Single Girl Throws Her First Christmas In The Sims 4 | Part 50

Single Girl Throws Her First Christmas In The Sims 4 | Part 50

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  1. Can you please name a girl Regan it means royalty (pronounced Ree-gan not ray-gan)

  2. Christmas is coming ! since my birthday is on Christmas

    if you have 2 girls by any chance you should name them Elanise & Chrissy

    elanise is pronounced like denise but with ela ☺️

  3. Please change Kasey's hair into something longer and blonde! ?

  4. Baby Names!! ?
    Girl: Ash, Molly, Ellie, Rose, Mabel
    Boy: Applo, Gavin, Grayson, Matthew

  5. Hey Kelsey, this Christmas I wish that you are naming your next baby gal CLARA ?
    (after yours truly)

  6. What if you name a baby Thursday, because Olive (the first baby) was born on a Thursday??

  7. The hungry children stress me out so much, pls feed them lol

  8. Can you name a girl Cambridge and for 69 Roxanne.
    Please I have that name and it's cool and stuff

  9. Girls: Sydney, Maddie, Maya & mango (I don't know why I just think it's of cute funny name)
    Boys: Carson, Royce, William & Sydney (it's a unisex name)

  10. Chelsea:
    1. Olive
    2. Brielle
    3. Jamie
    4. Alexis
    5. Miles
    6. Renee
    7. Charlie
    8. Hazel
    9. Eric
    10. Niya
    11. Natalie
    12. Rosé
    13. River
    14. Flynn
    15. Cooper
    16. Addi
    17. Ellie
    18. Dorian
    19. Theo
    20. Tristen
    21. Willow
    22. Ginny
    23. Bran
    25. Arya
    24. Jon
    26. Nova
    27. Freya
    28. Sirius
    29. Stacey
    30. Kasey [Current Matriarch]
    31. Taylor
    32. Tayler
    33. Tegan
    34. Archer
    35. Blaire
    36. Brooke
    37. Brendon
    38. Hope
    39. Bella
    40. Ever
    41. Jake
    42. Romeo
    43. Caesar
    . Harry
    44. Dustin
    45. Leo Jr.
    46. Logan
    47. Holly
    48. Hayley
    49. Olivia
    50. Chelsea Jr.
    51. Annie
    52. Ashton
    53. Phoebe
    54. Owen (Teenager)
    55. Lucien (Teenager)
    56. Autumn (Child)
    57. August (Child)
    58. Mars (Toddler)
    59. Connor (Child)
    60. Blake (Toddler)

  11. Cant believe i have been watching every Saturday for almost a year. Been here since episode 1

  12. Remember when Kelsey made sure that the twins where aged up at the same time?

  13. Boy: Hudson, Hunter, Greg (rhymes with Creg) Ron, and Harmony (You have Herry and Ginny, you need Ron and Harmony)

  14. Boy: Dominic Anthony Kurt
    Girl: Ashley Kristy Jessica

  15. For baby girls do: Quinn and Brynn

  16. You could name Aladdin's baby Robin in honor of Robin Williams!

  17. Girl Name: Zoe
    Boy name: Zane

  18. 23:40 floating baby

  19. Name a baby girl Reese

  20. For the next baby can you name a

    girl: either Octavia or Stella

    Or a

    boy: either Zain or Timmy
    Or for Christmas Can u name a girl Noelle or a boy Nick??


  21. Yay so excited for the university spinoff with chelsea jr!!!

  22. For a girl summer and winter

  23. Every like is every motivation for Connor to be the Connor from Cyberlife

  24. I belive you said that you would resurrect Harry. That would be a great start to season 2 ?

  25. Molly for a baby girl

  26. Not sure if you following this but I had my baby on tuesday!!! We made an actual baby challenge! How many Kelsey babies have been born (While the challenge is on)

  27. I have been here since episode one and we still need some Star Wars names! Can we please name a baby after Han Solo, Rei, Luke or Leia?

  28. Rowan for a boy and Rose for a girl.

  29. Name a child Harry Jr. after the poor kiddo.

    Please like, not because I want likes, but so Kelsey can see this!

  30. Ugh every episode has been great! Thanks Kelsey !!!

  31. Baby names…
    BOY: Ocean or Sky
    GIRL: Coral or Skye

  32. This series has lasted longer than my previous relationship lol

  33. Invest in a coffee machine to help with exhaustionnnnn

  34. Baby names
    Girl:el max Nancy Erica summer(me)
    Boy:mike will Dustin lucus Steve

  35. I know it is unlikely for me to get picked l but…. I think Macy is a great name for a girl!!!

  36. Could you name a baby girl Adriana ?

    It would be absolutely amazing to have one of the babies with my name ?

  37. Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine name a girl jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine Name a girl jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Name a girl Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine Name a girl jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE Name a girl jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE Jasmine JASMINE jasminE JASmine jasMine JaSmiNE

    Please name a girl Jasmine maybe?

  38. Girl names: Alyssa or Zoe
    Boy names: Mickey or Bobby

  39. Can you name a boy Arreis (air-e-is) or a girl Sierra?

  40. You should name the next babies the same as the characters in Friends! I mean, you already did Pheobe.. that would be awesome! Love these videos!

  41. Owen could be a cat burglar now lol

  42. Name a girl Sheena 🙂

  43. Unplayed household aging turned off. But because the family households have been created from this family the game considers them played households. Kelsey needs to modify their households to be unplayed for this to help.

  44. I think for boy a and girl names could be:

    Girls:Emmie,Emily,Ellie or Alexa

    Boys:Tommy,Dylan or Lucas
    Pls pick my names

  45. Kelsey: Oh no, someone fell asleep… It was Kasey.
    Unnoticed stinking pile of toddler in the floor in the baby's room
    Me: ???????

