Simon Black Academy: Athlete Video Testimonials

Simon Black Academy: Athlete Video Testimonials

My name is Matt Bradfield. My name is Brody Flude My name is Jacob Gates. My name is Michael Naawi. My name is Steven Siali I’m John Hi my name is Milton My name is Brandon
Baginski My name is Alex I was interested in joining the Academy
because I just love my footy I wanted to join the Academy because i
have a passion for football I wanted to have a career in football and one day maybe I can make it into the AFL I think the main thing that got me interested in
joining Academy was playing footy everyday The academy is helping me
achieve my goals by learning new training skills that I
wouldn’t be taught at my footy club I’ve really developed just over
the last couple months, especially my game. I can notice my skills
going up heaps and just pathways opening up left right and center for me so We’ve got Clinton young who is a good skills coach and he’s teaching me heaps of stuff improving my game and all. I would definitely recommend the Academy to other people yeah i would recommend this academy to
people who want to have a better future in footy. and gain more knowledge and
experience from it definitely yeah, if you love footy and
you love training every day in this is a perfect program to get involved with
ex AFL stars coming down If you want to learn basic footy skills or just freshen up your skills then this is the perfect place to do it

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