Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To University In The Sims 4 | Part 1

Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To University In The Sims 4 | Part 1

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  1. imagine getting paid to play the sims. where can i sign up????

  2. Seeing Kelsey smile gives me so much serotonin


  4. can u please change her hair and give her a beanie? thats might be cool for cj

  5. Gonna throw it out there, CJ and Colonel Sanders definitely should meet during culinary school

  6. CJ needs a pet! Maybe a cat? 🙂

  7. Only 17 minutes ?? Ugh

  8. Soooo much screaming…..

  9. An independent lady… who looks and dresses exactly like her momma. Lmao


  11. Is kelsey on speed in this one??

  12. I went to college and got three tattoos and a conch piercing lol.. feeling that vibe

  13. I’m sooooo happpy for the spin-offs!!!

  14. The mustard yellow boots just make me think of the yellow chairs, and I'm here for it 100%.

  15. I’m shook because CJ is my nickname lol ? I feel represented ???

  16. Did anyone else see that person swipe CJ’s bike lol

  17. My name is CJ well my nickname is CJ

  18. I hate that being British made me automatically pronounce it as "brister" in my head

  19. Make sure you watch your time for classes!

  20. Where is the crop cardigan you are wearing from?

  21. 11:00 same energy as Elle Woods

  22. I want Chelsea jr abs!!!

  23. my name is courtney justine. when i moved to brooklyn 3 years ago, i started introducing myself as cj. i feel called out. ?

  24. She loves CJ so much hahaha.

  25. CJ and seema should be frenemies sand end up have… “ a little fun”

  26. Instead of staying in Darkwing Duck’s Dorm she chooses his secret identity instead

  27. You forgot to pay with scholarships – you had household funds selected.

  28. omg where can I get that top Kelsey?

  29. Damn girl, that outfit make me wanna take you out on a date frfr???

  30. Longer episodes plss

  31. Okay so I am kinda stressed after 6 minutes bc I should be applying to colleges but im s c a r e d

  32. Assent this on a stream???

  33. CJ literally looks like Rasha from Degrassi Next Class!!!

  34. She always looks so fabulous/ hot AF in her videos. Today's sweater crop is my favorite

  35. I love how involved you are with your sims. Like you actually care about their story lines and how they're feeling. I'm just some evil overlord who forces them to do what I want.

  36. Why do you make characters gay ?

  37. You should change her hair to some fun color for college!

  38. Why aren’t the black characters never just straight?

  39. There sims they don’t need genders

  40. Omg! You said my name ?
    My name is CJ ??

  41. Kelsey in 10 years- HONEY, put some pants on!? Btw love you Kelsey, been watching sense Olive/ baby number one❤️??

  42. "What else do people do in college?" well my roommate started a grease fire in our dorm so that's an option

  43. i love this home so much 😮 is it in the game or is it in the gallery??

  44. chelsea is dressed like everyone at my college. I go to art school.

  45. "Oh ma gosh. He's a boy.. Wowww… And he's not related to us!"
    That cracked me up lol

  46. Why does her roomie look exactly like Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black lol

  47. And girl I had some BADDDDDDD roommates in uni too, I feel ya

  48. As someone who is Pan, I appreciate that you wasted no time in deciding that CJ was Pan. I love how you don’t care whoever anyone loves even if they are Sims. Can wait to see what trouble CJ gets into, maybe something like her mom and grandma??.

  49. Am i the only one who thought her top was cute???

  50. Everyone, check this out:

  51. Just screaming the entire vid, cause we renamed CJ for college!!!

  52. WE ? STAN ? CJ

  53. lol chelsea why you oggling boys, old habit die hard ?


  55. 5 minutes of 16 minute video wasted with make over lol

  56. Lol I liked the sense of stress vengeance!

  57. omg I lOVE CJ as her new name!! I just graduated college, but Kelsey's enthusiasm makes college seem fun (though it's not)

  58. everything about chelsea jr. is ++++++

  59. My favourite part of this is Kelsey being bitter about college

  60. At 5:27 what pack is that photo clothesline from and can your sims put their own pics in it?

  61. Britechester is pronounced bright-chester

  62. CJ needs to bye a dog

  63. Finally a spin-off for one of Kasey's kids. Another I'd like to see would be one of her sons being a doctor or a scientist.

  64. Kelsey: what else do you do in college?
    Me: cry. Just constantly cry.

  65. Cj needs a part time job

  66. I’ve never seen Kelsey this energetic ❤️ must be a good thing she took a break from Kasey’s house.

  67. Coming at you with my initials also being CJ ???

  68. I work in campus housing and I cringe at the word DORM. We prefer Residence Hall because you do so much more than just live on-campus. Dorm makes it seem so cold and like you don’t do more than sleep there. Just saying.

  69. When I first bought The Sims 4, my first achievement was the introvert one because I was just trying to get crap done around my house and take care of the toddler I stuck myself with ?

  70. I'm so looking forward to following CJ's college experience.

  71. cj my fav pan babey

  72. is anyone having trouble claiming beds after the latest patch or is it just me ?

  73. I thought spinoffs were posted on Friday’s and Saturday’s were the 100 baby challenges umm..?? it’s okay tho I understand she probably just needs a break

  74. College Sims need Ramen, pizza and beer beware of the freshman 15 CJ. Go Dragons LoL ?

  75. I have to say that they’re clothing are super cuteee!!

  76. Yesss excited for this series ?

  77. If you play Sims4 you know how long these videos would take to make with all the loading ??

  78. Real General plays Rise of Nations

  79. You look amazing, you have a happy glow today. I love these spin off's.

  80. I really feel like Kelsey has lost her mind this episode….

    I LOVE IT!!!??

  81. Soon it will be 2020 the day after my birthday 31 December

  82. I just searched sims 4 on origin and now I am.getting sims 4 recommendations on youtube. WTF

  83. "Oh my gosh. It's a boy…wowwwww".
    100 Baby Challenge vibes XD

  84. Okay but that sweater Kelsey, seriously. You look stunning

  85. You just make the best videos i looove all of them, its just mking me smile

  86. I’m British and your accent is very Queen Elizebeth-y

  87. apply for uni mean both accept you at default

  88. It’s incredible how good her British accent is!!


  90. your so cringey man

  91. We gonna Paaaartyyyy we gonna ….. uh study ??? the best

  92. Real talk Chelsea Jr. should be Chelsea II because she’s not Chelsea’s child she’s her grandchild

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