  46. Girl names: Mazikeen (Maze for short), Lesley-Ann

  47. Alia for a girl after me, and Lee for a boy

  48. Name suggestions:

    Girl-> Lotta or Chiara
    Boy-> Carl or Bruno

    Please like so she sees ❤️❤️

  49. "Do moms just stand there and shovel food in their face before going back to their children?"

    Yes. Yes, they do. I'm not a mom myself, but I've witnessed it. #MomLife ?

  50. You should name one Natalia it means Christmas in Italian

  51. Happy Holidays everyone, can't believe it's been a year, what a ride ?

  52. 'Do mom's really do this' – yes, yes we do…

  53. Larissa is a really nice name…. just sayin'

  54. because this episode came out on my birthday can you please name the next baby girl aiyana, it’s pronounced like eye-yawn-uh

  55. For the names
    Girl: sims name generator 6 times
    Boy: sims name generator 2 times

  56. For a baby names plz

    Girl- Magdalena, Maggie, or Tatiana

    Boys- Nate Zach or Stephen

  57. If a girl khloe or chloe
    If a boy joey or josh
    Love these vids

  58. So we should start the new season with some of the most uncommon names there is ?

    Girls: Zia, Esther, Marina, Primerose
    Bois: Zane, Zachariah, West, Shelton


  60. Please name your next child
    Molly, bell, angel, plum, carol, candy for a girl
    Claus, frost, Gabriel, rudolf for a boy
    I love you and your vids soooooo much and I am always excited throughout the week for another 100 baby challenge
    Also I am literally screaming at the screen telling you to move the toddler bed so it’s not in the wall hahah????❤️?

  61. Baby names:
    Girl: Twinkle
    Boy: Marcus (‘cause why not)

  62. For a girl can you do Amour?(pronounced a-more) Because it’s my name and it means love in French.

    For a boy can you do Ryder? Because….. I dunno I just like the name.

    TYSM love ya ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Baby name: Robin (boy or girl
    Arden (boy)

  64. Name the next 2 boys Ronnie and Reggie because then when they do mischievous stuff they'll just be like "oh it's just the imp"""may boys" lol

  65. Names:
    G- Marlene and Maria
    B- Philipe and Charles

  66. For a boy :Jace
    For a girl :Paige
    I love these series so much!!!!

  67. Boy: Richard
    Girl: Aliza

  68. I like how kelsea said Todd's assemble ?

  69. can't believe this is the 50th one! i have to admit i stopped watching them after episode 15 or so because i got so busy with school and stuff and now that i'm seeing this one, i wish i would have kept up! i'm so confused, what happened to the first mom? hope she didn't die! and love what you did with the house, its so different from when you started the series! also, i'm waiting for instead of saying and i'm single you say and i have a boyfriend and the sup boys goes away! i'm definitley going to start watching again because i just realized how much i missed this series!

  70. Can we now magic harry alive but move him out. He wouldn't count but we still always have him and less haunting

  71. For Kelsey,
    Girl names: Liliana, Juliana
    Boy names: Killian, Jillian and happy 1 Year Anniversary!????

  72. Choose compassion this Christmas!

  73. Names
    Boys:Bailey or declan
    Girls:chloe or cassie(me)
    You entertain me so much hope you see this and use these names

  74. Idk if Kelsey can do this (she probably can but idk) but can't you just use a toddler to 'form group' with the rest of the toddlers and so then you have them do the same thing all at the same time? Like have them eat or sleep at the same time?????

  75. University spin-off series for one of the kids please!!

  76. I love that connor wears a skirt??❤

    But here's some baby names!!!!!
    Girl: claire, nichole, noel, queen, Cleo, nikki

    Boys: George, leo ( ik u named a baby that already but it goes with cleo)Nicklaus, nick,

  77. Girl name: Zoe
    Boy name: Zach

  78. Plsssss name the next girl child Isabelle!!!
    I’ve commented on every video so far!!
    Way back to Olive and Brielle!
    Love ur vids Kelsey ✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. are nannies and chefs allowed in this challenge?

  80. Am I the only one that wants Kasey to have a baby birth not be in the machine?
    Like having the baby in like the hospital bed.
    Just me? Okay.

  81. Girl names Either Abigail or Meaghan
    Boy Names, Jesus or Emmanuel

  82. boy name: Bellamy
    girl name: Octavia

  83. Is there any one who has been watching since olive

    Representing Italian fans since ep 1!!!
    Boy: Vincenzo/Antonio/Luigi/Pasquale
    Girl:Maria Antonietta/Carmela/Maria Giulia
    love you, keep posting vids!! I watch all of them <3

  85. Girl name crystal
    Boy name chris

  86. Baby name for girl.
    I like the name Abigail probably because that's my name but yeah I like it?

  87. You should name a girl Rosie

  88. The fact that I've been invested in the Impiccicshmay family for this long is insane, but I'm not mad about it.

  89. Can you name a girl Erin or Alex? I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked the idea of a girl with a name that’s typically for a boy.

  90. 5:35 The answer is yes…100% lol

  91. Lol she's going to hate that randomizer

  92. How is she still single?

  93. Girl names: Samantha, Sage, Samantha, Clover, Samantha…

    did I mention Samantha…?

    Boy names: Kyle, Josh, and Brandon

  94. please pick me kelsey
    girls names: Alissa,nikki,amelia,zara,ellie
    boys names: thomas,troy,luke

  95. girls: ophelia and/or artemis
    boys: jeremiah and/isaiah
    unisex: zion and/or jordyn

  96. Girl names: Cindy, Sellindria, Elisha
    Boy names: Rex, Matt, Mark

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