Sindhu Becomes 1st Indian to Win World Championships

Sindhu Becomes 1st Indian to Win World Championships

PV Sindhu – Sign Name – is 24-years-old from Hyderabad. She is a very famous Indian Badminton Player. In 2016 and 2017, she participated in the World Badminton Championship. During the Finals, she lost. In the World Badminton Championship, she has won five gold medals. She is the first woman to win so many medals. The 2019 World badminton championship was held in Basel, Switzerland. Sindhu reached the final and played against Japan’s Okuhara. This was a very quick match. It only lasted 37 mins. Sindhu played aggressively and was very focused. Sindhu beat her and won by 21-7 points. Sindhu was very happy to win. She said that she has become a National Champion. Then she corrected herself and said that no she is a World Champion. She said that she always dreamed of winning and now that she won, she just can’t believe it. India is very proud of you Sindhu! Congratulations!

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  1. Congratulations her..
    We r proud of her win..
    We love her..

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