Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49

Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49

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  2. baby name

    girl: hazel mapel stella

    boy: luke lucas leo

  3. Boy:Barrett Hayden Elliott Jared Jasper
    Girl:Emily Rachel Willow Ann/Anne (pronounces Ann)Pixie

  4. Twin girls: trinity and serenity

  5. You can lock the computer for other sims.

  6. Conner kinda looks like Dustin from stranger things

  7. You should have a child called 'garden salad' and 'oh no'

  8. Kelsey: “Chelsea, I think we got off on the wrong foot.”

    Also Kelsey: implies Chelsea’s mother is a llama

  9. Somebody was a real grumpy cat in this episode.

  10. Boy: Mathew
    Girl: Alayia

  11. I would love a behind the scenes video of the crew watching/reaction to Kelsey playing the sims lol I can only imagine the laughs lol

  12. Name your next set of twin boys Fred and George ? Harry Potter all the way

  13. Can u pls name one of ur child Daphne if its a girl and/or shaggy if its a boy

  14. I’m going to miss the show during the break but everyone deserves time off. You’ve brought a lot of entertainment to us through this challenge and your other videos. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Baby names: Luke and Leia for twins

    And in honor of my favorite childhood book The Ordinary Princess. Gem stones for names

    Girl: Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, Opal, Ruby
    Boy: Jasper, Onyx, Peridot, Topaz

  15. i don't know when i realized it, but i really enjoy this series and i think it really completes my saturdays. thank you!

  16. What did i miss??? Why did one die????

  17. Girl: Chirley, Roze, Willow, Makenzie
    Boy: Asher, Chase

  18. Baby names:
    I would love it if you would name a baby Soffía or Sophia like my daughter. Other names are Ava, Richie, Milo and Mila

  19. Baby names
    Girl: Megan, Artemis, Athena
    Boy: Wyatt, Apollo, Fisher

  20. Degrassi next gen names: Emma, JT, Manny, Toby, Spike, Snake, Joey, Sean, Jimmy, Ellie, Marco, Spinner, Paige etc

  21. Wait! How long of a break!?!?!?!
    How about reindeer names?
    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph?

  22. Baby names
    Girl: Ashlyn
    Boy: Ethan
    Both genders: Blake and Bailey

  23. Would LOVE a shirt that says "It's fine, everything's fine"

  24. You should change kasey’s hair to be long and you should name the next girl Maeve after me.

  25. girl names: anna, arendelle, elsa
    boy names: sven, kristoff, olaf

    Boy: Dallas(Dally), Johnny, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Finch
    Girl: Cherry, Marcia, Sandy, Violet

    If you couldn’t already tell most of these names are from The Outsiders ????

  27. This serie is stressing me out!

  28. Can you name a baby girl Cari pronounced Carrie.

  29. girl: posie, everlyn, sky

    boys: jackson, evean

  30. TAKING A BREAAAAK ?!?? ???

  31. I miss Kaseys long hair also name a girl Katniss and a boy Peeta

  32. baby names:
    girls – caroline, ophelia, kate, isabelle, lis, devon
    boys – caleb, housten, nate, jackson, devon

  33. 9:30 both cheeks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Anyone else a Big Fan?

    I’m gonna śuß to everyone that likes this and sußs to me! ?

  35. so much money… so please.. upgrade the bed… to help her increase the energy at double speed… pls…

  36. Kelsey, are you okay?

  37. Plz name a baby girl megan and a boy nathan

  38. 2:44 todd bed just casually in the wall ?

  39. Disney themed names:
    Girls- Ariel, Jasmine, Wendy (Peter pan), Jane (Tarzan)
    Boys- Sebastian, Gus (Cinderella), Peter, Mickey

  40. Names: Nola for a Girl, Jax for a Boy

  41. Hi Kelsey!!! Could you name the next girl Abby? Or the next boy as Percy (because of the Percy Jackson series!!)

  42. Boys: Augustus and Julius; Girls: Orange and Ginger

  43. 3:20 you can see that the toddler bed is in the wwwwwwaaaaaallllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Can you name a girl Julia its a classic name that hasn't been used in the series yet 🙂

  45. Baby name for either a boy or girl: Ocean

  46. I’m so sad I don’t want you to take a break I look so forward to it does show can you name the next baby if it’s a boy Andrew or Anthony or Timothy girl Tammy or Tamara Rosemary or Sara

  47. I almost cried when she said she will be taking a break from the show for a little bit

  48. Phoebe from charmed was an evil queen for a bit.

  49. Girls: Sabre, Sockie, Cerrus, Naz
    Boys: Biggy, Dez, Mav, Mack

  50. Baby boy names: Felix and Iver!

    They're my sons who have both started watching your videos with me and now play along with my 100 baby challenge ??

