Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2

Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2

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  1. Kelsey is so fucking h-ot.

  2. Lilith!!!!! love her!!!!!!!!

  3. Father Christmas is there 19:42

  4. If she gets a boyfriend what will you title these now?

  5. 10:07 Wait a minute… have Chelsea Jr's dad been unfaithful?
    How could he!? ?

  6. Chelsea jr lesbian queen ?


  8. The cat puns had me laughing?

  9. Pretty sure Riya (the girl from the bar CJ has beef with) was the mascot ?

  10. I get the single girl for the 100 baby challenge but it’s such a tiny fact for someone who has so much more 2 offer. If she wasn’t single I’d still love her gameplay.

  11. I know the fandom's gonna hate on me, but I feel like CJ should end up with Dimitri.

    I mean, look at his HAIRRR

  12. She didn't do any term papers, studying or presentations, lmao

  13. Someone had a whole lot of coffee ?

  14. Its becka from pitch perfect ?? …
    Like if you thought this

  15. we can have peen-! xD

  16. So she’s was in the bathroom socializing with pizza rolls. Yuck.

  17. Immpiccishmay family motto: You can sleep when you're dead
    Harry Immpiccishmay: *falls asleep in a pool and dies*

  18. i love how CJ impicchishmay (i cant spell sry lol) kinda rhymes ?

  19. Gaining the research and debate skill can help sims speed through homework

  20. Did anyone else feel a like CJ was doing homework next to naked people while they showered @ 11:34?

  21. Vlad was, by far, one of the hardest Sims to romance in my entire 1k hours of playing this game. In game, it took about two weeks. To move in. He refused most of my friendly interactions, I had to constantly allow him to drink from the Sim who got super delirious afterwards, and any time he liked chatting was when it was jokes and comedy. My sim got level 4 Comedy for Vlad. Then, once I was able to move in I spent another week working on halfway to the romance point. Once halfway, it was game over. BUT IN REALITY I WENT THROUGH A WHOLE YEAR TRYING TO WOO THE DUDE!! Now my girl and him are married, got two kids (currently) and are vamps~

  22. I like that nobody considers the fact that Santa is there?? Like Vlads in the college….but so is Santa??

  23. I'm so stressed out from her not starting any of the term papers ?

  24. Kelsey:I’m single
    Me:same sis?

  25. There's nothing wrong in being a nerd bc i am one and im proud LOL❤️?

  26. I think when you get back to the 100 baby challenge you should bring up the genealogy tree looking at how big Chelsea's family has grown I'm always looking at my family tree starting from the father's side

  27. But….. 100 baby…..

  28. Can we get our Puff a doggo? Idk if that’s allowed in the dorms in the Sims but it’d be cute and that’s a relationship we all can stan and would probably up her fun because it’s part of her trait

  29. #GIVECJAGIRLFRIEND cause there are not enough gays in this game

  30. I need that shirt lol

  31. How close are we to the 100 ?? ?

  32. are we just gonna ignore father christmas just kinda chillin in the dorm lmao

  33. Who else feels like CJ would date a girl? She wouldn’t have to stay with her forever or anything but I think it would be cool! Maybe she could date Becca or something for a little bit?

  34. Kelsey, you should also do a spin off with Olivia Impichishmay(I guess..) because she was actuall used to be the 50iest baby! (And my name is Olivia too, so yeah?)

  35. Im gonna do it perfect ThIs tImE

  36. Vlad scared me as well ?

  37. Syltherns and Hufflepuffs can be friends.

    You should really check out the two women band Syltherpuff.

  38. offering crystals has more succes for joining the secret society

  39. Kelsey turning this into a Harry Potter fanfic is peak Kelsey lmao

  40. I’m so happy that this came out on my birthday ???

  41. Absolutely living for CJ discovering how awful Dmitri is because he is…. the worst

  42. At 0:26 you know she had to do it to ‘em

  43. Kelsey
    tried to say peanuts and hummus at one time don’t do it it’s a trap

  44. Her voice makes me wanna clear my throat

  45. He's got 2 be kitten me ?
    Maybe there's a tail behind this ?
    It's just not purrrfect ?

  46. That food is being made in them bathroom stalls and I’m not joking at all ???

  47. Riding the bike will increase fun fast ?

  48. So I was doing some work and watching this and then Kelsey said something about CJ having beef with Riya and I had to stop what I was doing because I was like 'what did I do ??' (most people call me Ria?) before I realized what the Sims name was ??

