Single Rules 1.1 – Pilot

Single Rules 1.1 – Pilot

Here you should keep these. I really like you. I really like you too! You know I had a lot of fun at the hockey game. Yeah, well it’s a whole different experience when it’s the play offs. Really glad you invited me. Me too. Do you wanna come in? I don’t have sex on a first date… Oh well it’s late. Why don’t you stay anyway? I only have to work till
2:00 p.m. tomorrow maybe I could get off early. We wouldn’t want that! My name is Millie this…is not my life… Next day His apartment (text message)Thanks for breakfast. I had a lot of fun last night. (text message) Error Invalid Number. I just texted you, it bounced back. Fracis?! Did you rent out our apartment on Airbnb again? Really?! I mean how many times are we gonna have to go through this, huh? NOT his apartment So you slept with him on the first date! Nobody slept… I just… Fell…and landed on his dick! If you’re gonna date, you’re gonna have to play the game and every game has rules. But we both said “I like you”! Honey, nobody likes you that fast. Abby for the win… They don’t even know you! Swish! You know what? You’re right. Back to rule one: first date, no sex! That belongs on a t-shirt. Alright so spill it, how was the sex? Probably has bruises Oh sweetie! I bet the man was huge…like five dollar! He’s my hero All meat hero! I do not understand women! We know honey. Are you ok? Yeah totally! I mean I just had great sex but honestly without men… women would rule the world! Catchphrase! A week later Oy! What do you want? Um, that hoodie actually Creep! What? No, you, um… You’re?… You’re, um… What? What am I? Millie! Millie. This is my friend from London Told you she always wears that hoodie London! (in a bad British accent) Good afternoon! I’m Millie, um sorry about all that I’m just making sure you’re ready for New York, you know lots of rude people! Guys, Dee just texted me. I gotta run ’cause she’s at the gyno and needs me to hold her hand during her pap What? But you know how to get back to the apartment, right? I think so, yeah but, um do you know a place where I can get some good New York City cheesecake? Oh, I know a great place for cheesecake! Oh… well, um perhaps we can go after Maybe Cool, what are you gonna do now? Um Bye mate! Probably walking Cool! Bye guys. Thank you… let’s scram! Millie! (on the t-shirt) First Date, No Sex I thought you said you didn’t sleep with someone on a first date. Well… we spent nine hours together so technically it’s our third date Third? Yup! How do you figure? Well we had coffee from the same place for like 30 minutes… …then we watched those homeless guys playing chess for like 7 hours… …cheesecake for half an hour and sex for… …2 minutes? Excuse me! that was at most 1 minute and 30 seconds. How about a fourth in Lodon? Really? (in a bad British accent) Well what kind of girl would I be
if I crossed the pond without a proper first kiss? Want a do over? Was that a test? Seriously? I’ve never even gotten a B! Wanna try for an A? Yeah, alright! Would you like to see Big Ben? Oh yeah! Three dates on the same day is still sex on the first date. I’m sticking with my third date theory. Nice try. I call “can’t keep it in your pants” so…how was the sex? Amazing. Are you going to London?! I really, really like him and we have this incredible connection. I
just can’t let it go! Then don’t! Really? Really. You look better than you ever have and a great connection doesn’t come every day. Plus you are not getting any younger. Oh, look who’s talking grandma! I don’t have to tuck my tits into my socks just yet! He just needs a push in the right direction. My direction… Fall Winter Spring London Did I give you back your key? Keys! Ok, ok. Ok! Passport? Oh… ah, it’s in your purse. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait What? On the plane. Ok. Ok. Don’t you don’t need to get me a cab, ok? um… I have everything ok, bye. Love you. I said it… now you say… What? you say… I… can’t… do that. I’m sorry. Back home So we’re not going to talk about London? Dee! No, I walked the proverbial tightrope and I fell off it’s a good
reminder that happiness comes from within not without. Or in cheesecake. You know, London Loser is not gonna make me happy only I can. London Loser? Dee! “It’s not you, it’s me timing I’m sorry” I’m such an idiot! Douchebag! Not you, him! Stop talking. Come here. I just wanted him to want me the way I wanted him. He made me happy. I thought happiness comes from within. Whatever… rules are made to be broken Catchphase! Sorry. You know since I met him I’m taking care of business. Well, that’s what you do when there’s no man in your bed! I quit smoking! I started training… I go to
meditation more… I stopped eating meat. Not all meat! You did all those things you should be proud of yourself. She’s right. Remember our new catchphrase? Which one? No more men? Yeah, that one! Let’s go rule the world! How’s your English accent? Pretty good actually… I know… you’re thinking I’ve confused love
and sex and maybe you’re right but we can talk about that when I see
you next time because right now I’m about to achieve one of my goals in
three, two, one…

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  1. Omg she is me!! I love this ????

  2. You can see it in Millie Torchetti face she lied about the first date and did not give any detail confirming this theory. People love details you wont get views otherwise. Understand the reason why reality TV is popular, people relate. And sadly your public are often nerds wich is one of the first people you met, rejected because your friend told you it was weird… That kind of personality would probably know at first meet if he likes a person or not because he doesnt like social interactions and it was an effort for him to interact with you on a date. The blonde girl is clueless, giving advice not knowing much about couple life, thus she is also still single and will remain so until she is honest with herself.
    "I know that I know nothing" -Socrates Ps: Good idea but target a specific audience

  3. I love this!!!! Thanks for sending me the link on insta…

  4. Omg it was so good. And very hilarious! I can watch it over and over again. You guys are very very good. Congratulation from a girl from Belgium ?? can’t wait for the next episode

  5. I love it it was really good ??????

  6. But, seriously, where's that cheesecake from?

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