  51. A break!!!! Ummm not.

  52. Anyone else get “Conner was sent from cyber life” God I love that game!

  53. When you forget about the single best letsplay in history

  54. 13 DAYS UNTIL ITS BEEN ONE YEAR OF THE 100 BABY CHALLENGE. please name a baby Makenzie

  55. Why don’t you hire a maid on the sims to help out with kelsey to clean and take care of the kids ?

  56. Been watching since the beginning and Ive been wishing to get pick for the babies’ names.

    Girl: Ellysza (after me hehe ive never had someone named after me with the same spelling; eh-la-ihs-zuh)

    Boy: Heury (Something unique like my name) or
    Phyl (Just wanted to represent all the Filipino watchers! Hahaha Changed the i to y for uniqueness)

    I hope you can see this sending love from the Philippines! ❤️?

  57. I want BTS boy band dads ?

  58. You should name a baby Carrie if it's a girl and Cary if it's a boy because they kind of sound like Kasey!

  59. Tiffany for a girl and Justin for a boy

  60. I don’t know why I think this, but Phoebe’s face looks like Hailey Balwin ?

  61. Kelsey & Co. I hope you get the rest you need during the break and enjoy the holidays! You all have made an amazing series that has brought myself and countless joy every week this year. Thanks for being amazing. We love you!!

  62. Are you wearing a blanket

  63. BABY NAMES: You should name a girl Ophelia after the song?

  64. Name suggestions for your babes!

    Girl: Lara (in memory of my auntie who passed away), Felicia (When she moves out say, "BYE FELICIA"), Hermione or Angel

    Boy: Timmy, Draco or Elijah

    You are such a lovely person, keep it up!

  65. whats this game called????????

  66. ??BABY NAMES??

  67. Baby names!!!
    Girls: Destiny, Jazmin, Rachel, (Elise from Insidious)
    Boys: Tanner, Jayden, (Rick from Vampire Diaries)

  68. I understand the need for a season finale after a year but noooooooooooo! I looked forward to my Saturday mornings for a dose of Kelsey and the 100 baby challenge. "Deep breaths and cozy blankies," is my new motto for my winter finals happening right now.

  69. Anyone else super sad they are taking a break?

  70. Baby names:
    Girls: Laura or Melinda
    Boys: Raymond or Declan

  71. What do you mean of taking a break?? Nooooooooo Kelseyyy ??

    Ps : let your children play with the bear toy for attention

  72. You need to name a boy or girl Infinite so that you can say “ To infinite and beyond” whenever he or she does something good

  73. For they page that says kasey not Kelsey you should also say not Chelsea

  74. No one is going to talk about how Darrel (this episode's baby daddy) has a fiancé from Realm of Magic?

  75. How about Jessica as a name it’s cute but also it mine!!!!

  76. Did Kelsey actually travel with Chelsea just to have Kasey fight her? Because I stan and I died laughing.

  77. I assume this is before the update that fixed toddlers, after university came out their Ned’s started decaying twice as fast but the last update fixed it.

  78. I still don't understand why she hasn't tried to bring [insert dead sim child name here] back from the dead.

  79. Holiday Names: girls Tinsle and Charity boys Nickolas and Joseph
    Other Names: girls Lily Ivy and Rose boys Raylin Prince and Dexter

  80. I went to the comments to find out why Kelsey is wearing a towel.. still don’t know why.

  81. seriously hilarious and awesome hearing my name in the game! :,D

  82. Did we ever kill imposter Chelsea

  83. Wish I could take one jog and lose that much weight.

  84. Names:
    Boy: bean (because that’s what you call the tods and it’s just really cute)
    Girl: Nicole (because it’s the name of a character from my fav show) ??

  85. Kasey’s fight with fake Chelsea was stressing me out sooooo much because sims can die from being too angry ?

  86. If it’s a girl u should name it ivy

  87. You’re taking a break. Maybe I’ll actually play the game for myself? Lmbo

  88. Baby Names!!!!!!!! Girl: Layla, Jemma Boy: Brady, Noah

  89. girl names: eve, paris, iris, ivy, piper, harper, zoey
    boy names: jesse, max, cole, jacob, luke, bryan, cooper

  90. Omg that was so damn stressful to watch ??
    So sad that there’s a break coming up but also happy for you cause I can imagine you’re feeling super drained by this! Can’t wait for you to come back refreshed and better than ever!! ❤️

  91. you missed "Its Fine" at 20:46

  92. This news is devastating. What am I going to watch every Sunday morning D: lol

  93. So no one is going to talk about the quote " You can sleep when dead Kasey! " Kelsey just randomly added in?? ?

  94. Tips for you please use:) You can read to all the toddlers at once to raise there attention and it also levels up imagination faster also!

  95. You know, the name Gracie rhymes with Kasey.?

  96. girl: McKenzie
    boy: cole Sprouse

  97. “Deep breaths in cozy blankies.”
    What an absolute calming mood.

  98. Name a baby Delilah so you can always say “hey there Delilah”

  99. Can you please name one ashlyn after me??

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