the game… You die in real life. What? Failure to complete the game within 45 minutes, or any attempt to remove your headset will also result in death. It’s you, isn’t it? The serial killer! I’m next. Is that it? We thought you were a real fan but then you gave up. You turned your back on this city. You were a fake fan all along. And now we’re taking this city back. one dead fake fan at a time. Game on. What brings you to my humble abode, Diesel? The serial killer has two kids trapped, like in Grave of the Fireflies. I need to find him. I know where the killer is. But… I want something in return. I’m not authorized to give you anything. I want anime, Diesel. I’m not allowed it in here. For good reason. After what you did… Do you know what it’s like to be deprived of that life giving juice? That ramen-scented ambrosia that is Japanese animation? I’ve got a pretty good idea. Then you know it’s something you wouldn’t wish on your greatest enemy. I can’t place this card. I could keep searching through the deck. Or… The Draught of Drawing Delights. If I remember correctly from my time in the beta, It’ll replace this garbage card with something I can use. Quite a conundrum, isn’t it Joe? If you put down the Ten of Hearts, you can move one of the black Nines onto it and reveal a new card. But which black Nine should you move? I need to stall him while I activate the Trace-O-Tron. Think, Joe! Think! The Nine of Clubs is stacked atop of six other random cards. But the Nine of Spades is the last card in its column. What’s taking so long? You call yourself a true anime fan? How about you prove it? Who had the highest officially stated power level in Dragonball Z? Frieza, obviously. Wrong. It was Goku. His power level was at 150 million when he battled Frieza on Namek. Oh poor, naive Joe. In the Universal Studios Japan attraction Dragonball Z: The Real 4-D Frieza’s power level is canonically stated as 5.3 billion. Damn. I guess you got me. The last time you had access to anime, you murdered three Gundams. I would rather have hot glue on my hands than blood. Which is exactly what this city is going to run red with. Ahh. There it is. That fear. Always too scared to make a decision, aren’t you? Tell me, Diesel… What anime have you been watching lately? Don’t answer. I can see it written all over your face. My Hero Academia. [Anime Gasp] Relate to the protagonist, don’t you? A girl without a quirk searching for acceptance. I just want to solve this case. But why?
I just want to solve this case. But why? You’re not from Neo Otaku City. You’re a Prestige TV princess, aren’t you? Oh it must’ve been hard growing up the only otaku in a city of Breaking Baddites. You must’ve felt so lonely. Just like now. Tell me where the kids are.
– No, detective. I’m just going to enjoy reading you like the open manga that you are. You don’t know me. You’re as alone as Shinji at the End of Evangelion. My God. You couldn’t even keep your partner around and you’ll never see him again. No. I don’t think I’ll ever tell you. You think I’ll never see Joe again… because he’s the next victim! Uhhhh… No. No that’s not what I… I… I didn’t say that. But I will tell you if you get me some… fan subs. Thanks Chief. Came back! Please! No! I’ll take anything, I’ll take Warriors of the Wind! Please! Only one card left in the draw deck. If it’s a red King, you live. Yes! But if it’s anything else… Is this how I’m going to die? All alone with no one here to see it? No one to burn my vintage hentai collection before the paramedics show? I’m sorry I was such a dick, Diesel. Wha… What are you doing here? The killings. They were targeting outcasts. Losers, Failures. I knew you’d be next! I also thought if something had happened, you’d want me to destroy your vintage hentai before the paramedics got here. There’s just so much of it. But… I need you to know You’re not my mentor anymore, Joe. I may not have a quirk, but… I can’t keep hoping for you to be my All-Might. I, uh… I haven’t actually seen My Hero Academia. I mean, I’ve been meaning to, it’s just… You know, I started hating anime and… Maybe we can watch it together sometime. Ow. You will die, Joe! What is that? That… is the sound of justice. Chief? The kids are at Maiden Abyss. Got that shit on eBay. Got it. We’ll meet you there! Stand down, you two. Stand down. It’s all over. What happened? Well… The mayor was the bad guy. The mayor? Yup. Shot him real good. But he wanted to bring new fans to the city. Why would he care about fake anime fans? He said anime was for everybody. Well he lied Diesel. That’s what politicians do. Still! Congratulations are in order, you just earned a promotion to lead detective! Oh, uh, thanks. That’s what I like to hear! “Case closed!” Or, in the original Japanese “Detective Conan!” Well that all worked out. Yeah… So. You really done with Neo Otaku City? Nothing left for me here. Thanks for holding up your end of the bargain, though. I got a meeting with the housing board tomorrow. What about you? Chief gave me two weeks paid vacation. Think I might… Go over the serial killer case again. Something just doesn’t feel right. Ah come on. You’ve earned a break. Why don’t you come with me to Prestige TV City? Take your mind off things. It’s a long drive. I could use a navigator. Nah. Screw that. I’ll drive. They’re on their way.

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  1. and f-ing lolicons


  3. He's an Otaku but he said mAnga

  4. That was Geoff from mother’s basement

  5. What does vintage hentai looked like? Need it for research. ?

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  13. Top 10 anime one-liners of all time…

    Number 1!!! “Die”

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  15. whet the most entertaining thing about a show is spotting the subtle references

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    (Joe) * Die*

    That was horribly funny some how

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    JoJo reference

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    Omg that dude looks like chadtronic

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    initiate omaimamo sinderu sound


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  51. Awesome Anime Crimes Division Video.

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    The car's number plate says 'Deja-Vu'

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