  49. Becca x CJ!! Yaaaay…. Dimitri is too complicated man.

  50. Whatever happened to the 100 baby challenge?

  51. Vlad goses University that why he is around the drorm room

  52. I can't with Dimitri because he looks almost exactly like this guy at my uni who planted fake cocaine on his roommate and stole their TV.

  53. I think Kelsey should make some more diverse looking sims for role-play in future series…no hate, it would just be nice to see some girls of color like me that are used as like "main characters" ? absolutely love her and this series though!

  54. I may have taken one of my sims from my hundred baby challenge and enrolled her into college because of this series ? she’s getting straight A’s #proudsimmom

  55. Did anyone notice Santa just in the dorm walking around???

  56. Discover university is real. ? you have to work for it.

  57. does anybody who watches james say “KATRINA!!” when she said who is this? bc i did

  58. The professor who looks like a villain could, in fact, be the professor of Villainy.  That's a course the sims can take, after all.

  59. Kelsey: Maybe its a study song or the school fight song…
    Me: No, its the nursery rhyme "the farmer in the dell"

  60. Kelsey: Lets just keep our laptop in our inventory just to be safe. Not just we dont trust our roommate.

    Other Kelsey: Its just that we dont trust our roommate

  61. I love the shirt you are wearing in this video- manga Luke Skywalker.

  62. Due to the extreme loneliness I'm watching this for the extra company

  63. Best Sims commentary of all the times

  64. Petition for CJ to put up a pan flag in her dorm room ✨

  65. When she said new in town I immediately thought of the John mulainy bit

  66. #stoptryingtobefunnywhenyouresad2019

  67. CJ is in Britechester, Seema is her roommate, and she wants to join the secret society. Is this Claire Siobhan’s let’s play 2.0??? Lolll

  68. Lilith and her twin sister is an OG from the Sims2 Kelsey ?_?!

  69. CJ might have had a bad rep with that girl in the bar before saying anything bc she was in the dragon costume the first time

  70. Dude you have EAR BUDS!! You can turn them on while doing homework and increase fun at the same time!!!

  71. Kelsey, can you please give Demetri a makeover? Please??

  72. I love how she freaked about Vlad yet didn't say anything about santa in the dorm ?

  73. Way less complaints on the time of the video. I preferred shorter videos

  74. Shoutout to Rachel Lewis for the A+ editing in this episode ?

  75. No hate but i really want to get back to the 100 baby series

  76. Demitri & CJ are a great match! Every Slytherin needs a hufflepuff!


  78. You should make one of the spin offs where the matriarch gets a grand baby

  79. “Don’t do it. It’s a trap.”

  80. Someone should make a Colonel Sanders character like from the dating simulation at the culinary school.

  81. 12:58 EXCUSE ME LMAOOO

  82. "It's because she likes dogs!"
    Connor RK800 has joined the chat

  83. Wanna point out that CJ and Dimitri basically have the same hairstyle

  84. When I saw Becca, I'm like oh she looks like me and then you yelled "Becca" and I'm like oh my gods what Sims this is too wild!!!!!

  85. Loved the Midsummer night's dream reference! Jeez im such a Ravenclaw….

  86. i am not a fan of CJ and Dmitri. I dont like that he's mean. Our sweet girl deserves someone who's just as caring!

  87. The blonde friend looks like Penny Haywood from hogwarts mystery

  88. I want a softgirl CJ and tough girl Lilith relationship <3

  89. It’s was the mascot do that is why they hade a bad relationship

  90. I meant to say ria

  91. can you imagine if CJ and Lilith got together! Ultimate Slytherpuff goals

  92. Hi…i follow you from Portugal and I wait all week for the 100 baby challenge…what happened why did you stop it??xxx

  93. Kelsey: We've finished all our homework, why not?
    Totally forgets about her term papers

  94. Did anyone else notice Santa on the collage campus lol

  95. Kelsey:
    Ooh we could have peen-
    regrets all life choices
    I laughed way too hard at this part

  96. 20:27 look at vlad and Kelsey omg

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